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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Diamond Lover Episode 31-40 Summary

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Diamond Lover Episode 31
Stunned to find out from Ye Qi that Xiao Liang apparently never heard her confession about her real identity, Mi Duo feels like she has no choice but to disappear from Xiao Liang's life when Ye Qi threatens to expose her secret.

Laughing happily with Mi Duo on a date, Xiao Liang sweetly agrees to stay the night with Mi Duo having no idea that she is planning to leave him the next morning.

Frantically searching for Mi Duo after reading the note she left behind, Xiao Liang storms into his father's house pleading with him for information of Mi Duo's whereabouts. Dejected that his father seems to be clueless about Mi Duo's disappearance as well, Xiao Liang continues his desperate search.

Meeting with Mi Duo personally, President Xiao is surprised when Mi Duo agrees to leave for Xiao Liang's sake but refuses to accept the money. Agreeing with his son for once, President Xiao remarks "I see now why my son like you. You are different from Ye Qi."
Agitated from the moment Gao Wen tells him about Mi Duo's disappearance, Yi Ming waits for Mi Duo at her hotel thanks to the GPS tracking he had placed on her phone.

Dismayed to hear from Mi Duo that she is planning to go to Korea and never return, Yi Ming finally confesses to Mi Duo about his feelings for her. Telling Mi Duo that he can't be her friend anymore, Yi Ming asks "If loving Xiao Liang hurts you so bad, then couldn't you let him go? If you are going to leave then I will leave with you."

Not looking at Yi Ming, Mi Duo asks "Can we still go back?"
Wiping her tear away after Yi Ming replies "No", Mi Duo tells him "Then... let me go."
Stumbling back to his house, Yi Ming confesses to Gao Wen that no matter how hard he tries to fall in love with her, but he just can't stop loving Mi Duo. After apologizing to Gao Wen, Yi Ming breaks up with her.

Episode 33
Ye Qi finds Xiao Liang in a bar drinking his sorrow away. Ye Qi tries to convince Xiao Liang to give up on Mi Duo and just come back to her but Xiao Liang tells her that he would've rather he was still in love with her because it didn't hurt as badly when Ye Qi left him.

Threatened by her husband that he will expose everything to Xiao Liang (the fact they are still married) if she doesn't give him her company, Ye Qi turns to Zi Liang for a risky business deal to get as much as she can before she loses her company.
Hiding behind a parking post, Mi Duo calls Xiao Liang to tell him that she is leaving for good.

Moving out of Yi Ming's house, Gao Wen bids Yi Ming a tearful goodbye.
Xiao Min, a nurse that has been harboring a crush on Yi Ming finally confesses to him, but Yi Ming just tells her that she is lucky because at least she can still see the person she likes while the person he likes is leaving for good.

Ye Qi and Zi Liang gets into an argument when Ye Qi realizes Zi Liang never intended to help her but was using her all along to get to Xiao Liang. Dismayed that Ye Qi has a recording of him agreeing to arrange an illegal business deal for her, Zi Liang tries to forcefully grab the USB from her. In the chaos, Ye Qi passes out when she hits her head on a table edge and a flustered Zi Liang runs away. A nervous Zi Liang throws the USB over a bridge.

 Episode 34

Showing up at Ye Qi's house to offer to pay money for Mi Duo's information, Yi Ming calls for help when he finds Ye Qi unconscious.

Yi Ming snags a USB he finds at Ye Qi's house assuming it has all the files on Mi Duo and gives it to Mi Duo assuring her that she doesn't have to worry anymore.

The police finds out Yi Ming has taken something from Ye Qi's house and arrest him on the suspicion that he was the one that hurt Ye Qi.
Worried about Yi Ming locked up at the police station, Mi Duo shows up at the hospital to plea with Xiao Liang to make sure Ye Qi wakes up so she can vouch for Yi Ming. Overjoyed to see Mi Duo again, Xiao Liang assures her that he doesn't care about her secret at all. Giving Xiao Liang the USB Yi Ming found, Mi Duo tells him "This USB has everything I have been hiding. If you still want me after you read this, then nothing can separate me from you."
Zi Liang calls for a board meeting to try to oust Xiao Liang from the company but is foiled when Xiao Liang presents a recording of Zi Liang arranging a illegal business deal for Ye Qi. President Xiao slaps Xiao Liang after seeing Zi Liang being hauled away by the police.

Right before Zi Liang gets into the police car, Si Yuan tells him that she will wait for him.
With apprehension, Mi Duo gets ready to hear Xiao Liang's decision for their future after reading all her secrets but of course Xiao Liang only saw the incrimination recording on Zi Liang and still has no clue of Mi Duo's real identity.

