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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Diamond Lover Episode 51-60 Summary

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Diamond Lover Episode 51
Pretending to go along with Xiao Liang's request that she receive treatment, Ye Qi screams in fear to convince Xiao Liang not to force her to try to recover her memory anymore. 

Not suspecting Ye Qi's act, Xiao Liang smiles when Ye Qi tells him that she has decided to wish him happiness with Mi Duo and simply wants nothing more than to be a friend to him. To prove her sincerity, Ye Qi even advises Xiao Liang to be more honest with Mi Duo about his own feelings. 

Upset by the way Xiao Liang lets go of her hand the second Ye Qi is in crisis, Mi Duo tells Yi Ming she wishes that she is the one hurt and suffering from amnesia. 

Taking Ye Qi's advise to heart, Xiao Liang shows up at Mi Duo's house and apologizes to her for not keeping his promise of not letting go of her hand no matter what. Not surprisingly, Mi Duo forgives Xiao Liang right away. 
Determined to change herself into Mi Duo so Xiao Liang would come back to her, Ye Qi tricks Yi Ming into picking out clothes for her in the name of giving Mi Duo a gift. 

Unfortunately for Ye Qi, President Xiao doesn't fall for her acts like his son does and tells her to leave Xiao Liang's house. 

Episode 52
Depressed after a fight with Si Yuan for getting her ex fired from his job, Zi Liang gets drunk while out on a business meeting with Xue Er. Zi Liang wakes up from his drunken stupor to find Xue Er offering to sleep with him. Tossing Xue Er away from him with disgust, Zi Liang yells at her that in his eyes Si Yuan is the best woman in this world. As much as Zi Liang is a jerk I do have to give him points for being sincere towards Si Yuan. 
Taking Ye Qi's well wishes at face value, Xiao Liang and Mi Duo starts planning their wedding once again. 

After grumpily looking at Mi Duo who is happily planning out the details of their wedding, Xiao Liang and Mi Duo gets in a little competition over who gets Yi Ming as their bridesmaid or best man. Mi Duo wins in the end of course. 
Promising to not disturb Xiao Liang anymore if he just lets her work at Tesiro, Ye Qi almost gets her wish until Gao Wen foils her plan by asking Xiao Liang to let Ye Qi work as her wardrobe stylist. 

Angry after overhearing Ye Qi pretending to be sick and asking Xiao Liang to come get her from work, Gao Wen sends Ye Qi far away from the city with an excuse. 
Rushing to Yi Ming's house to demand why neither Mi Duo and him can keep Xiao Liang away from Ye Qi, Gao Wen convinces Yi Ming to call Xiao Liang to tell him that Mi Duo has gone missing. On his way to pick up Ye Qi, Xiao Liang turns right around after getting Yi Ming's phone call only to be furious when he sees a perfectly find Mi Duo sitting at Yi Ming's house.

Episode 53
Overjoyed to see Xiao Liang after waiting in the cold, Ye Qi begs Xiao Liang to come back to her even if it means she has to be a mistress to him. Shocked to hear Ye Qi suggestion such a thing, Xiao Liang refuses Ye Qi right away. 

Ye Qi forces a kiss on Xiao Liang when she sees Mi Duo and Gao Wen coming their way. Wanting to protect Mi Duo, Yi Ming hugs her so she wouldn't see Ye Qi kissing Xiao Liang. Turning Xiao Liang around, Ye Qi tries to drive a wedge between the three friends by letting him see Yi Ming hugging Mi Duo. Backed by Ye Qi into a corner when she keeps brings up his feelings for Mi Duo, Yi Ming declares that he is already dating someone. 
Assuming that the person Yi Ming is dating must be Wen Xi, Mi Duo meets with Wen Xi and tells her everything she knows about Yi Ming. However, Mi Duo good intention back fires when Wen Xi tells a stunned Yi Ming everything Mi Duo said about him, proving to him that Mi Duo really is the one that knows he the best. 

