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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Diamond Lover Episode 41-50 Summary

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Diamond Lover Episode 41 Summary
Zi Liang confesses to Si Yuan about not being President Xiao's biological son and is deeply moved when Si Yuan assures him that she loves him no matter what. More determined now to make everything Xiao Liang has his, Zi Liang leaks an important project diamond design (Blue Fire) to Tesiro's rival company. 

Dejected after being informed that Tesiro will mostly likely lose the Blue Fire project, Xiao Liang shows up at Mi Duo's house to seek comfort but ends up seeing a sign of hope when he comes across a diamond design on Mi Duo's table. 

Overjoyed when he finds out that Tesiro had won the Blue Fire bid because of Mi Duo's design, Xiao Liang hugs her in front of the whole company. 

His heart finally softening after Mi Duo tirelessly took care of him in the hospital, President Xiao makes a point to ask Xiao Liang about Mi Duo's whereabouts when he is discharged.

Unfortunately just when things are looking up with President Xiao, another crisis hits for Mi Duo. Mi Duo's old boss Tina at L Advertising shows up Tesiro and Mi Duo can hardly control her fear of being recognized. 

Remember Mi Duo from the time when she went to Mei Li's (Mi Duo's old name) house, Tina tries to convince Mi Duo to speak up for L Advertising due to their supposedly connection as Mei Li's friends. Suspicious right away when she sees Mi Duo and Tina together, Si Yuan reports to Zi Liang that Mi Duo is on L Advertising's side. Assuming that going against what Mi Duo wants would be bad for Xiao Liang, Zi Liang decides to do all he can to stop L Advertising from working with Tesiro. 
Yi Ming gets in trouble at work when a female patient falsely accuses him of inappropriately touching her after Yi Ming refuses to be seduced by her. Standing up for Yi Ming when his female patients start to boycott him, Wen Xi is obviously starting to develop some feelings for Yi Ming. Boy, there are a lot of viewers calling for Gao Wen to come back. I don't mind Wen Xi but I do agree that Gao Wen was super cute with Yi Ming. 

Episode 42
Completely stunned when he realized he has actually helped Mi Duo by stopping L Advertising from winning Tesiro's project, Zi Liang accuses Si Yuan of betraying him by giving him false information. However, once Zi Liang sees how hurt Si Yuan is by his words, he quickly apologizes. 

Si Yuan figures out from talking to Tina that Mi Duo is connected to Mei Li some how and mails Mei Li's picture to her (and a copy to Yi Ming) just to test her action. After talking to Tina, Mi Duo figures out that Si Yuan is the one behind the whole thing and gets into an argument with Si Yuan. 

Unbeknownst to both women, Xiao Liang overhears their argument and sees the mail that contains Mei Li's information. 
Unable to bring himself to give Mi Duo her birthday cake and present when he sees her happily going off with Xiao Liang, a depressed Yi Ming goes back to the hospital. Determined to not let Yi Ming's cake go to waste, Wen Xi inhales the whole cake. Noticeably cheered up by Wen Xi's company, Yi Ming smiles as he watches Wen Xi eats. 
Meeting Xiao Liang at a bar, Yi Ming is shocked when Xiao Liang asks "Hey, do you know who Mei Li is?" Spinning a cover up story as he talks, Yi Ming successfully distracts Xiao Liang when he warns him to not pester Mi Duo too much since that will make him lose that "mysterious feeling" to Mi Duo and be in danger of having Mi Duo falling out of love with him. 

 Episode 43
After talking to Mi Duo a few times, Tina figures out that Mi Duo and Mei Li is one and the same. Convinced that she has all the cards now, Tina threatens to expose Mi Duo's secret if she doesn't help L Advertising sign a long term contract with Tesiro. 

Coming to a decision, Mi Duo surprisingly decides to ask Xiao Liang to get married instead of confessing to him.

The next day, Mi Duo successfully convince Tina to keep her secret by threatening to expose the way Tina used to take Mei Li's work as her own. Knowing that Tina will probably lose her job without Tesiro's contract, Mi Duo refers Tina to another company. 
Rushing to Mi Duo's house believing that she must have told Xiao Liang the truth and is facing the crisis of being tossed aside by him, Yi Ming tells her "I didn't want you to marry him in the first place" just when Mi Duo says "I am getting married." Awkward moment... 

