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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kingone and Lorene Show Off Their Love!

9:00 AM Posted by ninja 2 comments
Kingone and Lorene Show Off Their Love!
 Well... at least that's what all the fans are calling it. Ever since their drama Someone Like You ended, the rumor mill has been working overtime on speculations on the two leads' possible romance in real life. Instead of avoiding each other because of the rumors though, Lorene Ren and Kingone Wang has decided to show off their friendship instead.

Lorene had promised Kingone to go visit him at his new drama's filming set (The Day I Lost U), and these two pictures were posted on the stars social media after Lorene fulfilled her promise.

Judging by all of the BTS of Someone Like You, Lorene seems like the kinda of girl who treasured her friendships a lot, so it was nice to see that she and Kingone really do enjoy each other's company.


  1. Lorene really seems a swell gal, hence she gets along well with her co-stars. But I kinda feel bad for her, coz tw-media just seems so into her lovelife (as evidenced by the late night paparazzi pics of her with friends).


  2. Kingone and Rong Rong look good together. It was sweet of her to visit him. On the press conference of his new drama he was asked about the development between the two of them. He said that we should just watch silently how it turns out and look out for their news on facebook or other news websites :p