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Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Remember You Episode 5-8 Favorite Moments

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I Remember You Episode 5-6 Favorite Moments

Moment #1
I love that Lee Hyun is an OCD and Ji An just drips everywhere with every bite she takes... which of course causes Lee Hyun to keep cleaning up after her.

Moment #2
You know for someone as smart as Lee Hyun he sure seems blissfully unaware how much it affects Ji An when he touches her... or is he doing it on purpose??

Moment #3
I like this scene because it showed an almost scary intense side of Lee Hyun and we also get to find out the pain behind Ji An's perpetual happy expression.

Moment #4
Ha! Team Leader Kang is finally able to shine for a moment. The team rushes in to catch a killer only to find to their utter surprise that Team Leader Kang has already single handily taken care of the guy.
I love how he is totally like "What? Oh, it's nothing" when he is not so secretly proud of himself.

Moment #5
This was a really poignant scene when Ji An wonders at the pain Lee Hyun lives with as he walks by the place where his father died everyday. "What does it feel to live with the dead?"

Moment #6
Ahh... I like this scene where Ji An is imagining seeing Lee Hyun in her house. There is just an intimacy between the two that seems to be there without being spoken.

Moment #7
This one for some reason just strike me as hilarious. Detective Son warns Team Leader Kang that something is definitely fishy with Lee Hyun since he is always in the middle of some murder investigation. Agreeing with Detective Son, Team Leader Kang replies "That's why I want him! Maybe it takes a killer to catch a killer!"

Giving each other silent looks, the team members agree that their team leader is pretty whacked himself.

Moment #8
The moment of truth between our two leads.
Lee Hyun "You are doubting me. You wonder if I am a monster just like Lee Joon Young. What am I in your eyes?"

I love this scene because Lee Hyun is essentially laying out his deepest fear in front of Ji An. Of course his question also means that he consider Ji An's opinion of him important. On Ji An's side, it forces her to really face her own feelings towards Lee Hyun. Ji An has stalked Lee Hyun using the excuse that he is suspicious, but she obviously trust Lee Hyun in her heart ... I doubt a girl would fall asleep right next to a man if she really believed killed his own father.

Episode 7-8 Favorite Moments

Moment #1
After spending sleepless nights rethinking how she should have answered Lee Hyun's question, Ji An calls him out to give him the conclusion she has finally reached. 

Ji An "Seeing you up close... you are weird but not that weird. You are rude, but not that rude. And I don't think you are a monster. So don't continue to think that way about your self. If you think that way then you would be wrong." 

Judging by Lee Hyun's smile when he was by himself, I guess Ji An's words must've meant a lot. 

Moment #2
This week's case was really heart wrenching, but it was kinda of weirdly satisfying to see the sobs of a twisted evil man whose son died directly by his own revenge plot.  

Moment #3
I think is the lot of almost every K-drama hero to get dragged to an amusement park... even if it's one that's no longer operating. btw, does the amusement park reminds anyone of the one in Kill Me, Heal Me? 
I can't figure out if I think Lee Hyun's habit of petting Ji An's head as romantic or not... Oh, well. It's cute anyway. 

Moment #4
Without a place to stay after she was attacked in her own house, Ji An was fully ready to spend the night at the police station. After talking himself out of offering his own place once already, Lee Hyun finally loses his inner war with himself and ends up taking Ji An back to his house. 
As a stalker who took her obsession quite seriously, Ji An was extremely familiar with Lee Hyun's house and assures him that she knows where everything is. 
Ha! Maybe falling in love with one's own stalker has its own benefits. 

Favorite Moment #5
Ji An finds Lee Hyun trapped in a nightmare of watching his younger brother being taken away by Lee Joon Young. Feeling Ji An's warm touch even in his dream, Lee Hyun gripes her hand in desperation. Allowing Lee Hyun to hold onto her hand, Ji An falls asleep on top of a desk. That has to be uncomfortable. 


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