Wen Xi "I asked Mi Duo if she ever liked you." 
Giving a small laugh, Yi Ming replies "She must've said never."
Wen Xi "She said she couldn't answer my question. Don't you see? That must mean she liked you at one time." 
Unable to stop thinking about what Wen Xi said, Yi Ming waits for Mi Duo in the cold just to ask her "Did you ever liked me? Even for one moment."
Averting her eyes, Mi Duo tells Yi Ming that she has never liked him. 
I feel so bad for Yi Ming that I don't even care anymore if he doesn't pair up with Gao Wen as long as he find happiness with someone! 
Things are going rather badly for Si Yuan especially once Xue Er recognizes Madam Xiao from the family picture she saw in Zi Liang's house. Using all her charms on Madam Xiao, Xue Er successfully ingratiates herself with Zi Liang's mother while blackening Si Yuan's character at the same time. 
Proving that if something ain't broken don't fix it is a brilliant advise, Ye Qi tells Xiao Liang and Mi Duo once again that she has seen the light and wants nothing more than to be Mi Duo's friend. With obvious apprehension, Mi Duo agrees when Ye Qi offers to take her to do a facial as her gift for Mi Duo's upcoming marriage. 

 Episode 54
Knowing full well that Wen Xi is falling for him, Yi Ming mince not words in telling Wen Xi that it will never work between them. Wen Xi tries to assure Yi Ming that she is content just being his friend, but as one who is mired in the misery of being a good friend to someone he loves, Yi Ming refuses to have Wen Xi end up like him. 
Mi Duo's worst fear comes true and her face breaks out in red patches during her facial with Ye Qi. Hiding in the bathroom, Mi Duo calls Yi Ming who rushes to the spa to sneak her out. Snapping pictures as she watches Yi Ming leaving with Mi Duo, Ye Qi smiles. 
Unable to concentrate after the drunken kiss Gao Wen planted on him, Director Shen demands Gao Wen to make things right with him. Completely bewildered at first, Gao Wen finally remembers how Director Shen took care of her while she was drunk. Bursting out in giggles, Gao Wen asks Director Shen if he has fallen in love with her. Apparently pretty clueless when it comes to his own feelings, Director Shen just accuses Gao Wen of imagining things. 
Stuck out in the suburb after their car dies, Director Shen ends up piggybacking Gao Wen all the way to a hotel. In the middle of the night, Director Shen wakes up to find a feverish Gao Wen and tries to rush her to the hospital. However, worried that Director Shen's life would be turned upside down if he is caught in a scandal with her, Gao Wen refuses to go to the hospital. Moved that Gao Wen would be worrying about him at a time like this, Director Shen spends the night taking care of her. 

Episode 55
Threatening to expose Zi Liang's past crime if he doesn't help her, Ye Qi tells Zi Liang to distribute pictures of Yi Ming leaving with Mi Duo from the spa in his company.

Pacing around in his house nervously, Yi Ming finally comes to the decision to just tell Xiao Liang the truth about the pictures. However, Gao Wen shows up just in time with the same ring that Mi Duo was wearing to convince Xiao Liang that the mysterious woman in the picture with Yi Ming was her all along.
Not fooled by Gao Wen's little act, Xiao Liang is not surprised when Mi Duo shows up at his office to confess how she has been hiding because of the allergic reaction from her facial. Once again, Xiao Liang assures Mi Duo that he has never cared what she looked like but just can't bare the thought of being with someone who is wearing a mask.

Actually taking Mi Duo's side this time, President Xiao advises his son to always be forgiving and not to break up with Mi Duo in the future over misunderstandings.
Severely offended that the ring he helped Gao Wen to obtain from Tesiro was for her to help her ex-boyfriend, Director Shen demands that Gao Wen apologizes to him... by taking him out to dinner.
Ye Qi's angry husband shows up once again and tries to force himself on her. Fortunately, Mi Duo arrives in time to save Ye Qi with a frying pan.

Episode 56
After telling her ex-boyfriend that she is determined to stay true to Zi Liang, Si Yuan tries to cover up her disappointment when she sees Zi Liang having an intimate dinner with his mom and Xue Er.
Putting on a show again, Ye Qi tries to commit suicide with pills and successfully gets Xiao Liang to promise not to leave her just when Mi Duo walks in to see the two of them hugging each other.

