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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oh My Ghostess Episode 3-4 Summary & Second Impression

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Oh My Ghostess Episode 3-4 Second Impression
Memories of her past flooding back, Soon Ae remembers everything from cooking in her father's busy restaurant to...

her crush on Choi Sung Jae, the policeman that always got an extra big portion of lunch from her. Sadly, before Soon Ae can start her heart all fluttering again for Sung Jae, she finds out that Sung Jae has actually married Sun Woo's sister. 
Kicked out of her house with no where to go, Soon Ae tries to talk Sun Woo into letting her stay at the restaurant but was booted out without mercy... until Soon Ae figures out that Sun Woo harbors a secret crush on his friend So Hyeong and threatens to expose him unless he lets her stay at the restaurant. 
Sun Woo's determination to just ignore Soon Ae while she is sleeping at the restaurant hits a major snag when he accidentally mistakes Soon Ae for his crush and kisses her while he is confused from his fever. Wow, great chemistry. I was a bit worried last week about the two leads' chemistry but it was obviously for naught. 
Scrambling away in shock after he realizes who he is kissing, Sun Woo is speechless when Soon Ae just causally asks "What?! What's wrong?" like kissing him was a totally normal thing to do.

After getting pushed right out of Sun Woo's door, it all the sudden dawns on Soon Ae that Sun Woo looks just fine and doesn't seem to be collapsing like all the other guys she tried to get close to. Because of the fact Soon Ae is a ghost, it takes a special body type for a man to be able to handle being intimate with Soon Ae. 
Overjoyed that she finally umm... found a man to help her get rid of her virgin ghost status, Soon Ae follows Sun Woo around to beg him for just "one time". Desperate to make Sun Woo agree to her request, Soon Ae all but jumps Sun Woo in bed.
Soon Ae "Let's just do it once!"
Shocked, Sun Woo stutters "Wh..at??"
Nodding eagerly, Soon Ae reples "Yap, what you are thinking is right."
In disbelief, the only thing that comes out of Sun Woo's mouth is "You... something must be wrong with you. You should go see a doctor."
Since "politely" asking didn't work, Soon Ae decides to pull out all stops and just keep asking ... A LOT.

I love the second picture where Sun Woo doesn't even seem surprised when Soon Ae comes into his room and bounce suggestively on his bed. Calmly getting up, Sun Woo just rolls Soon Ae up in his comforter and carries her out of his room. 
I also love this scene where Soon Ae is trying to hush the dog when she is trying to sneak into Sun Woo's room thru his window. Caught red handed by Sun Woo, Soon Ae slinks away while Sun Woo hilariously gives the dog a thumbs up for guarding his virtue. 
Despite his valiant effort in refusing Soon Ae, it is obvious that Sun Woo is actually starting to get used to Soon Ae hanging on him. So much so that when Soon Ae pops out of his bed to climb on top of him, Sun Woo just simply asks "Oh, When did you get here?" 

Poor Sun Woo, to get a good night sleep he had to run away to his mother's house late at night which shocked his whole family since he had always refused to sleep there. 
After catching Soon Ae trying to pick his room lock, Sun Woo once again refuses Soon Ae's "Just one time" pleading but finds himself unable to focus enough to even call his crush when he keeps worrying about Soon Ae's complaint of being sick. 
Flustered to find Soon Ae/Bong Sun passed out on the floor, Sun Woo rushes forward with concern. Unbeknownst to Sun Woo, the fever was apparently the magic key to finally allow Soon Ae to get out of Bong Sun's body. Dazed to all the sudden be free of Bong Sun's body, Soon Ae looks with a complicated expression as she watches Sun Woo bent over Bong Sun in concern. 

Second Impression

I think I have found my self a crack drama! Now, the episodes are a bit uneven. I found episode one and three kinda slow but episode two and four were simply so awesome that I am making Oh My Ghostess my crack drama anyway. 

While I wasn't too enamored with Bong Sun's character in the first episode, but once Park Bo Young (the actress playing Bong Sun) starts to act as Soon Ae, then her character came alive and is just too awesome for words. 

I am also really liking Sun Woo as our hero as well. Sun Woo did come off a bit full of himself during the first two episodes, but by episode four his ego ends up being endearing when I am overflowing with pity for him for what he has to suffer with Soon Ae. 

There is of course a wee bit of concern that Soon Ae really is a ghost that is destined to leave... so does that mean I am getting all excited for Sun Woo and Soon Ae for nothing? Still, this show is just too funny to not watch despite my fear that we might not get a happy ending so I am just going crossing all my fingers and hope for the best. 


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