In a daze, Yi Ming tries to cover up his words as best as he could and stumbles out of Mi Duo's house. 
No longer opposed to Mi Duo becoming his daughter-in-law, President Xiao invites Mi Duo over to the house and tells Mi Duo that she will soon be a member of the Xiao family. 

Si Yuan finally connects all the dots and calls Zi Liang to tell him about Mi Duo's real identity. Thinking he can control Mi Duo from now on, Zi Liang's lovely dream is rudely destroyed when Mi Duo tells him that she already know he is not President Xiao's son. 

Needing her BFF again Mi Duo calls Yi Ming to talk to him, but unable to bring himself to face Mi Duo, Yi Ming uses work as an excuse to avoid her. Wanting to cheer Yi Ming up, Wen Xi takes him to a bar and the two of them stare at the many product placements around them... oh, wait... that sentence is suppose to say and the two party all night. 

Episode 44
 Totally unaware that Wen Xi is starting to develop feelings for him, Yi Ming encourages her to attend a dating party... only to have mixed feelings himself as he watches a very uncomfortable Wen Xi talking to other man.  
A depressed Yi Ming calls Xiao Liang out for drinks again. Looking at a drunken Yi Ming, Xiao Liang remarks that Yi Ming doesn't seem to be upset over Mi Duo but is drinking because of another woman. 
 Up to no good again, Zi Liang calls Mi Duo's parents to invite them to the city as a surprise to Mi Duo. Flustered to get a phone call from Mama Mi that they are already at the train station, Mi Duo nervously calls Yi Ming to get her parents. 
Mi Duo confesses to her parents about her everything that has happened up to this point and her stunned parents are furious that Mi Duo has yet to tell Xiao Liang of her real identity. 

Episode 45
 Unsure that Xiao Liang would really accept their daughter once the truth is revealed, Mi Duo's parents tries to talk Yi Ming into pursuing Mi Duo again especially when Daddy Mi is convinced that Mi Duo also has feelings for Yi Ming.
Mama Mi shows up at Xiao Liang's office but ends up meeting President Xiao who gets suspicious right away when Mi Duo herself has been telling Xiao Liang just the day before that her parents can't come for a family meeting. 

Without any choice, Mi Duo confesses to a very angry President Xiao about her real identity. Agreeing to President Xiao's demand that she leave his son, Mi Duo turns down Xiao Liang's romantic proposal by the beach. Hurt by Mi Duo assertion that she doesn't love him anymore, Xiao Liang drops the ring into the ocean. 

Back in their favorite spot at the bar again, Yi Ming doesn't believe it when Xiao Liang tells him about Mi Duo's refusal to marry him but Xiao Liang assures Yi Ming that Mi Duo means it this time. 

Episode 46
Unable to see the pain his son is suffering from losing Mi Duo, President Xiao relents as asks Mi Duo to stay by Xiao Liang and never tell him the truth. 
Hugging an overjoyed Xiao Liang, Mi Duo promises him that she will never leave him. 

Knowing full well how much Yi Ming loves her, Mi Duo tells him that its time for her to be independent and to let him go. 
After making sure with Xiao Liang once again that he won't ever regret marrying Mi Duo, President Xiao sends Director Shen to start searching for Xiao Liang's mom. 

Despite the antagonism Si Yuan feels towards Mi Duo, Si Yuan can't help but soften a bit when Mi Duo chooses her as a partner to collaborate on a new diamond design. 
Coming back in a triumphant return from Hollywood, the first thing Gao Wen does is pay Yi Ming a visit at the hospital. Her radar as sharp as ever, Gao Wen figures out with one glance that Wen Xi also likes Yi Ming and purposefully plants a kiss on Yi Ming.   

Episode 47
Showing up at Tesiro to sign a new contract, Gao Wen sits in Director Shen's office fuming when she is kept waiting (she was late to her appointment.) Director Shen comes back to his office to find a sleeping Gao Wen. Not surprisingly, Gao Wen and Director Shen dislike each other on sight and parts after a brief argument.

Holding a intimate party with just her three close friends, it doesn't take much for Gao Wen to see that even though Yi Ming has become unlikely friends with Xiao Liang, he still has feelings for Mi Duo.

