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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kinkyori Renai (Close Range Love)- Movie Review

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Kinkyori Renai (Close Range Love)- Movie Review
 I was super excited for the movie version of Close Range Love, a movie based on Japanese comic book Kinkyori Renai. Nana Komatsu plays Yuni, a smart high school students who excels in every subjects except English.

 Yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa) plays the hero Haruka Sakurai who is a popular English teacher at Yuni's school. As a handsome young school teacher, Haruka is the romantic fantasy of all of the high school girls at the school... except Yuni who treats him coldly like she does everyone else.
However, things between Yuni and Haruka start to change when Haruka orders Yuni to start taking private English lessons from him. And of course the rest is history as our two leads start to develop feelings for each other.

Movie Review 

Yamapi pretty much played his cool usual self in this movie... which is exactly what I was hoping for! Now, most of you probably are all pretty familiar with the fact this is a student-teacher romance, so it was kinda necessary to put on my Japanese comic book glasses which magically makes the usual icky story all the sudden romantic. For those of you who are not Japanese comic book readers... I have no clue how to explain why Japanese comic books just operate on different rules but then they just made Thor into a girl so maybe if you are a comic book writer you can do whatever you want.

As far as the movie go, Close Range Love did a great job at making me remember the volcanic like young school crushes and a particular good looking teacher... oh, wait none of my teacher looked like Yampi. All of the confrontation and the romance progression in this movie probably is not going to surprise any viewers but despite being predicable I still enjoyed watching it a lot.
 Anyhow, lots of swooning on my part as I was watching this movie even if as a one who is used to 16 episode dramas I was like "What? That's it?" when the movie finished. Don't get me wrong, the movie was wrapped up in a pretty satisfying manner I am just used to my shows being 14 hours longer.  I guess now I just have to wait for a drama version of Close Range Love to come out.


  1. Putting this on my plan-to-watch list :)

  2. Thanks for the review. They had a drama for the prequel: Kinkyori Renai ~ Season Zero. It showed Yamapi's character in high school. It was a different actor, but Yamapi was in the first episode, setting the stage for the film.
    I would also have loved this to be a drama, particularly after watching the prequel and getting to know all the characters. Not having most of them in the film and having to root for a female lead that we haven't spent 10 hours getting to know seems weird.

  3. Thanks for review. I had the pleasure of watching this sweet movie because of your thoughts on it. I liked how the whole falling in love issue was directed I found it totally loveable and not at all icky. Their were lots of swoon worthy moments. Highly recommend that anyone who is a romantic will enjoy this movie. Shame it wasn't longer.

  4. Yes yes please for the drama. Only if Yamapi become the leads and no one else!!!!