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Sunday, July 26, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 8 Recap

When I See You Again Episode 8 Recap
Waken up in a rather abrupt manner by You Qian, An Xi is dismayed when she finds out everyone in the B&B has been sent away (for the morning, as a favor to him) by You Qian. Trying her best to play the perfect host, but An Xi can't help but freak out whenever You Qian gets too close.

Seeing the desperate way An Xi tries to avoid his gaze, it finally dawns on You Qian that maybe An Xi gets shaken whenever their eyes meet.
Trying to find anyway to spend time with An Xi (and confirm his theory), You Qian convinces her to help him wash his car. With the water hose in her hand, An Xi imagination goes into over drive as she fantasies a drenched You Qian smiling at her with his wet shirt plastered to his um... are those six packs?

Of course, You Qian's imagination doesn't lose to An Xi's, and an imaginary An Xi's does a sexy car washing number in his mind.
Seeing An Xi's determination to avoid him at all cost, You Qian decides to force An Xi to work with him when he decides to revitalize the B&B's business with some promotional ideas.
While You Qian is off pursuing An Xi, President Zhou is still unable to let go of her suspicion of You Qian and sends Hu Yan Ze to the village to keep an eye on him. 

Surprised to find Yan Ze showing up the B&B, it takes no time for You Qian to figure out the real reason why Yan Ze is there.
Overjoyed to find out that Yan Ze is a photographer, An Xi asks him to take pictures of her and her friends for the B&B's "warm and friendly" promotional picture.
Speechless to see the girls' gangster pose, Yan Ze convinces the girls to modify their pose in an appropriate manner for their theme.
Noticing You Qian spying on the photo shoot, Yan Ze purposefully taunts You Qian by touching An Xi in the name of correcting her position for the photo shoot.
Yan Ze's little game successfully agitates You Qian and he warns Yan Ze from messing with An Xi. However, instead of backing off, You Qian's big reaction seems to make Yan Ze even more intrigued.

Not satisfied after warning Yan Ze, You Qian decide to personally demonstrate to An Xi the danger of letting any male species coming too close to her
Her heart pounding from You Qian's little private lesson, An Xi runs back to the safety of her room and mutters "Whew, He is the dangerous one! I barely controlled myself!" Ha! I wonder how You Qian would feel if he know how close An Xi was to jump him?

Hu Yan Ze's name triggers a long forgotten name in An Xi's memory and An Xi digs up a letter she received on her 18th birthday.

In a flash back we see an excited young An Xi happily opening up a box thinking her mother is finally coming back on her 18th birthday like her dad promised. Instead of gifts from her mother, An Xi's life long dream is shuttered when the box reveals all of the unopened gifts she sent to her mother and a letter from someone named Hu Yan Ze informing her that there has never been a person with her mother's name at that address.

Confronting her dad, An Xi is told of the cruel truth that her mother was never some angel who has been too busy taking care of unfortunate children to be home and who had promised to finally show her face on her 18th birthday.
Faced with the ugly truth that her supposedly angel mother is really nothing more than a cruel woman who abandoned her after giving birth to her. An anguished An Xi yells at her dad 'You liar!" and storms out of the B&B only to come face to face with You Qian who is eagerly waiting for her with his "angel's tears".

At breaking point already, An Xi vents all her hurt and frustration at You Qian.... and the rest is history.  
Impatient to confirm with Yan Ze if he is the guy that wrote the letter to her years ago, An Xi is amazed when it turns out that Yan Ze really is the one.

Bonding over their incredible link, An Xi pleads with Yan Ze not to tell You Qian of how they met the first time since she is convinced if You Qian finds out how she bit Yan Ze before You Qian would dislike her even more. Weird... didn't she get the memo that You Qian is pursuing her? 
The next morning, You Qian wakes up to the unpleasant sight of An Xi cozily giving Yan Ze a glass of freshly made juice. Enjoying another chance to taunt You Qian, Yan Ze quickly drops heavy hints that there are secretes between him and An Xi. Without fail, You Qian immediately responds with jealousy much to Yan Ze's satisfactions.

Part of me is really kinda annoyed at how much enjoyment Yan Ze is getting from taunting You Qian, but Yan Ze seems like such a genuinely nice guy that it's difficult to stay angry at him for too long. By the way, I am guessing Ya En is probably going to be Yan Ze's love interest later?
So now we have answered the question of what really set An Xi off on the day of You Qian's confession, I am hoping by next episode we'll answer the mystery of why An Xi is so set against dating ... especially since it is pretty obvious that she has already fallen for our hero. 


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