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Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Order You Episode 3-6 Second Impression

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I Order You Episode 3-6 Second Impression
I Order You might not win the award for being the most fresh in term of plot line, but at 22 minutes per episode, this show makes it easy to just keep watching when there is plenty of fun in each episode.

With the shortness of the episodes, the plot moves at a lightening speed so by episode three we are already introducing our 2nd male lead...
Just in time for our hero to plant a surprise kiss on our heroine...
who after the initial shock really didn't mind at all.
Unfortunately, for our heroine who is planning to skip off to the sunset with our hero...
Gook Dae (hero) informs Song Ah that he is already married (albeit his bride did leave him soon after the wedding) and apologizes for kissing Song Ah before letting her know of his situation.

Her heart dashed to pieces, Song Ah drowns her sorrow in alcohol while our second male lead (who is actually an elementary classmate of Song Ah's) is secretly happy that maybe this is his one chance to get the girl.

Second Impression

This one surprisingly cute and an easy watch. There are some necessary sacrifices since the plot has to develop so fast due to its short length. For example, I found the kiss really sudden and almost without any bases. It was obvious that the hero were developing some feelings for the heroine but the kiss came out of nowhere especially since it seems so unlike the hero's character to do so.

Still, despite some apparent glazing over of some details I find the show really cute and and super easy to watch.

I do have one very very tiny complaint about the second lead though. I am going to say this with a full disclosure that I am aware this complaint is petty and probably even mean...
 The second lead's crow's feet (lines around his eyes) really distracts me from his character. In fact the first time I saw him on the screen I didn't look carefully enough and assumed he was a much older man. The actor playing the second lead is obviously a good looking man compared to most mortals...
however, when compared to this guy then it is a pretty hard sell for me to believe the poor guy has any chance winning against our hero. Well... unless you take their personalities into consideration but personalities are over rated when the hero can cook heavenly dishes right?


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