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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Scholar Who Walks the Night Episode 1 & 2 Summary and First Impression

Scholar Who Walks the Night Episode 1 & 2 Summary
As the crown prince's most trusted man, our hero Kim Sung Yeol view of the world is turned upside down when he finds out from the prince that there is a vampire who lives in the royal palace. Taking the king's woman (and killing them) at his whim, the vampire, Gwi treats the king and the royal family like puppets.

Wanting to help his prince to get rid of Gwi, Sung Yeol goes to seek help from another vampire who had promised to be the prince's ally. Unfortunately, Sung Yeol finds his ally vampire dying from a battle with Gwi and is horrified when the vampire bites him promising "this is all I can do for you." After a night of agony, Sung Yeol wakes up to find himself transformed into a vampire.

Dazed and confused, Sung Yeol goes back into town only to find that tragedy has strike and Gwi has beheaded both the prince and Sung Yeol's father. Overwhelmed with grief, Sung Yeol loses control and passes out.
When Sung Yeol comes to he is furious to find Gwi scoffing at him with the poor body of the price's young son. Vowing that the humans will one day kill Gwi, Sung Yeol sneers that Gwi will never be a true ruler over the land.

Furious to see that Sung Yeol won't give in to his blood thirst and his refusal to become one of his minions, Gwi brings Myeong Hee, Sung Yeol's fiancee and love of his life to taunt him. Shocked to see her fiancee turned into a vampire, Myeong Hee nonetheless stuns everyone when she stabs herself mortally and begs Sung Yeol to drink her blood so he will be able to live on. Sobbing as he holds his dying love in his arms, Sung Yeol finally gives in to her pleading and drinks Myeong Hee's blood.
Time Jump 120 Years Later.
Jo Yang Sun, our heroine who is disguising herself as a man is fascinated when she meets Sung Yeol the first time and wonders how can a man be even prettier than a woman. At first impatient with Yang Sun, Sung Yeol is soon shaking in surprise when an accidental wound on Yang Sun reveals a blood scent that almost have him lose complete control. Yap, the classic True Love= The most tasty food. 
A book seller, Sung Yeol prides herself for finding the most rare books to make a living to support her foster family (who are all sick of course). A young girl at heart despite her disguise as a man, Yang Sun's idol is none other than the famous character in a series of stories that follow the heroic acts of a vampire named Scholar of the Night.
Knowing full well that Sung Yeol is living quietly under his nose for the last 120 years, Gwi tries to sniff out Sung Yeol every chance he gets. The tragedy of losing everyone he loved still fresh in his mind despite the amount of time that has passed, Sung Yeol forces himself to live on his tortuous existence until the day he can finally kill Gwi.
A frequent brothel visitor to sell her books, Yang Sun panics when a hoard of royal guards rush in to arrest everyone. Knowing that her and her family's life would be in danger if she is found out, Yang Sun storms into Sung Yeol's room to warn him. When she mistakenly thought Sung Yeol is not in the room, Yang Sun decides to dress herself up as one of the brothel girls in order to hide herself.

Intrigued to see Yang Sun transforming into a girl right in front of him, Sung Yeol threatens to expose Yang Sun until she agrees to find a mysterious writer whose story is eerily similar to the story written 120 years ago by Prince Junghyun (Sung Yeol's best friend).
Pretending to be girl in Sung Yeol's bed, Yang Sun successfully avoided being arrested, but now she can't seems to stop cursing him for the ... barbaric ...sexy... heart pounding (wait, why is she cursing him?) way he treated her.
In the mean time, the whole royal city is in uproar as flyers hinting at the unjust death of Crown Prince Sadong (the father of the current crown prince) has been distributed through the whole city. In a flash back we see that Prince Sadong was killed by Gwi as well for his unwillingness to be a puppet (like the hero's friend) and now his son Prince Lee Yoon doesn't look like he is anymore willing to be Gwi's puppet. It looks like Prince Lee Yoon will be our second male lead who will compete for the heroine. 

First Impression

It is a good thing the second episode is a whole lot lighter than the first episode because I cried so much during episode one I was starting to think I better not watch episode two.

So far, I am really liking how this show is going. I am always a sucker for this type of hero who struggles against his own super natural ability and even has doubts about their own existence. At this point I am still not completely sold by the heroine's character but I blame the fact that the hero's fiancee was too memorable so it was difficult to see him with any other woman ... even if 120 years has passed. But then I do love a good cross dressing heroine. 

All in all, a great start for Scholar Who Walks the Night and I am excited to see if the next two episodes will make it addicting. 


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