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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Diamond Lover Episode 21-30 Summary

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Diamond Lover 21
Determined to seduce Yi Ming until he confesses to her, Gao Wen pulls out every trick in the bag until Yi Ming is ready to run back to Mi Duo's house for safety. 

Ying Ming comes home fully intending to tell Gao Wen that he is leaving but ends up giving in when Mi Duo join hands with Gao Wen to persuade him to stay. 

His stiff mannerism considerably brightened by his new sweet romance with Mi Duo, Secretary Qi breath a big sigh of relieve when Xiao Liang is all smiles even when he shows up late to work. 

However, after his father brings up the old painful memory of his ex, Xiao Liang confesses to Secretary Qi that he feels like he is losing control because of Mi Duo and moreover he still harbors the fear that Mi Duo will eventually change ... like his ex. 
Disappointed that Yi Ming is still insisting on moving out, Gao Wen asks him to ride on the bus as a last act of fulfilling her wish before he leaves. 

Unwilling to stay put when she hears bus passengers making mean comments about her appearance, Gao Wen takes off her masks and creates a huge chaos as she and Yi Ming are force to go on a run.  
Freezing in his track when he meets his ex, Ye Qi during a date with Mi Duo, Xiao Liang is obviously shaken by his ex's reappearance

Sensing something is wrong with Xiao Liang's sudden distance, Mi Duo is puzzled by what could be the cause of it. 

Episode 22
Getting ready to go on his date with Mi Duo, Xiao Liang hesitates when he gets a phone call from Ye Qi asking him to meet. Surprised to see Gao Wen and Yi Ming at the restaurant with Ye Qi, Xiao Liang is puzzled when he keeps getting glares from Yi Ming. 

After being ditched at the movie theater by Xiao Liang, Mi Duo has no clue that Xiao Liang was with his ex the whole time but assumed that Xiao Liang was just too busy with work. Seriously, this girl need to grow some girlfriend sixth sense. 
At first unwilling to get involved with Zi Liang when she is still in love with her ex-boyfriend, Si Yuan nonetheless bends to Zi Liang's will and moves into the house he bought for her. 
Still clueless that Ye Qi has come back to reclaim Xiao Liang, Mi Duo obediently gives Ye Qi tips on how to work with Xiao Liang when she asks for help. 

Getting suspicious right away when he sees the strange vibe between Xiao Liang and Ye Qi, Yi Ming finally decides to tell Mi Duo after he imagines a married (AND pregnant) Mi Duo tearfully accusing him of not telling him the truth about what a big two timing jerk Xiao Liang is. Unfortunately, just when Yi Ming starts to tell Mi Duo the truth, Mi Duo gets a phone call for Xiao Liang and the moment is lost.

Episode 23
Attending Gao Wen's celebration party for her return to the entertainment world, Mi Duo looks on with a slight dismay as she watches the close intimacy between Xiao Liang and Ye Qi.

Wanting to test out Xiao Liang's depth of feeling towards Mi Duo, Ye Qi "accidentally" pours wine on Mi Duo. Grabbing Mi Duo's hand with concern, Xiao Liang glares at Ye Qi with anger knowing full well that she pour the wine on purpose.
Driving Mi Duo home, Gao Wen shakes her head at Mi Duo's innocence as she insists on trusting Xiao Liang despite her inability to deny every suspicious thing Gao Wen lists about Xiao Liang and Ye Qi's relationship.
Confronting Ye Qi after the party, Xiao Liang tries to tell Ye Qi that there is nothing between them anymore. Calling Xiao Liang bluff, Ye Qi throws herself in front of on coming traffic. Pulling Ye Qi into his arm at the last second, Xiao Liang holds her in a way that belies his assertion that he only loves Mi Duo.
Fumbling with his phone to end the call from Mi Duo when Gao Wen walks in the door, Yi Ming rushes out of the house when he hears Gao Wen complaining about Xiao Liang and Ye Qi.

