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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Best Get Going

4:00 PM Posted by ninja , 4 comments
Drama: Best Get Going (C-Drama, 加油吧實習生)
Episodes: 38
Synopsis:  The story follows a group of new university graduates as they venturing out into the sometime cruel world.

Best Get Going is a drama that focuses on the growing pains of young adults as they try to carve out a place for themselves in what seems like rather harsh adult world. Just a warning, this show has a lot of comedy touches to it so the plot is quite over the top when it comes to showing how desperate the upcoming generation has to struggle to get a job in today's economy.
One of the big conflict that will probably be carried out through the whole series is the test of friendship in the face of getting ahead in life.

Song Nuan (played by Zhao Li Ying) is our heroine who always plays the peacemaker among her friends. On the surface, Song Nuan is best friends with Zhou Ge Ge but while Song Nuan has always been willing to to do anything for her BFF, Ge Ge is not so altruistic especially when it comes to leaving Song Nuan out to increase her chance of getting a job.
After what seems like endless struggles to get a job in the big city, Song Nuan finally gets hired by the same company her best friend Ge Ge is also at. 
What seems like a certain bright future as an apprentices with all the other hopeful new hires, our heroine's smooth sailing hits a major obstacle when her nemesis Zhang Sheng, a rich boy who is catered by all in the company makes pestering Song Nuan his life's mission. 

The one thing this drama does really well is showing how much the parents wants their children to succeed... even if they have to pretend to be a water deliveryman in order to help their daughter get a job. 

Best Get Going does tend to be over the top at times (especially in making the work place like a war zone) and it really likes to meander in terms of plot but over all I am finding a lot of heart in the characters which makes it easy to be forgiving of the drama's little flaws. 

This drama has finished airing (I haven't finished watching it though so I can't vouch for the rest of the show) so consider checking this one out if you are looking for a C-drama to marathon. 


  1. I was relunctant to start the drama, but i will watch the first three episodes out to see if it is worth viewing the whole 38 episodes

  2. Ms. Ninja, you should try watching 最佳前男友 My Best Ex-Boyfriend with Jerry Yan, Jiang Su Ying, Mi Lu (My Sunshine) and Ron Ng. I am currently so falling in love with that drama. It's my first time watching Jiang Su Ying but she has such an innocent vibe to her unlike her persistent and strong willed character. I might end up getting annoyed bcoz her character just seems so stubborned. I wonder if Jerry will ever change his hairstyle, his outfits are not that appealing, but I do like the female leads outfits. They are tall and slender so they look great in mostly every attires.

    Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSgtaP0wsbc
    Ending song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNySvrhYL9E

    1. I am planning to watch it... I am just swamped by Diamond Lover right now. Someone wise please stop me from recapping a C-drama next time. Sigh...

      I am happy that you like My Best Ex-Boyfriend though b/c I was a bit worried from the promo since Jerry Yan really didn't look his best there. I was afraid it would turn me off but since you are recommending it I am assuming at least his hairstyle wasn't too distracting.

    2. I heard Diamond Lover is popular in China right now, but i don't think I can take it given that Chinese melo-dramas are super cliche. Maybe I will marathon it after it finishes its run.

      And you really need to start watching My Best Ex-Boyfriend soon, I am getting obsessed with it (so excuse me for that :P). I too wonder if Jerry is going to keep his century of the hair, he has this same hairstyle ever since Meteor Shower. The cinematography and directing is really well-filmed and most importantly, the actors' voices are not dubbed. I have watched quite a lot of C-dramas and I would say this one has high quality in terms of production. As for Jerry's fashion, I love him but his stylists need to reframe from giving high fashion clothes. Either way, I just love to see him again in a new drama. The visuals are great and I love the fashion oriented theme.