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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When I See You Again Ep. 7 Recap

When I See You Again Ep. 7 Recap
Taking An Xi out to the mall with promises to buy whatever she likes, You Qian tries to hint in various ways that he is vying to become An Xi's boyfriend. Unfortunately, You Qian's hints are completely lost to An Xi and she jumps to the conclusion that You Qian is trying to buy her gifts as a way of apologizing for his mistakes in the past.

Following An Xi around as she buys various gifts for all her friends without a single thought of herself, You Qian complains to a mannequin that his plan is all going down the drain.

Stunned to see how dense An Xi is, all of her friends start listing things a man will do when he takes a girl he likes out shopping. Protesting that while You Qian did almost everything her friends listed, he didn't sneak off to buy her a secret present so You Qian must not like her. Picking the perfect time to prove An Xi a liar, You Qian shows up with a pair of blow fish earrings he secretly bought for her.
Angry that You Qian is brazenly showing his interest in An Xi while his "girlfriend" is just across the hall in his room, An Xi's friends warn You Qian off. Surprisingly, Yong Qing shows up to You Qian's rescue and announces that she is NOT his girlfriend.
By the moonlight, You Qian officially declares his interest in An Xi and...
that declaration resulted in An Xi playing hide and seek with You Qian for the next two days.
Hiding out in what has to be the coolest staircase (look at that slide!) I have ever seen, An Xi looks at the fish paintings on the wall and remembers how mean she was to You Qian on the day he confessed to her.

Shaking her thoughts off, An Xi mutters "I have lived my life just fine for the past 25 years and I will be fine for the next 25 years!" I believe she is referring to her decision to not date.
Popping out of nowhere, You Qian catches An Xi as she comes down the slide. Refusing to let An Xi run away again, You Qian insists on getting a firm answer from her about dating him. Knowing she has no way out anymore, An Xi gives the blow fish earrings back to You Qian and rejects his confession. Disappointed, You Qian simply says "If this is your answer then I don't have any reason to come back anymore."
Looking at You Qian's note and the blow fish key chain she has been searching everywhere for in You Qian's now empty room, An Xi reads You Qian's words "Since this blow fish key chain is so important to you, I am returning it to you... but you should think about the reason why I have kept the key chain by my side for so long." Shaking her head, An Xi mutters "Why does he keep wanting me to think! I hate thinking! I am just not going to think about this anymore." Interesting... it is starting to look like An Xi has the habit of not just running away from others but even her own feelings as well. 

In the mean time, back in his house in the city You Qian apparently still hasn't given up on An Xi but takes out his phone to record his friend's preaching on how to get the girl you want.

Repeatedly wavering between wanting to treat You Qian as her right hand man and her fear that You Qian could become a threat to her, You Qian's boss, President Zhou decides to trust him again... for now. However, tired of the mistrust President Zhou has towards him, You Qian declares he is extending his vacation. 

Seeing the obvious displeasure on President Zhou's face, Yong Qing rushes to assures President Zhou (who is Yong Qing's god-mother) that You Qian has no intention of betraying the company. 

Hmm...there are some hints that maybe President Zhou could be An Xi's mother. 
Sitting at his desk, You Qian types out a "Romance Proposal" before he heads back to the village to find An Xi. So hilarious that You Qian keeps trying to treat dating like how he approach business. 

In the mean time, An Xi is trying her hardest to avoid thinking about You Qian when everything around her somehow all reminds her of him. 
After a night of binge drinking to drawn out thoughts of You Qian, An Xi wakes up to find his smiling face staring right at her. 


What? We are back to the village?? I was really kinda hoping we could leave the village for a bit. Oh, well I can handle the village if we just up the plot speed a bit. 

There was an interesting conversation in this week's episode that made my mind start to wonder like crazy:  
An Xi "Don't ever ask me about 1. the ghost house. 2. Why I don't want to date. 3. What happened on my 18th birthday. 4. The wound on my back."

Thoughtful after An Xi's words, You Qian mutters "So it's not four questions I need answers to but one?" 

Hmm... do they all have to do with You Qian? I am too scared from tying everything (ie. the gifts and why she won't leave the village) to You Qian before and have it all ended up being about An Xi's mom so now I am second guessing myself even though it seems to make sense that they should be about You Qian. 


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