Xiao Liang rushes out to assure Mi Duo by saying he is willing to get married that very day. Furious to hear that Xiao Liang is still going to marry Mi Duo, Ye Qi threatens to slit her own wrist unless Xiao Liang promises to postpone the wedding. Seeing no other choice, Mi Duo and Xiao Liang agrees to Ye Qi's demand.
Going completely crazy once Xiao Liang breaks his promise and tells her that he is too selfish to sacrifice his own happiness with Mi Duo for her, Ye Qi comes up with the plan to get rid of Mi Duo once and for all.

Called out to meet with Ye Qi for a drink to talk about her (you guessed it!) new resolve to let go of Xiao Liang, an unsuspecting Mi Duo passes out after being drugged. Waking up in an abandoned warehouse, Mi Duo find her hands tied together while Ye Qi gleefully tells her that she is doing a Xiao Liang a favor by killing her. The warehouse was set to be blown up by a demolition team that day. 

Episode 57
Mi Duo tries to call Yi Ming for help secretly but is caught by Ye Qi right away. Taking Mi Duo's cell phone away from her, Ye Qi feels vindicated when she realized that Mi Duo chose to call Yi Ming and accuses Mi Duo of having feelings for Yi Ming after all.

Worried by the unanswered phone call from Mi Duo especially when he heard Ye Qi's voice in the background, Yi Ming rushes to Xiao Liang's work to warn him that Ye Qi might hurt Mi Duo. Angry that Xiao Liang would take Ye Qi's side by saying she is not someone that would hurt Mi Duo, Yi Ming yells that he wish he never trusted Mi Duo to Xiao Liang.

Yi Ming finds Ye Qi and demands to know where Mi Duo is but Ye Qi just taunts Yi Ming by asking if he really would be content to hand the girl he loves to another man.
Mi Duo manages to get to her phone and Yi Ming rescues her in time. However, when Mi Duo wakes up in the hospital Xiao Liang is the one that is with her. Hugging Xiao Liang tightly, Mi Duo tells him that she wished Xiao Liang was the one that rescued her instead of Yi Ming because if he saw how pitiful she was then maybe he would forgive her one day. (She is referring to her secret but of course Xiao Liang has no clue what she is talking about.) 

Yi Ming shows up to make sure Mi Duo is okay and warns Xiao Liang to remember what he said. He is referring to his previous fight with Xiao Liang when he said he regret giving Mi Duo to him. 

Furious that after doing such a horrible thing Xiao Liang is simply letting Ye Qi go, Gao Wen storms into Tesiro fully intending to give Xiao Liang a piece of her mind. Blocking Gao Wen's way, Directer Shen ends up physically hauling her away to explain that Mi Duo is the one that didn't want to go to the police.

Jumping on the chance of having Gao Wen all to himself, Director Shen all but confesses to her about his feelings. After an awkward pause, Gao Wen responds to Director Shen's "almost confession" by pointing at some imaginary plane in the sky then running away as fast as could.

 Episode 58
Still in shock that Ye Qi would go as far as kidnapping Mi Duo, Zi Liang warns Ye Qi that she has gone too far. Laughing in a way that makes Zi Liang seriously worried about her sanity, Ye Qi insists that she is not finished yet.

Worried that Ye Qi's crazy acts would eventually drag him down, Zi Liang loses his temper with Si Yuan. Already dejected after seeing various clues that Madam Xiao had chosen Xue Er as her future daughter-in-law, Si Yuan loses her own temper and tells Zi Liang that she wants to break up.
Unwilling to go into their engagement ceremony with her lies still between them, Mi Duo tells Xiao Liang that she is going to confess something to him in a letter and she hope to still see him at the ceremony after he reads it.

Unfortunately, in a twisted fate (or a cruel writer) Xiao Liang ends up reading the confession letter Yi Ming had written to Mi Duo without ever seeing the letter Mi Duo left him.
The next day, Mi Duo is overjoyed to see Xiao Liang at the engagement ceremony assuming that he must have read her letter and had decided to forgive her.