Yi Ming had assumed that Gao Wen is already over him, but Gao Wen tells him that since Yi Ming is in an unrequited love with Mi Duo then she can keep going with her own feeling towards him as well.
Waking up after a night of drinking, Gao Wen has no memory of the poor Director Shen who had to put up with her drunken behaviors ... and kiss.
Ye Qi finally wakes up from her coma but has no memory of the past five years and acts like Xiao Liang is still her boyfriend. Warned by the doctor that Ye Qi's body can't handle too much shock, Mi Duo volunteers to pretend to be Xiao Liang's secretary and keep their relationship a secret from Ye Qi.
Upset by the memory of Gao Wen kissing Yi Ming, Wen Xi can only vent her frustration by accusing Yi Ming of not being faithful to his love towards Mi Duo. Wanting to patch things up with Wen Xi, Yi Ming takes her out for a movie. Surprised by how pretty Wen Xi looks at the movie theater, Yi Ming assures Wen Xi that he only sees her as a buddy.

Episode 48
Watching a horror movie together, Yi Ming is speechless when he is the only one shaking with fear and Wen Xi is totally unaffected. Just when Wen Xi decides to listen to Yi Ming's advise of at least pretending to be scared, Yi Ming gets a call from Mi Duo and runs off without finishing the movie.

Not wanting Ye Qi to recover her memory, Zi Liang approaches Mi Duo with the suggestion that they combine their effort to get rid of Ye Qi. Not wanting to resort to working with someone like Zi Liang, Mi Duo refuses Zi Liang's suggestion.
 Agitated when she starts seeing clues that her relationship with Xiao Liang is not what it once was. Ye Qi throws a fit and runs off to the house she once lived with Xiao Liang.

Unable to resist a tearful Ye Qi who begs him desperately not to leave her alone in the world, Xiao Liang promises Ye Qi to not abandon her before she recovers her memory.
Upset over Ye Qi and his recent fight with Mi Duo (because of Ye Qi), Xiao Liang calls Yi Ming out for drinks again and the two guys end up showing up at Mi Duo's house completely drunk. 

Depositing both guys in her bed, Mi Duo checks on Xiao Liang in the middle of the night and ends up getting pulled right on top of him. Yi Ming listens quietly as Xiao Liang apologizes to Mi Duo and the two love birds put their small fight behind them. 

Episode 49
Looking at a clueless Ye Qi who assumes she will be living with Xiao Liang now that she is discharged from the hospital, Xiao Liang ends up letting Ye Qi to stay at his house and happily makes his own assumption that he will be moving in to Mi Duo's house. 

Both guys grumpy when Mi Duo shows up at Yi Ming's house with Xiao Liang, Yi Ming goes from vehemently insisting to never allow Xiao Liang to move in into buttering up to him when Xiao Liang causally offers to just buy Yi Ming's house outright from his landlord. 

I LOVE this scene when Yi Ming comes home late and finds a fuming Xiao Liang sitting on the sofa like an angry girlfriend. Xiao Liang even asks "Where did you go that you are home this late! Did you go see Mi Duo? Where is my dinner?" Ha ha, I think I might just start shipping Xiao Liang and Yi Ming together. 
Gao Wen's "drunken kiss" doesn't seem to have much of an affect on Director Shen's sore attitude towards her, especially when he eggs her on to follow Tesiro's advertising script by saying Gao Wen is just a pretty vase that is suppose to do what she is told. 

However, when Director Shen accidentally overhears two crazy fans plotting to kidnap Gao Wen, he doesn't hesitate and jumps into the chaos to save her.  
Ye Qi shows up at Xiao Liang's office with lunch only to be stunned when she sees Xiao Liang joking with Mi Duo intimately and telling Mi Duo that he wants to tell Ye Qi the truth soon so he can marry her

No where as generous as she tries to appear to Xiao Liang, Mi Duo is convinced by Zi Liang to find Ye Qi's husband so he can take her away. However, upon meeting Ye Qi's husband and realizing what a jerk he is, Mi Duo changes her mind. Admitting her own selfish intentions in approaching him, Mi Duo nonetheless warns Ye Qi's husband to stay away from Ye Qi. 
Noticing Si Yuan's envious expression when she was looking through Mi Duo's wedding magazines, Zi Liang brings up the idea of getting married to Si Yuan and even takes her home. At first overjoyed to be greeted by both of Zi Liang's parents like their future daughter-in-law, Si Yuan's bubble of happiness is soon burst. Away from her husband and son's earshot, Madam Xiao tells Si Yuan that she will never allow Zi Liang to marry a lowly girl like her. 