Standing in front of Mi Duo, Yi Ming assures her that he will always be by her side.
The next day, Xiao Liang's face freeze with dismay when he looks up during a company meeting to see a fully decked out Mi Duo trying to act all womanly. "Borrowing" a scarf from Ye Qi, Xiao Liang wraps it around Mi Duo and drags her to his office.

Confessing her fear that she is about to lose Xiao Liang, Mi Duo tells him honestly that everything she has done has been for the purpose of being able to stand next to him. Moved by Mi Duo's words, Xiao Liang assures her that she has already defeated Ye Qi and sends her to the mall to get a new outfit.
Angry to see Mi Duo showing up to return her scarf, Ye Qi accidentally hurt herself on a pair of scissors and sends Mi Duo into the office to grab some bandages. Her attention grabbed by the image of Yi Ming publicly accepting Gao Wen's confession, Mi Duo looks on with a mixed expression as Yi Ming kisses Gao Wen for the world to see.

Episode 24
Meeting Yi Ming during a filming shoot for Tesiro's promotion, Mi Duo nods with dismay when Yi Ming tells her "We are not kids anymore... so let's keep our appropriate distance from now on."

Watching the whole exchange between Yi Ming and Mi Duo not too far away, Si Yuan informs Zi Liang that there is indeed something suspicious between the two.

Up to no good again, Ye Qi accuses Mi Duo of giving her the wrong promotional plan and blames her for halting the whole filming schedule. Knowing full well that Ye Qi is only targeting Mi Duo because of Xiao Liang, Zi Liang orders Si Yuan to help Ye Qi in anyway possible.
Thanks to Zi Liang who "innocently" let it slip to President Xiao that Xiao Liang is dating Mi Duo, Mi Duo is demoted to be a salesperson in the name of her mistake with Ye Qi.

Showing up at Ye Qi's work to ask for her help in clearing up Mi Duo's name, Xiao Liang arrives just in time to see Ye Qi getting slapped by her soon to be ex-husband. (Xiao Liang think the guy is Ye Qi's ex because she claims to be divorce but from the couple's conversation we can see that they are still married.)  Not missing an opportunity to play the damsel in distress, Ye Qi lies to Xiao Liang that the wound on her arm is inflicted by her abusive husband.

Mi Duo hears of Ye Qi's supposedly new wound during her dinner with Xiao Liang and storms off in anger when Xiao Liang refuses to believe that Ye Qi's wound was an old one.

The next morning, Mi Duo stoically packs up her stuff at the office to report at her new job as a saleswoman at Tesiro's store. Looking at Mi Duo's retreating back, Xiao Liang decides to confirm with Si Yuan if Se Qi's arm wound was indeed an old one. Obeying Zi Liang's order to help Se Qi whenever possible, Si Yuan pretends that that she had no clue that Ye Qi was hurt. Looks like writer is setting up the future conflict where Xiao Liang will start to wonder if Mi Duo is changing into someone that will lie and use him. 

Seeing right through Ye Qi's act, Gao Wen gets into an argument with Ye Qi and almost gets slapped by Ye Qi if it wasn't for the arrival of Yi Ming at the last second. Warning Ye Qi, Yi Ming declares "Gao Wen is my girlfriend now. So watch your action!" Poor Gao Wen, how can the girl not fall in love with him! 
Perhaps feeling extra sensitive, Mi Duo gets in trouble at work when she refuses to sell a diamond ring to a man with his mistress and even goes as far as giving the couple a lecture.

Worried despite himself when Secretary Qi tells him about Mi Duo getting in trouble, Xiao Liang shows up at the store only to find Mi Duo already gone for the day. I love this scene when Xiao Liang chokes Secretary Qi for telling him that Mi Duo's store was only a few seconds away from where they were when they had to drive for two whole hours. I love Secretary Qi!
Determined to use Xiao Liang's little tiff with Mi Duo to her advantage, Ye Qi tricks Xiao Liang into taking her home and fakes a drunken confession. Obviously moved by Ye Qi's assertion that she only left him and married an abusive husband out of her love for him, Xiao Liang agrees to stay the night (on the sofa) to keep Ye Qi company.