Released from the police station, Yi Ming is disappointed when only Gao Wen is there to welcome his release.
Caught between Yi Ming's love for her and her secret with Xiao Liang, Mi Duo still decides to leave for Korea. Surprisingly calm when he is told by his secretary that Mi Duo is leaving, Xiao Liang shows up at the airport right after Mi Duo steps into the gate.

 Episode 34
Leaving everything behind, Xiao Liang happily spends his day with Mi Duo in Korea until President Xiao freezes all of Xiao Liang's credit card and to make things worse, Xiao Liang's mother is no where to be found. Seriously, as the CEO of a big corporation Xiao Liang was never paid? Or didn't he bother to save any money?
At first convinced with his credentials that finding a job would be a piece of cake, but surprisingly everywhere Xiao Liang goes he is turned down. No choice but to call his friends out to borrow money, things all the sudden makes a lot more sense when Xiao Liang's friends tell him that President Xiao has convinced all of their parents to freeze their credit cards and of course that explains why no one is willing to hire him as well.

Undaunted by his father's tactics, Xiao Liang assures Mi Duo that he will take care of everything and starts working as a waiter.
Looking at the pictures of Xiao Liang and Mi Duo in Korea, President Xiao mutters "It has been a long time since I have seen my son smiles like that." 

Episode 35
Going from fighting like cats, Gao Wen and Xiao Min (the nurse) all the sudden becomes partners when they realize they have the same goal of stopping Yi Ming from dating other girls. Speechless that the two girls has all the sudden united in the purpose of destroying his love life, Yi Ming can only watch with hopelessness as his date walks away. 
Fed up with being verbally abused by his boss, Xiao Liang quits his waiter job and drinks a strange alcohol concoction made by a bar's VIP (Su Fe Fe, important because she is going to Mi Duo next love rival) in order to get a job. 

Meeting her own VIP as a tour guide at her park time job, Director Shen finds Mi Duo intriguing.  
 Rushing a rival actress to a hospital from a filming shoot, Gao Wen is all the sudden surrounded by reporters who accuses her of physically beating the rival actress.

Seeing Gao Wen trapped inside her car, Yi Ming comes to her rescue but ends up being verbally attacked by the reporters himself. Unable to watch Yi Ming's name dragged through the mud for her, Gao Wen publicly announces that Yi Ming is no longer her boyfriend.

Knowing that the time has really come to give up on Yi Ming, Gao Wen tells him on the phone "I think the way you can help me to get over you is for you to finally face up to your own feelings." Hanging up the phone with Yi Ming, Gao Wen tells her assistant to arrange for her to go work overseas. 

Episode 36
Dismayed to see Director Shen whom he recognizes as a Tesiro employee bringing Mi Duo home, Xiao Liang tells Director Shen to stay away from Mi Duo. Not impressed, Director Shen asks "As a guy who couldn't even buy his own girlfriend a decent set of cloth, what can you offer Mi Duo?"

While working at the bar, Xiao Liang rescues Fei Fei (the VIP) from a couple of thugs but refuses to give her his name. 
Fired from his job for making trouble with the local thugs, Xiao Liang's day gets even worse when he comes home to find Yi Ming. Rushing to Korea after getting a worrisome phone call from Mi Duo to borrow some money, Yi Ming gets into a wrestle with Xi Liang right after they send Mi Duo out for fried chicken. 

The two boys' fight is interrupted when the thugs from the night before show up to teach Xi Liang a lesson. Limping out of the hospital after their fight with the thugs, the two boys have somehow developed an unlikely friendship. 

Celebrating her graduation with her men, Mi Duo is finally a jewelry designer. 
The two boys are hilariously friendly now and everyone is happily surprised when Xiao Liang announces that he think is time to go home. 

Episode 37
While President Xiao is willing to give Xiao Liang his position at the company back to him but he warns his son that as long as he dates Mi Duo then he will have no chance of getting an inheritance. Unmoved, Xiao Liang assures his dad that he won't give up Mi Duo. 

Telling Xiao Liang she wants to learn some independence, Mi Duo decides to move back to her old apartment. 
Getting off the wrong foot with his new boss, Fang Wen Xi the very moment they first met, Yi Ming's work life gets more difficult by the day.

Sparing no pity for Yi Ming's whining about his boss, Mi Duo just tells him to take it like a man. 
With Zi Liang in prison things gets worse for Si Yuan at work especially when a new team leader (Xue Er) takes over and enjoys tormenting Si Yuan. 

Embarrassed to see her ex by chance, Si Yuan is nonetheless happy for him when she finds out her ex is doing really well in his career.  

Episode 38
Director Shen personally invites Mi Duo back to Tesiro and even convinces President Xiao to agree to the whole thing by telling him that having Mi Duo at the company would make it easier to control her.