A depressed Si Yuan calls her exboyfriend out to drink with her. The next morning Si Yuan is waken up by Zi Liang's phone call and quickly tries to cover up her night of drinking by saying she went to bed early because of a headache. Unfortunately for Si Yuan, her lie is quickly exposed when her ex and Zi Liang both show up at her house with breakfast for her. Furious to realize that Si Yuan not only lied to him but was out drinking with her ex, Zi Liang refuses to listen to Si Yuan's explanation. 

 Episode 50
Angry at Si Yuan, Zi Liang gives Si Yuan's project to her nemesis Xue Er proving to Si Yuan once more that she is nothing but a pawn in Zi Liang's mind. Worried about Si Yuan, Mi Duo tries to cheer her up. Moved that Mi Duo would still be worried about her despite the fact that they are on different teams, Si Yuan confesses to Mi Duo that deep down she has always had a lot of respect for her. 

His heart softening after seeing Xue Er taunting Si Yuan, Zi Liang's finally breaks down after seeing Si Yuan leaving with her ex and tells her that he only pushed away so she will come back to him.  
After seeing the friendly manner Director Shen treats Zi Liang, Gao Wen mistakenly assumes that Director Shen must be on Xi Liang's side and thus has to be the culprit when her pictures for Tesiro's advertising is leaked to the press. Swallowing her pride once she finds out that Director Shen had nothing to do with the leak, Gao Wen waits in front of Tesiro to apologize to him for falsely accusing him. 

Stunned by Director Shen's blasé attitude towards her apology (her very first one to anyone!), Gao Wen is speechless when Director Sehn just walks away after telling her to go park his car. 
Ye Qi's ex-husband shows up in front of Ye Qi and a panicked Ye Qi passes out after hitting her head ... again. (Seriously show?)

Furious that Mi Duo would try to hand Ye Qi over to her abusive husband, Xiao Liang and Mi Duo gets into an argument right in Ye Qi's hospital room. Standing outside of the hospital, Mi Duo nervously asks Yi Ming if Xiao Liang would still love her after seeing her jealous and petty side. Overhearing Mi Duo's question, Xiao Liang assures her that he only ever wanted her to show him her true self. 

Thanks to her second head concussion, Ye Qi recovers her memory but tells her assistant that even though she is still determined to get Xiao Liang back, she has decided not to hurt Mi Duo ... for now. 


  1. thanks for the recap! i thought they were building the gao wen - yi ming couple, and now with the recent episodes it seems both of them move on... disappointing.

    1. I know right?! They made Gao Wen and Yi Ming so cute together all the C-netcitizens has been going crazy that those two should be together. If this drama was shot like a K-drama (shoot as they air) I wonder if the production would have buckled under the public pressure, but alas there is nothing they can do at this point. Still, I guess the writer had Yi Ming telling Gao Wen repeatedly that he did try falling in love with her but failed there was probably no way to put those two together.

    2. and this is so sad I think. They make Yi Ming such a "pathetic" character... I mean i literally role my eyes and think "hey move on guy, there are plenty fish in the sea"

      I just don't see the point of having such a strong Yi Ming - Gao Wen bonding in the first half, then introducing the female doctor. Now they are building the Director Shin -Gao Wen bonding, and on the one hand this makes me happy because she deserves to be happy and move on. On the other hand I don't think the writers will make Gao Wen end up with anybody.

      Oh C-dramaland....second leads deserve to be happy too, you know. K-Dramas seem to have finally learned that, although they forget it sometimes too.

      Last year I watched V-Love....oh well, it had so much potential...but they made it sooo confusing. And Dilrabas character was similar: In the first half they paired her up with the director guy, and in the last episodes with the rich guy. C-Drama producers please cherish great couple chemistry more!

    3. Personally I believe Yi Ming should end up with Mi Duo. The fact that he doesn't move on to even Gao Wen, a movie star and supermodel shows that his love has become true love. It's not just because Mi Duo has turned pretty because of surgery. Yi Ming can get lots of girls, but he can't let go of his feelings for Mi Duo. He is willing to sacrifice everything for her, and literally saved her life TWICE!!! He has always been by her side since she was a little fat girl! He's the best friend and her protector. I know lots of fans love Rain and want him to get the girl, but the character Yi Ming deserves to find love.