Episode 25
Realizing now that she really is in danger of losing Xiao Liang, Mi Duo freaks out even more when Xiao Liang tells her "let's take sometime to cool down" just like Gao Wen predicated.
Things gets even worse for Mi Duo when she catches Xiao Liang coming home with Ye Qi. Covering up her ears in shock when she hears Xiao Liang admitting with his own lips that he can't forget the past he had with Ye Qi, Mi Duo runs away despite Xiao Liang's effort to explain himself.
Back in the arm of her trusty BFF, Mi Duo is taken home by Yi Ming who tells her that no matter what he is just an outsider in her relationship with Xiao Liang so she has to work things out on her own.

Xiao Liang pulls up to Mi Duo's house only to see Yi Ming leaving it. Alarms blaring inside him to see Yi Ming there, Xiao Liang punches Yi Ming for taking care of another woman when he is Gao Wen's boyfriend. In turn, Yi Ming punches Xiao Liang and tells him to take care of his messy relationships before he approaches Mi Duo again.
Actually taking Yi Ming's words to heart, Xiao Liang shows up at Ye Qi's house to tell her that while he is grateful to what she has done for him in the past but he only loves Mi Duo now.

Nervous to find Ye Qi at Mi Duo's work, Xiao Liang is appeased when Mi Duo informs him that Ye Qi was only there to explain that Xiao Liang has chosen her. Crisis seemingly avoided for now, Xiao Liang and Mi Duo is back to being lovey dovey.
Things doesn't seem to be going too badly on Yi Ming's side either. Watching Gao Wen jumping into a freezing cold pool repeatedly just because of a picky director, Yi Ming can't help but show off his protective side

Out on a double date at the amusement park, Xiao Liang looks on with jealousy when Yi Ming reverts back to his usual habit of taking care of Mi Duo and laughs with Mi Duo with obvious familiarity.  

Episode 26
Getting a good laugh at Ye Qi for losing to Mi Duo, Zi Liang gives Ye Qi a present by showing her a picture of Yi Ming with Mi Duo at the amusement park and tells her that judging by the way Yi Ming looks at Mi Duo there must be something going on between the two. 
Thinking nothing of the attention he is attracting as Gao Wen's boyfriend, Yi Ming all the sudden snaps to attention when a co-worker mutters out loud that the press will be digging into his past... ie. elementary school friends. 
Displeased that his son keeps getting involve with girls that are "beneath" him, President Xiao arranges Mi Duo to be a server at a fundraiser in order to show Xiao Liang how different their status are. 

President Xiao's plan backfires when Xiao Liang walks out of the party with Mi Duo and decides to put her on stage wearing "My Queen" the very necklace he designed to represent true love. 
Winning the bid against Ye Qi who had shown up at the fundraiser with a determination to purchase "My Queen", Xiao Liang publicly presents the necklace to Mi Duo and shows everyone who he considers to be the true owner of his necklace. 

Watching Xiao Liang's very public showcase of his love for Mi Duo, Yi Ming dejectedly hides the butterfly necklace he had given to Mi Duo. Recognizing the butterfly necklace as Mi Duo's, Gao Wen looks at Yi Ming with puzzlement when he insists on giving it back to Mi Duo later. 
Going to Si Yuan's house in a huff that President Xiao is starting to suspect him, Zi Liang surprisingly softens when Si Yuan tells him honestly that she harbors no illusion that there will be a happy ending between the two of them. Strange, I think these two really are starting to fall in love with one another. 

Episode 27
Xiao Liang's public declaration of his love immediately turns Mi Duo into Cinderella and with it a lot of prying eyes into their respective pasts.  

