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Monday, July 6, 2015

Journey of the Flower Episode 3-10 Summary & 2nd Impression

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Journey of the Flower Episode 3-10 Summary
Unable to kill Qian Gu, but knowing full well that she is his trial that will bring about his downfall and with it puts everything he has sworn to protect in danger, Zi Hua decides to keep Qian Gu as far from him as possible. Determined to get into Chang Liu (the immortal sect Zi Hua is the leader of) despite Zi Hua's repeated assurance that she is just not good enough to be chosen, Qian Gu surprises Zi Hua by successfully passing the entrance test even when Zi Hua tries to make the test harder for her.

Curious to see what Qian Gu deepest desire is when she falls into a trance (part of the entrance test), Zi Hua enters into Qian Gu's dream only to turn thoughtful when he realizes that Qian Gu only ever wanted an ordinary life with her deceased father... and him.

Standing at his super awesome deck, Zi Hua ponders the conundrum he is facing. Zi Hua doesn't feel justified in killing an innocent Qian Gu, but then if she lives then things will surly end badly for him. With no easy answers, Zi Hua comforts himself that even if Qian Gu passes the entrance tests, it is still questionable if she could pass the 1st year training.
True to Zi Hua's prediction, even though Qian Gu is now officially a member of Chang Liu she is dead last when it comes to performance among her peers. In fact, Qian Gu is the only one who can't manage to master the basic skill of flying on a sword. Acting sever, Zi Hua orders Qian Gu to cut a pile of wood by hand. Thanks to Zi Hua's "special homework", Qian Gu finally manages to make her sword levitate, although she still can't fly on it.
Eager to help Qian Gu to learn how to fly, Qian Gu's friend decides to take her on a ride in the sky only to accidentally let go of Qian Gu's hand when they hit some tree branches. All of Qian Gu classmates gasp in horror as Qian Gu falls from the sky, but thankfully Zi Hua comes out of no where and catches her in his arms.

A surprise visitor (thanks to Zi Hua's letter to him) shows up to finally remind Qian Gu her status as the Shu Shan leader and urges her to hurry back since the sect has been mired in power struggles without a leader. (Shu Shan is the sect that Qian Gu tries to join in the very beginning of the show and ends up becoming the temporary sect leader.) As much as Qian Gu is reluctant to leave, she is reminded of her promise to help Shu Shan and agrees to go back as the leader. Taking into consideration that it would be quite embarrassing for Qian Gu to arrive back at Shu Shan without even the ability to fly on her own, Zi Hu gives her a last minute private tutoring and even gives her a famous sword his own teacher gave him for her own protection.

Happy to finally be able to fly, Qian Gu nevertheless feels melancholy to not only leave the place she has come to call home but is worried that Zi Hu wouldn't allow her to come back. (The name of the sword Zi Hu gave Qian Gu is named "Cutting Off Lingering Desires" and it is not lost on Qian Gu that Zi Hu is trying to tell her not to pin her hope on coming back to Chang Liu anymore.)

While it wasn't easy to prove herself, Qian Gu was able to successfully become Shu Shan's leader. Unfortunately, Qian Gu's leadership is immediately put to use when Shu Shan is suddenly attacked by the Demon sect.
Thanks to Dongfang Yu Qing (2nd male lead) who uses his mysterious skills to single handily holds the demon sect's attacking force back for a while, but soon everything Yu Qing has up his sleeve is exhausted and Qian Gu sends everyone away to safety.

Determined to face the attacking army on her own, Qian Gu makes a bet with the demon army's leader that if she can take three attacks from him then the leader agrees to stop attacking Shu Shan. Already coughing up blood after the Demon leader's first attack, Qian Gu still confidently faces the rest of the attack even knowing that the third attack would probably kills her.
Rushing off at the very first moment when he was informed of the attack Shu Shan is under, Zi Hua arrives just in time to take the third attack for Qian Gu and catches her in his arm.

Zi Hua holds an unconscious Qian Gu and faces off the real leader of the Demon sect (Sha Qian Mo) who apparently never ordered an attack on Shu Shan. Seriously, for a guy who is suppose to be super powerful, Sha Qian Mo's subordinates sure has a habit of ignoring him outright.
Shu Shan's danger now passed, Qian Gu successfully wiggles her way back to Chang Liu and meets Sha Qian Mo by accident. Mistaking Sha Qian Mo as a woman (because he is supposedly the most beautiful person ... use your imagination), Qian Gu surprises Qian Mo when she starts calling him "older sister." Reminded of his sister who committed suicide, Qian Mo takes a fancy to Qian Gu and decides to take the role as a kind "older sister" to Qian Gu.
Coming second in the competition between her classmates, Qian Gu thought for sure she has lost her chance to become Zi Hua's private student. However, in a surprise move Zi Hua reveals that the winner (a student who is super jealous of Qian Gu) actually won by cheating and chooses Qian Gu as the only student he will accept in his life.

Left completely alone with Zi Hua in his sky mansion, Qian Gu starts her life as Zi Hua's student and judging by the previews there are going to be some challenges ahead as Zi Hua is not used to living with another person.

Second Impression

I didn't cover a lot about the second male lead, but I am taking a guess that Dongfang Yu Qing is probably the same person as the big baddie that pushed Qian Gu to Zi Hua's side in order to destroy him. Of course, it looks like if Dongfang Yu Qing is the big baddie then things are going to end badly for him since he seems to be falling in love with Qian Gu as well.

As much as I love scenes like the above picture I do want to cringe knowing the hurt that is going to follow for our two leads. Still, I do love the fact that Zi Hua is starting to show his possessive side especially whenever Yu Qiang shows up around Qian Gu.

So far, Journey of the Flower has been an extremely easy watch. There are some points one just kinda had to overlook in these kinda of show (ie. how Qian Gu could win one of Shu Shan's respected elder in such short amount of time) but overall I am really enjoying the story and find the acting quite good. There are quite a bit of criticism online about Huo Jian Hua's Zi Hua character who is always expressionless, but I personally don't have a problem with it since Zi Hua's character is suppose to be an immortal who has cut off all emotions so his stoic face makes sense to me. Plus, I really enjoy how Zi Hua's character is slowly showing more emotions as he is finding harder to keep his perpetual calm when it comes to Qian Gu.


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