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Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Beautiful Bride Episode 3-4 Summary & Second Impression

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My Beautiful Bride Episode 3-4 Summary
As much as Yoon Mi (heroine... I think... I hope) would like to see Do Hyeong (hero) as just a simple banker who fell in love with Joo Young (the bride), the evidences are starting to pile up against Do Hyeong. Stunned to find out that Do Hyeong did indeed meet with Song Hak Soo (the dead guy) and moreover a suspicious residue of blood was found in Do Hyeong's house, Yoon Mi is forced to changed her mind about Do Hyeong. Convinced that Do Hyeong has hurt Joo Young some how out of a jealousy rage, Yoon Mi loses control and screams at Do Hyeong to fess up where he has hidden Joo Young. 

After being thrown in jail for a night, Yoon Mi and her people are surprised when a lawyer all the sudden shows up for Do Hyeong calling him "young master." Son of a highly influential family, Do Hyeong is soon released from prison despite the fact it looks they he is estranged from his family. 

With more digging around, Yoon Mi is back to feeling bad for Do Hyeong again when she realizes that he does have valid alibis and Do Hyeong had indeed been searching frantically for Joo Young. Yoon Mi shows up in front of Do Hyeong's door to talk to him, but Do Hyeong is too overwhelmed in his grief as he stares at the evidence of blood in his kitchen wondering if Joo Young and their baby is alright.  
Snapping out of his grief the next morning, Do Hyeong goes to Park Joon Beom's (his client and also the person whom Do Hyeong suspect knows Joo Young) office just in time to see him being dragged away by a bunch of men. Already beaten to a bloody pulp, Joon Beom perks up when he sees Do Hyeong easily takes care of the mystery men. Parked in the middle of an empty field, Do Hyeong questions Joon Beom until he finds out the mystery men are called the undertakers- the real boss behind people like Joon Beom. 
While on Joon Beom's phone talking to the mystery men's boss (Seo Jin Gi), Do Hyeong all the sudden blacks out when Joon Beom attacks him with a stun gun. Do Hyeong wakes up to find himself in a car being escorted to some unknown place by several men. When the men ignores Do Hyeong's bathroom request, Do Hyeong creates chaos when he literally pooped in the car. 

Left with no choice, the men takes Do Hyeong to the bathroom and unties his hands once it becomes obvious that no one wants to wipe Do Hyeong's bum. (Never thought I would be typing that in a recap.) His hands finally freed, Do Hyeong takes care of the men easily and escapes. 
Speechless at the manner Do Hyeong escaped from his men, Seo Jin Gi can only sit back with amazement. The day gets worse for Seo Jin Gi when his boss calls and he is summoned to meet with President Kang. The BIG boss behind Seo Jin Gi, President Kang hints that Seo Jin Gi himself has the most to gain from Song Hak Soo's death but doesn't seem to be planning to punish Seo Ji Gi just yet. Turning to his man, President Kang orders him to find the whereabouts of Joo Young. Song Hak Soo and Seo Jin Gi both worked for President Kang. 
Rushing to a women's medical center after being informed they have tracked Joo Young's last known location to it, Yoon Mi is filled with pity and sadness when she puts all the clues together. All her hopes of making a happy family with Do Hyeong disappearing when she receives a call from Song Hak Soo, Yoon Mi's body reacts to her shock and suffers a miscarriage. Struggling against the pain, Yoon Mi finds her way to the medical center, but still ends up losing her baby anyway. 

Unable to give herself time to grief over her baby, Yoon Mi rushes back to Do Hyeong's house and fervently scrubbed the floor hoping that Do Hyeong would never find out about what happened.  
Still out trying to find any clue where Joo Young could be, Do Hyeong rushes towards a small seaside town when he receives a call from Joo Young's friend telling him that's where she is. Unfortunately, while Do Hyeong is rushing towards Joo Young so are the men sent by Seo Jin Gi who is trying to catch Joo Young before President Kang. 

At the end of episode 4 we are left with two cryptic scenes of Joo Young standing on a small bridge by the sea and a blood covered Do Hyeong. 

 Second Impression
Well, our hero sure has a lot of secrets but it beats me why he refuses to tell Yoon Mi anything when he should know full well the police would figure things out eventually. 

I am a little torn on the whole car pooping scene. On one end, it showed Do Hyeong's resourcefulness and his willingness to do anything in order to achieve his goal of finding Yoon Mi, however it does seem a bit... un-hero like?! Oh, well I guess maybe the whole point of it was to get rid of my prejudice what a hero should act like. 
By episode four I am starting to wonder how much camera time Lee Si Young's character (Yoon Mi) is really going to get. Frankly, Joo Young's character seems more like the heroine at this point with the many flash backs that cement the love story between her and Do Hyeong. Up to this point, Yoon Mi has kinda been relegated to the police that always arrives too late and exists more as a nuisance to the hero than of actual help. However, I think the next week's episodes are going to probably be very important in laying the foundation of how much (or little) role Yoon Mi is going to play from here on. 
Sigh... I think my hope of any romance between the two leads has pretty much died judging by the depth of love between Do Hyeong and Joo Young. 

All in all, My Beautiful Bride has been a great watch thus far with its many surprise twists but I am hoping next weeks' episodes will push it into the addicting categories... let's just hope there are no plot lines that will make me cry buckets. 


  1. Ninja, thanks to your recaps, I'm now addicted to this series.Binge watch 1-4 in one go and waiting impatiently for 5-6 to be english sub.

  2. Thanks for the recap! I only had time to watch episode 3 this weekend and I have to say...it was so confusing even if it was addictive! If he turns out to be evil, I'm going to be so surprised o_o