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Monday, July 27, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 9 Recap

When I See You Again Episode 9 Recap
Still enjoying his rare chance of making You Qian lose his cool just by getting close to An Xi, Yan Ze confesses his intention to pursue An Xi right in front of You Qian. 

Angrily, You Qian confronts Yan Ze for his confession especially when they both know Yan Ze is not genuinely interested in An Xi. You Qian's anger quickly dies when Yan Ze reminds him "I am helping you. Didn't you notice where An Xi went to hide after my confession? She went to hide behind you."
Taking Yan Ze's advice that it's time to push An Xi to a corner, You Qian lays down an ultimatum "Every time you avoid me, it's hurts me inside. I really don't know how much longer I can hold onto my feelings. If I leave this time... it will be the end." 

After a sleepless night, An Xi wakes up with a full intention of telling You Qian to get lost... but her plans gets derailed when Yan Ze sets up a plan to take An Xi to a clothing store so they could "accidentally" meet You Qian. 

Flustered by Yan Ze's continual pressure to date, An Xi declares "I have someone I want to date!" 
Not backing off, Yan Ze asks "Who? Who do you want to date."
Stumbling to You Qian's side, An Xi points at You Qian. 
After a moment of surprise, You Qian happily pulls An Xi in for a kiss on the forehead. 
Watching the whole exchange from her hiding place in the changing room, Yong Qing remembers back to when she was able to convince a young You Qing to undergo a make over for her bet with her friends after she saves You Qian's grandpa's life by chance. 

With her usual stoic expression, Yong Qing mutters "I guess one more thing that is difficult to read it's one's self." Hmm... I am guessing she is referring to the fact that she is not as unaffected as she expected of watching You Qian falling in love with another girl. 
Hiding in the bathroom, An Xi stares at the refusal note that she had fully expected to give to You Qian that very morning and has a flash back to her memory with a young You Qian. It's the memory of when they are in an aquarium and You Qian vows to leave the village one day. 

Looking at the fish puppet in her hand, An Xi mutters "I am sorry One Eyebrow (An Xi's nickname for You Qian)." So... is it safe to assume that An Xi's refusal to date had something to do with You Qian?
Glowing in happiness to finally get the girl, You Qian takes An Xi to a specialty store to make their own couple rings. 

Smiling at the fact they both chose to carve the word start (You Qian's word is in German though) inside the ring they made, You Qian tells An Xi "I chose the word start because there might come a day when you find out that I am different than what you think... when that day comes I hope you will give me another chance." 

Hesitantly, An Xi tells You Qian of her reason why she chose start "I am holding a lot of things inside me. If there comes to a day when you get tire of my inability to fully open myself to you then I hope you can just walk away... start again, without worrying about me." 

Angry that An Xi is already talking about breaking up, You Qian refuses to accept the ring, but softens when An Xi puts the ring on a string to tie around his neck "Stop being angry. Who likes to talk about breaking up? It's just my way to cover the worst possibility. Keep the ring around your neck. When you take off the ring then I will know that you don't want to be with me anymore." 
Taking off his contact lenses after something got into his eye, You Qian freezes when An Xi sees him without glasses for the first time and mutters "You look kinda of familiar..." 

I highly doubt the big secret will be out by next week, but I sure hope it will be out soon because the whole Clark Kent thing is starting to get old. 

By the way, I didn't cover this but it looks like Yong Qing must have some sort of scar of her own judging by her cryptic words of "He looks so much like that person..." when she saw You Qian without his glasses the first time. 

Speaking of secrets, for a light romantic show When I See You Again sure have a lot of those, especially since even all the side characters seem to all harbor one. It sure makes me a bit scared that now our two leads has gotten together the show would get mired in side tangents as we uncover every single secret the show has hinted at.  


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