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Monday, July 6, 2015

I Remember You Episode 3 -4 Favorite Moments

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I Remember You Episode 3-4 Favorite Moments

Favorite Moment #1
Impatient with Ji An's interrogation of the murder suspect that is going no where, Lee Hyun decides to enter into the interrogation room under the disguise as a bumbling police trainee. I found this part so hilarious and was really impressed how Lee Hyun was able to push the suspect's button until he almost confessed right there. (The confession was cut short when the suspect's lawyer showed up... anyone else think the lawyer is Lee Hyun's brother?)

Favorite Moment #2
I laughed out loud when I saw this quote: "Thou shalt not kill, but... " Such a fitting quote for the serial killer case. 

Favorite Moment #3
This is such a poignant scene where Lee Hyun is eating in the restaurant alone. Thinking about a question of someone asking him "Don't you feel lonely?", Lee Hyun smiles and we see that he is imagining his father and his little brother sitting across from him. 

It's quite interesting to me that Lee Hyun doesn't seem to harbor any resentment towards his father who thought of him as a monster, if anything Lee Hyun seems to really miss his family. 

Favorite Moment #4
Ha! I LOVED this scene when the serial killer was dragged off the plane by the Chinese police. Horrified that Lee Hyun used her computer to send an official tip off to the Chinese police and knowing the big trouble she will get in with her boss, Ji An storms over to Lee Hyun's house. Smiling at Ji An's show of anger, Lee Hyun reminds her of her own words "I just can't let a sleazeball like him walk freely in our society. Someone like him should be locked away for good."  Speechless, Ji An pause as she remembers that she had indeed asked Lee Hyun's help in putting the killer away for good.  

Favorite Moment #5
Telling Ji An that he is finally bored enough to solve the puzzle of who she is, Lee Hyun um... gets up and close to ask his question. Completely flustered, Ji An fibs that she was just your usual Korean fan who stalks Lee Hyun whenever he comes back to the country, thus using that as her explanation why she knew exactly where Lee Hyun lives even though he gave her the wrong address on purpose. Taking her fibbing a step further, Ji An assures a doubtful Lee Hyun that she has now become Lee Hyun's anti fan and moreover has moved on to stalking some other celeb. Gosh, that chemistry! 

Favorite Moment #6
I find this flash back hilariously revealing about our heroine. Stalking Lee Hyun since she was little, Ji An has only ever received one response from Lee Hyun "Go away!" Undaunted, little Ji An keeps showing up no matter what Lee Hyun says. I was thinking maybe Ji An's fascination with Lee Hyun only started when she overheard his confession of being responsible for his fathers death, but apparently the stalking started long before Lee Hyun's confession. 

Favorite Moment #7
Thanks to Lee Hyun's little act of sending a tip to the Chinese authority using Ji An's computer, Ji An is demoted and spends her day listening to endless garden variety complaints from citizens. Cut off from all the important cases, there goes Ji An's excuse to see Lee Hyun as well. Putting her head on the kitchen table Ji An mutters "I want to stalk...oops, did I say that out loud?" Ha! What an interesting heroine. 

Favorite Moment #8
Lee Hyun becomes a murder suspect when he was caught on the surveillance tape of leaving from the scene. After finding out about the murder from her previous co-worker, Ji An rushes to Lee Hyun's house and curiously let's herself in by using a key from a hiding place that she seems rather familiar with. Unable to find Lee Hyun, Ji An goes home dejected only to be stunned when she finds Lee Hyun playing video game in her living room. 

Fishing through her pockets, Ji An threatens to handcuff Lee Hyun to arrest him only to fall silent when Lee Hyun taunts her by saying "are you looking for these?" (Ji An lost the handcuff at Lee Hyun's house from before.) Muttering to herself again at her dining room table, Ji An tries to convince herself that she is just doing her duty by keeping a close watch on the murder suspect. 

I really like this scene because it conveys a trust (or a completely whacked personality... but let's go with trust) the heroine has towards Lee Hyun. Here is a girl who probably knows almost everything about Lee Hyun after studying him since she was a little girl but despite what she knows she just doesn't seem to be afraid of him. I am guessing that Lee Hyun probably can see right through Ji An and predict that even under the accusation of being a murder suspect, Ji An would still believe in his innocence. 


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