Of course, Xiao Liang still has no clue of Mi Duo's real identity and is stunned when Ye Qi reveals Mi Duo's old picture for all to see. Disgusted with the thought that Mi Duo must have planned the whole thing just to get close to him, Xiao Liang tells Mi Duo that he will never forgive her.

The shock of the whole chaos sends President Xiao to the hospital and Mi Duo stares in horror as everything seems to be spinning out of control.
Yi Ming tries to take Mi Duo away but Mi Duo insists on rushing to the emergency room to explain herself to Xiao Liang. Unwilling to listen to Mi Duo, Xiao Liang just tells her to go away.

Episode 59
A very weak President Xiao tells Xiao Liang that he has known for a long time about Mi Duo's secret and in fact had even ordered Mi Duo to never tell Xiao Liang the truth. Furious that Mi Duo would get his own father to lie to him, Xiao Liang tells her that even her touch disgust him now.
Hurt that even on his death bed President Xiao seems to only have eyes for Xiao Liang, Zi Liang vindictively tells President Xiao that he is not his biological father. Surprisingly, instead of being shocked by Zi Liang's revelation President Xiao tells Zi Liang that he has always known the truth but has loved him as a son anyway. Sobbing in regret, Zi Liang apologizes to President Xiao for all the bad things he has done. 

Hearing Zi Liang's anguish cries, Xiao Liang rushes in to the hospital room only to see that his father is already gone. Placing another blame on Mi Duo, Xiao Liang accuses her for being the reason he didn't even get to be with his father when he died. 
Wallowing in despair as he stares at his father's picture, Xiao Liang receives a timely visit from his mother who sobbingly tells him that President Xiao had arranged for her to come back to Korea so their family could be whole for Xiao Liang's wedding. 

Si Yuan comes home to find Zi Liang sitting in the dark. Her heart breaking at the sight of an anguished Zi Liang, Si Yuan promptly promises to never leave him again.  
Convinced by Yi Ming to try talking to Xiao Liang again, Mi Duo shows up at Tesiro only to be met with the jeering whispers from all the employees. Ironically, Si Yuan is the only one that is willing to talk to Mi Duo and even tries to comfort her. 

Unwilling to see Mi Duo, Xiao Liang tells his employees to send Mi Duo away. 

Episode 60
Stoically, Xiao Liang and Zi Liang sit quietly as the lawyer reads President Xiao's will which makes Xiao Liang the president of Tesiro. Still immersed in his grief, Xiao Liang doesn't seem to have much interest in managing the company anymore. 

Blaming Ye Qi for President Xiao's death, Zi Liang threatens Ye Qi's assistant into giving him all the evidence of Ye Qi's crimes and has Ye Qi hauled away by the cops. 
Waiting in the cold for Xiao Liang in the parking garage, Mi Duo tries to show Xiao Liang the letter she wrote to him before their engagement party. Ripping the letter up and throwing it in Mi Duo's face, Xiao Liang refuses to even read it. 

Furious to see the way Xiao Liang is treating Mi Duo, Yi Ming steps in front of Xiao Liang's car to stop him from leaving. Sneering at Yi Ming, Xiao Liang cruelly tells Yi Ming that he can go ahead and take Mi Duo now. 
Hurting badly, Mi Duo tells Yi Ming she never realized how much he must be hurting for loving someone who doesn't love him back. Knowing Mi Duo can't ever get over Xiao Liang if he is closed by, Yi Ming makes the drastic decision to resign from his job and go back to their old hometown with Mi Duo. 

However, Mi Duo doesn't want Yi Ming to suffer because of her anymore and tricks Yi Ming into believing that she is staying in the city while she left for her hometown on her own. 


  1. Seriously!!!!!! At this point just make MD and YM get each other. Do writers not read their own crap????? So frustrating!!!!!!!! Everything as been going round & round in a circle for awhile now.

    1. MD and YM were meant to be together. True Lovers should always be best friends, and YM has been willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for MD. Saved her life TWICE. Took care of her from when she was a little fat girl all the way to when she was bullied professionally as an adult. YM should be the one to win her heart in the end.