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Saturday, August 29, 2015

C-Drama to Make the Next installment to Full House

9:30 AM Posted by ninja 2 comments
Isn't funny that the week I picked Full House to feature in my Friday Roundup is the same week I see the news of the Chinese planning to make the season 2 of Full House?! By the way, in case you are as confused as I am about the wording "next installment", as far as I can tell the new show will not be be picking up where Full House left off.

In straight translation, the show is called "Romantic Star" (浪漫星星). We don't have much on the synopsis other than that according to Director Pyo Min Soo (who directed Full House, Iris 2, The World that They Live In) it will be about a cold rich hero and a cute but bumbling heroine... um... I think he just described every other Asian drama. 
Anyhow, currently Romantic Star is earnestly trying to cast for a Korean hero and a Chinese heroine. Apparently the director is having some difficulty because Director Pyo wants the heroine to be really tall and the heroine to be extremely petite. According to several Chinese news sources Director Pyo apparently also went as far as saying that he will cast a Korean actor who is more popular than Rain. I am hoping that there is either something lost in translation of what Director Pyo said or maybe he went on to smooth over his words because as it stands right now that was a pretty mean thing to say. Maybe there is something going on between Rain and Director Pyo the rest of us don't know about, but either way Director Pyo's words seems rather tasteless. 

On that some what negative note (sorry!), Romantic Star is planning to start filming January of 2016.  


  1. Is it true that Oh Se-hun is going to the male lead, and Zhao Li Ying the female lead? A source announced it on weibo, but not sure how real that is

    1. As far as I can tell the casting of the Oh Se Hun and Zhao Li Ying hasn't been officially confirmed yet.