Giving an interview and answering questions about Mi Duo, Xiao Liang suddenly realizes that he knows almost nothing about Mi Duo's past. 
Cheering Gao Wen on as a spectator on a filming set, Yi Ming loses his calm when a kissing scene comes up for Gao Wen. Nervous that Yi Ming would be angry at her, Gao Wen breath a big sigh of relieve once Yi Ming assures her that he respects her career choice and if there is one person that needs changing in their relationship then it should be him. Moved by Yi Ming's words, Gao Wen kisses him. You know, I am starting to wonder if maybe Yi Ming is falling for Gao Wen without realizing it himself.  
Increasingly agitated that her past is about to be exposed, Mi Duo reluctantly agrees when Yi Ming tells her that as the only person who knows her past, it is time for him to distant himself from her. 

Episode 28
Feeling bad for Xiao Liang once she finds out that Zi Liang is actually his half brother from Si Yuan, Mi Duo tries to talk to Xiao Liang but is rebuffed by him immediately for daring to dig into his personal matters. 

Guessing that Mi Duo must have found out from Zi Liang himself, Xiao Liang confronts his brother. Knowing there is no way to hide, Si Yuan confesses to both men that she is the one that told Mi Duo the secret. Surprisingly, instead of getting angry at Si Yuan, Zi Liang not only stopped Xiao Liang from firing her but forgave her easily. 
Showing up at Mi Duo's house, Xiao Liang apologizes to her for overreacting and tells her "Since we are together then it's only right that I don't hold things back from you." Obviously feeling guilty over her own big secret, Mi Duo asks "Will you forgive me if I am hiding secrets that is even bigger than yours?" Convinced that someone so pure as Mi Duo would not have any bad secrets, Xiao Liang assures her that he will always be there for her. 
Searching his room high and low for Mi Duo's butterfly necklace, Yi Ming smiles when Gao Wen tells him that she has already returned it to Mi Duo and remarks "Mi Duo was so happy to get it back since she said it was from someone very important... don't you think it was from an ex-boyfriend?" 

Dismayed to hear from Mi Duo that Ye Qi is digging into his past... specifically about an overweight friend of his, Yi Ming warns Ye Qi from disturbing his friends. 
While doing a Tesiro promotional shoots at a mansion house, fire all the sudden breaks out and everyone rushed out including Gao Wen and Yi Ming. Remember at the last second that Mi Duo is also in the house, Ye Qi climbs the stairs to tell her about the fire but changes her mind when she overhears Mi Duo happily talking to Xiao Liang on the phone. Really, lady... you would even kill people over a guy?

Belatedly realizing she is left alone in a burning house, Mi Duo calls Xiao Liang back and confesses her real identity to him before passing out. Unfortunately, too busy fumbling with the charging cords for his cell phone Xiao Liang doesn't catch most of Mi Duo's confession and only hears "I love you, I really do love you." from Mi Duo before she passes out. 
One of the staff finally remembers Mi Duo as the person who delivered the jewelry to them and alerts everyone to the fact Mi Duo is still trapped in the fire. Rushing into the fire despite Gao Wen's pleas to not go, Yi Ming only has thoughts of rescuing Mi Duo. 

Watching a hysterical Gao Wen who is crying for her boyfriend AND best friend, Ye Qi yells with frustration "Open your eyes!! The man you love is diving into the fire to rescue another woman!" 
Finally finding an unconscious Mi Duo in the house, Yi Ming tries to carry Mi Duo to safety but ends up passing out himself when he throws himself on top of Mi Duo to protect her from a falling beam. 
Waking up in a hospital to see a worried sick Xiao Liang right by her side, Mi Duo hesitantly asks "Did you hear what I said on the phone?" Not realizing he totally missed the most important part of that phone call, Xiao Liang quickly assures her "I don't want to dwell on car accidents and the likes anymore." Smiling brightly, Mi Duo mistakenly believes that Xiao Liang has forgiven her for hiding her true identity. 