Xue Er (the team leader) tries to embarrass Si Yuan in front of Mi Duo to get some brownie points with her, but Mi Duo still respects Si Yuan and speaks up for her. Still full of anger towards Mi Duo, Si Yuan tells her frankly that she will never forgive Mi Duo for hurting Zi Liang.
Xiao Liang runs into Fei Fei again at a meeting his father had arranged and both fathers makes it clear that they would like their kids to marry. In a rather cool move, Fei Fei tells her own father that Xiao Liang already has a girlfriend and excuses herself. Thankful to Fei Fei for speaking up for him, Xiao Liang freely admits when Fei Fei asks if he is having a "Price and Cinderella story".

Zi Liang comes out of prison and is obviously very moved that Si Yuan had stuck with him all this time. Equally impressed with Si Yuan, President Xiao seems more than happy to see his son marry her but Madam Xiao is not so satisfied with her son's choice. 
After various small to large tiffs with his new boss, Yi Ming all the sudden goes through a change of heart towards Wen Xi when he finds out that she used to be a really big girl back in the day... just like Mi Duo. 

Gaining a renewed patience for Wen Xi, Yi Ming tries to befriend her and even encourage his co-worker to treat her nicer. 

Episode 39

Thinking he is joking with Mi Duo, Xiao Liang hugs Fei Fei by mistake and ends up in a rather awkward position of introducing Mi Duo to Fei Fei. 

Despite acting cool and wishing Xiao Liang well with Mi Duo, Fei Fei's competitive spirit rears its ugly head and she takes the first step in pursuing Xiao Liang by introducing him during a business meeting as her boyfriend. Unwilling to cause a scene, Xiao Liang goes along with Fei Fei's act but later tells her that he is only interested in Mi Duo. 

Of course, Xiao Liang and Fei Fei's little pretense is caught right on camera by one of Mi Duo's co-worker and soon the company is flying with rumor that Fei Fei is Xiao Liang's REAL girlfriend. 
Interrupting a sweet moment with Xiao Liang, Mi Duo asks him about the rumor that has been circulating in the company. Instead of explaining, Xiao Liang pulls the "don't you trust me card?" and tells Mi Duo "I have explained as much as I want to about this." Which is nothing by the way. 

Episode 40
Rushing to Mi Duo's rescue once again when she sounds the alarm that some girl is after her man... again, Yi Ming purposefully hits Fei Fei's car so he can have a reason to pursue her. Unfortunately for Yi Ming, not only was Fei Fei not impressed with his charm but Yi Ming's little plan is exposed when a clueless Xiao Liang introduces him as Mi Duo's friend. 

Calling Mi Duo out for a meeting, Fei Fei tells her "Maybe Xiao Liang will be my boyfriend soon." 

After being threatened by some menacing dining knifes, Yi Ming tells Xiao Liang he was trying to get Fei Fei to fall in love with him so she would stop bugging him. Using his love guru status, Yi Ming tells Xiao Liang that trust is not always everything in a relationship and the fact that Mi Duo is jealous is a sign she cares.  
Yi Ming saves Wen Xi from public embarrassment when he stops her from leaving for a date with some horrifying makeup on. A thankful Wen Xi ends up confessing her sad romantic past to Yi Ming. Knowing full well that something is fishy about Wen Xi's jerky first crush all the sudden showing up professing undying love, Yi Ming helps Wen Xi by pretending to be her boyfriend to get the real story out of the guy. Turns out Yi Ming's instinct was right on and the already married jerky first crush was just trying to get Wen Xi to give him her research. 

Officially friends with Yi Ming now, Wen Xi tells Mi Duo while they had a similar past (being fat) but Mi Duo is lucky because she not only found love but Yi Ming has stuck with her all this time. Mi Duo tries to explain that she is just friends with Yi Ming, but Wen Xi assures her that she is not blind and that Yi Ming is obviously still in love with her.  
Tricked by Fei Fei to show up for a dinner date with just the two of them, Xiao Liang lays everything on the table and tells Fei Fei that he will never fall in love with someone like her. The repercussion of turning Fei Fei down was immediately and Xiao Liang has to rush his father to the hospital after President Xiao faints in the middle of yelling at his son for destroying his company because of a woman. 

Feeling down that she is once again an obstacle in Xiao Liang's path, Mi Duo volunteers to take care of President Xiao when Xiao Liang is called back to the company urgently. 

At first genuinely worried about President Xiao and eagerly volunteering to donate his blood, Zi Liang gets the shock of he life when he finds out from their blood type (He is O and President Xiao is AB) that he can't possibly be his father's son. Flustered to be confronted by Zi Liang, Madam Xiao warns her son to hide all the truth from President Xiao or he will get nothing. 


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