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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Oh, My Ghostess Episode 1 & 2 Summary and First Impression

Drama: Oh My Ghostess/ Oh My Ghost/ 오 나의 귀신님
Episodes: 16 
Airs: Friday and Saturday

Episode 1 & 2 Summary 
Episode 1 introduces our two heroines. Heroine #1: Shin Soon Ae who died a virgin and has since then been getting in trouble with the shaman ajumma who tries to stop her from causing trouble when Soon Ae keeps seducing man by possessing random girls. 

Heroine #2 Na Bong Sun. Timid and prone to accident because of her inability to sleep out of fear of seeing ghosts, Bong Sun finally decides to resign from her kitchen job after being told by our hero (the chef) that she should rethink her vocation choice.  
On the run from the shaman ajumma again, Soon Ae possess Bong Sun's body to hide herself. Sent on a mission to drag Bong Sun back to the restaurant when they realized she has the restaurant's storage key, Bong Sun's co-worker takes Bong Sun/Soon Ae back to work. 

Impatient with the demanding questions of some unknown key, Soon Ae stuns everyone when she throws the chef, Kang Sun Woo (hero) over her shoulder when he dares to search through her pockets personally. Sheepish after finding the missing key in her pockets, Soon Ae decides it is time to leave Bong Sun's body only to find to her great dismay that she can't leave for some reason. Flustered, Soon Ae tries to forcefully leave Bong Sun's body but ends up gloriously fainting right to the floor. 
Upon waking up and finding herself surrounded by a bunch of men, Bong Son all the sudden realized maybe her situation is not so undesirable after all. 

Despite his tendency to be full of himself when it comes to his star chef status, Sun Woo actually has a tender heart and after some pleading from his sister (restaurant manager) for Bong Sun's job, Sun Woo decides to keep Soon Ae (Bong Sun) on. 
Having no clue of how timid Bong Sun was, Soon Ae is soon shocking everyone with her outgoing and short tempers. Rarely even have the courage to look Sun Woo in the eye because of her crush, Bong Sun had never once talked back to Sun Woo. However, Soon Ae is definitely not lacking in courage and is promptly thrown out of the kitchen for daring to yell at Sun Woo when she disagreed with him. 

Fortunately, Soon Ae gains a chance to prove herself when she helps to prevent Sun Woo from suffering public humiliation on national television by turning a failed rice dish into a winning one. Acting bashful, Sun Woo tells Soon Ae to start working in the kitchen again. 
With no memory of her past before she died, Soon Ae's memories all the sudden come flooding back when she accidentally meets her father and younger brother. Tears flowing down her (well... actually Bong Sun's) cheek, Soon Ae looks at her father and brother with shock and sadness.  

First Impression

The first episode of Oh, My Ghostess was actually kinda slow, but by episode 2 the plot has definitely picked up and now I can't wait to see episode three. I was pleasantly surprised that Soon Ae recovered her memory so soon when I thought for sure it was one of those things that will get dragged out until the last two episodes. So, now I am looking forward to how the rest of the plot will play out. 

I am always sorta weary of these kind of ghost shows because it just seems to be destined to end badly since one of the lead is after all... dead. Still, judging by how I can't stop counting the days until episode three I think the first two episode is a win for me and I am might just jump in despite my strong attachment to happy endings. 

ps. The ghosts in this show is really tame looking, in fact most of them look just like the living. Even the ghost that hunted poor Bong Sun is really just some lady with really shaggy hair. 


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