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Friday, July 10, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 6 Recap

When I See You Again Episode 6 Recap
Intrigued to see different sides of You Qian that she has never seen before, Hu Young Qing (2nd female lead) decides to extend her stay at the B&B in You Qian's room. You Qian warns that by sharing a room together it will make people jump to the wrong conclusions.
Yong Qing "Is there someone here whose opinion you cares about."
After a short pause, You Qian replies "No..."

Restless in his room, You Qian makes an excuse to Yong Qing and goes out to find An Xi. You Qian breaks out in a small smile when he finds An Xi at her favorite spot.
What started out as a chipper conversation all the sudden turns serious when You Qian keeps pressing An Xi about the one incident years ago when she lost her temper. Giving in to You Qian's relentless questioning, An Xi just causally confesses that the whole deal with collecting angle's tears was just a way to discourage boys from chasing her. Things gets even worse for An Xi when she tells You Qian that while she was sorry that she lost her temper to a certain poor guy who chose the wrong day to confess to her but she can't be worried about everyone's feelings. Furious to hear An Xi's words, You Qian storms away leaving a rather confused An Xi behind.
Her trouble making personality coming out in full force, Yong Qing jumps up to play her role as You Qian's "girlfriend" when An Xi knocks on the door to invite them to an impromptu dinner party. Things becomes embarrassing for An Xi when she eagerly peels a shrimp for You Qian by hand without noticing that You Qian is also peeling a shrimp with his knife and fork for Yong Qing. Seeing a chance to push everyone's button, Yong Qing pointedly asks An Xi why she is not dating Ya Ru (An Xi's friend who obviously likes her.)
Impatient with Yong Qing, You Qian tries to stop Yong Qing from making everyone uncomfortable but the party is soon interrupted when one of Yong Qing's ex-suitor comes to the B&B to vent his anger after being dumped by Yong Qing. Irritated with her ex-suitor who can't seems to grasp the concept that she was merely passing time with him, Young Qing fires off threats that just pushed the guy over the edge. Jumping in front of You Qian (who was protecting Yong Qing), An Xi gives no thought of her own safety as the guy dumps a bucket of dirty water on her.

Noticing a scar on An Xi's back when she got soaking wet, You Qian is surprised when he finds out from An Xi's exasperated co-worker that the scar came from the time when An Xi jumped in to take a hit for Jiang Hai Kuo when his enemy come seeking revenge years ago. You Qian becomes thoughtful as he listens to An Xi's co-worker complain about her tendency to jump in as the protector no matter who is in trouble.
Losing patience to find out the reason that is making You Qian acting so unlike his usual cold hearted self, Yong Qing threatens You Qian if he doesn't fess up then she will send people to start digging around for his secrets.

Knowing full well Yong Qing is capable of carrying out her threat, You Qian tells her the truth about how An Xi was his first love and the scares he carries from his youthful crush. .
You Qian "I am so sick of myself. I dislike her but I can't stop myself from wanting to be close to her."
After thinking over Yong Qing's advise that "Love is like a cold to me. Once love runs it's course, the cold symptom goes away", You Qian comes to the conclusion that he never got to finish his crush on An Xi and he needs to let his "cold" finishes it's journey.

Decisions made to give a relationship with An Xi a chance, You Qian scares An Xi into checking if he is sick when You Qian smiles brightly at her in a rare friendly manner.
In true You Qian fashion, now that he has made up his mind to pursue An Xi, he is systematically going through all of An Xi's friends to find out what her favorite things are. The answer You Qian gets without fail from all of An Xi's friends is that An Xi likes money until Ya Ru (the friend who likes An Xi) gets to the heart of the matter "An Xi helps people and that often costs money. I don't think even An Xi realizes that's why she is so keen on making money."
Tricking An Xi into getting in his car by telling her that there is something wrong with his passenger seats, You Qin surprises An Xi when he leans close to help her with the seat belt. 

Boy, the misunderstandings sure just keep piling up. Of course, An Xi herself really is not helping with talks of "I can't be considerate of everyone's feelings." It is actually a miracle that You Qian hasn't stormed off for good yet. I guess he really must like An Xi a lot more than even he realized.
The only thing I am not too sure is if You Qian is pursuing An Xi with genuine intent or is he thinking like Yong Qing is hoping that he just wants to date An Xi so he can get over her like a cold. Of course, I guess it really doesn't matter what You Qian is thinking either way since we all know there is really no way out for him when it comes to An Xi. 

I do find Yong Qing's character a bit interesting. She obviously doesn't necessary want You Qian as a boyfriend per say, but she also doesn't want You Qian to fall seriously in love with anyone. A bit twisted in the head, but I suppose that's the only way to satisfy Yong Qing's pride when she already know You Qian doesn't like her romantically.  


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