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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 5 Summary

Laying a drunk You Qian on her lap, An Xi listens with confusion as You Qian mutters "Angels, I shouldn't have trusted angels. Lost the house." Piecing together You Qian's drunken words, An Xi comes to the conclusion that You Qian must have lost his trust in the world because of his bad memories of a certain angel. Of course You Qian doesn't say the all important clue of "I shouldn't have gone to get the angel's tears" util after An Xi leaves. 

Believing if she can just help You Qian replace his sad memories of angels, An Xi surprises You Qian at the village office and puts on a comedy show for him. Unbeknownst to the two leads, You Qian had accidentally pressed the village announcement button so the whole village had been listening to their rather suggestive language without realizing An Xi was just being funny.  
Misunderstanding An Xi again, You Qian accuses her of putting on a whole show just so he wouldn't donate the B&B to the village. Stunned to hear that You Qian was actually planning to donate her precious B&B, An Xi loses control and slaps You Qian across the face.
Feeling guilty after eavesdropping on An Xi's friends and realizing that An Xi was only trying to help him lose his sad memories of angels without any agenda, You Qian finds An Xi venting her anger at the same spot she always visits when she is upset. In a flash back we see that An Xi took You Qian to the same cliff spot back in their school days.  
Wanting to solve the villagers' misunderstanding that An Xi is a girl who seduces men for money, You Qian asks An Xi's friends to put on a replay of what happened between the two of them the other day. Thanks to You Qian's plan, the villagers are soon apologizing to An Xi for doubting her.

Coming to a truce, An Xi and You Qian stands under the night sky together while the rest of the village is partying inside the B&B.
You Qian and An Xi gets on the topic of how whether or not the world is a trust worthy place. Taking You Qian's face in her hands, An Xi says with conviction "I trust you. I trust that you won't give away my B&B."

Getting shy suddenly when she realized how intimate she is with You Qian, An Xi quickly rushes away while You Qian puts a hand over his beating heart.
The next morning, You Qian is visibly relaxed and even jokes with An Xi while out on a morning stroll with her. However, the friendly atmosphere between our two leads comes to an abrupt end when a mystery girl (Hu Yong Qing, 2nd female lead) shows up at the B&B. 

A side note: In An Xi's conversation with You Qian, she revealed that the presents in her room are actually presents she want to give to her mother. Her mother is also the reason why the B&B is so important to An Xi because it is the only place for her mother to come to find her. 
Insisting on staying in the same room with You Qian, Yong Qing haughtily orders her people to deliver her luggage to You Qian's room. Watching with a rather forlorn expression, An Xi has no choice but to put on her best smile to greet the mystery girl who treats You Qing with obvious intimacy. 

Interesting relationship dynamics between Yong Qing and You Qian. They don't seem like they are friends exactly but then they also seems to know each other extremely well. According to the show's character sketch, Yong Qing is our second female lead who has a twisted and cynical view on love. After meeting You Qian during her university days, Yong Qing decides to make him into what she considers to be an ideal man. 

So by this point, it is pretty obvious that An Xi is already developing feelings for You Qian but it looks like You Qian is still in the denial stage. That's not to say An Xi herself knows her feelings any better since it looks like neither of our leads actually has much experience in the romance department. 

I am not exactly excited for the appearance of the second female lead but I am glad that something finally happened. As cute as the two leads are, I am starting to get impatient for the story to move along. 


  1. I am also confused about the relationship between Yong Qing and You Qian - are they a couple? I think this show has lots of potential, just cannot wait for them to show us what they have! Please don't let it be a wreck.

  2. I wondered that how long it took you to write a recap of one episode..... you wrote sooooo in detail!!!!! amazing!!!!!