Ye Qi's words and all of the various little indications are ringing the warning bell in Gao Wen. Taking a moment to talk to Xiao Liang privately, Gao Wen tells him "Let's keep the fact Yi Ming rescued Mi Duo a secret from her... that's a good thing for both of us isn't?" After a slight hesitation, Xiao Liang agrees. 
Waking up alone in his hospital bed, Yi Ming frantically searches through the hospital for Mi Duo. Finally finding Mi Duo in her hospital room, Yi Ming looks with longing in his eyes as he watches Mi Duo being tenderly tended to by Xiao Liang. Watching Yi Ming staring at Mi Duo, a heartbroken Gao Wen silently backs away. 

Episode 29
Stunned to find out that Yi Ming and Mi Duo are actually long time friends from a nurse, Gao Wen doesn't have the courage to confront Yi Ming even after a night of drowning her sorrow in a bar. 

Feeling deeply betrayed, Gao Wen tells Mi Duo "I can forgive you but stay away from Yi Ming from now on." 
Dismayed to hear from his co-worker that she has accidentally told Gao Wen about his relationship with Mi Duo, Yi Ming confesses most of the truth (leaving out Mi Duo's accident and subsequent plastic surgery) to Gao Wen but couldn't bring himself to answer when Gao Wen asks "Do you like Mi Duo?" 

Looking at a very apologetic Yi Ming, Gao Wen assures him that she doesn't care about his past, but is happy as long as Yi Ming is willing to try to fall in love with her.  

Not sure why the writer felt the need to kill off the puppy but Gao Wen's puppy dies after being left home alone for days while she was busy taking care of Yi Ming at the hospital. 
Convinced that there is something fishy between Yi Ming and Mi Duo, Ye Qi rushes to tell Xiao Liang her big discovery when she sees from the surveillance tape of Yi Ming desperately calling Mi Duo's her nickname "Fat Kid" when he was trying to rescue her from the fire. Not impressed with Ye Qi's assertion that Mi Duo is actually old friends with Yi Ming, Xiao Liang warns her to stay away from Mi Duo. 

Each hiding their own problems from the other, Xiao Liang and Mi Duo happily goes on dates together.
Angry that Xiao Liang would miss work just to take care of Mi Duo at the hospital, President Xiao offers Mi Duo a whole lot of money and an opportunity to study jewelry design overseas... as long as she agrees to leave Xiao Liang. Not surprising, Mi Duo refuses President Xiao's offer. 

Episode 30
Disturbed by President Xiao's words that Xiao Liang is about to lose everything he worked so hard because of her, Mi Duo tells Xiao Liang that she wants to respect his decision concerning the future of their relationship since it affects his ability to realize his dream. 

Breathing a sigh of relief when he realized that Mi Duo is not about to abandon him like his ex did, Xiao Liang tells Mi Duo that she is his dream now. 
As a sign of their renewed commitment to each other, Mi Duo decides to move closer to Xiao Liang... which ends up being right across the hallway from Xiao Liang's apartment. At first harboring some doubt that she might give in to her desire to "jump" Xiao Liang when they live so close... but apparently Xiao Liang has no qualms of doing some jumping of his own. 
With the lies between them out of the way, things seems to be getting better between Yi Ming and Gao Wen... if one ignores Gao Wen's increasing insecurity when it comes to Yi Ming. 

Smiling through her tears when Yi Ming truthfully tells her that he needs to go meet with Mi Duo because she is moving out of his house, Gao Wen assures Yi Ming that she is not angry. 
After a night of drinking and reminiscing of everything they have been through together, Yi Ming wakes up in melancholy mood when he finds Mi Duo already gone. 

Going home with trepidation, Yi Ming is stunned when Gao Wen easily agrees to his request to move out...until he realizes that Gao Wen is moving into his house with him.    


  1. Thank you so much for doing these summaries! I'm in China right now, and this drama has got me hooked. I'm up to episode 32, but missed the beginning (< episode 25), so your summaries are REALLY HELPFUL! I'll be leaving China soon, so I won't be able to watch the series anymore, so I really hope you'll keep me (and other outside of China fans) updated. THANKS ONCE AGAIN!!!

  2. Thanks for the summary! I really do love the 4 leads here!!