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Monday, August 3, 2015

Diamond Lover Episode Summary Ep 11-20

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Diamond Lover Episode 1-10 SummaryHERE

Episode 11
Luring Mi Duo into his car with talks of finally getting hold of Xiao Liang's vulnerability (meaning her), a crazed Zi Liang tries to force himself on Mi Duo.

Tracking Mi Duo by her cellphone, Yi Ming arrives in the nick of time to beat the heck out of Zi Liang.

Suspicious right away as he watches Zi Liang trying to glaze over who beat him up at the hospital, Xiao Liang grabs his hair with frustration when Mi Duo refuses to tell him what happened after she left with Zi Liang.
Secretly working for Zi Liang to find out the dirt on Gao Wen and Xiao Liang's relationship, Gao Wen's ex tricks her into to meeting him at a night club and tipping off the paparazzi at the same time.

Trapped by the paparazzi who is already crazy over the latest scandal exposed by Gao Wen's ex, Gao Wen narrowly avoid being surrounded thanks to Mi Duo posing as a decoy.

While talking to Gao Wen about her situation, Xiao Liang falls silent when Gao Wen remarks "You've become softer. Don't let of the girl that could change you like that get away."
Still grumpy with Xiao Liang's last bout of kicking her to the curb, Mi Duo gruffly tells Xiao Liang "I am not going to get messed up by you again."

Stopping Mi Duo from leaving Xiao Liang yells "I am the one who is being messed with! You keep showing up in front of my eyes. Making it so I have no where to hide!"

Puzzled, Mi Duo replies "But I have been staying out of your sight lately..."
Throwing up his arm in frustration, Xiao Liang keeps explaining until Mi Duo finally figures out:"Are you confessing to me right now?!"

Embarrassed, Xiao Liang finally pulls Mi Duo into his arm as an answer.
Amazed to see that Yi Ming is even more depressed than her, Gao Wen listens as a drunken Yi Ming mutters about falling in love with a friend.

Episode 12
Hauling Yi Ming into a hotel room, Gao Wen wonders out loud if maybe the subject of Yi Ming's drunken rambling is her.

Feeling unreal after Xiao Liang's confession, Mi Duo asks "Are we dating for real now? But what happens with Gao Wen?"
Xiao Liang assures Mi Duo that while he can't exactly reveal the truth to her but he will take care of things between him and Gao Wen.
Showing up at Xiao Liang's office with naked pictures he took of Gao Wen years ago, Gao Wen's ex tries to get money from Xiao Liang. Stunned to hear from Xiao Liang that her ex was using her for money all along, Gao Wen forbids Xiao Liang from paying her ex any money.

In a flash back we see that Xiao Liang is especially kind to Gao Wen because he himself harbors a wound from being betrayed by his ex as well.
Gathering at Gao Wen's house to cheer her up, Yi Ming gets nervous when a drunken Gao Wen declares "I heard everything you said and I know your secret! You like... me!"

Relieved that Gao Wen totally misunderstood him, Yi Ming quickly agrees that he indeed likes Gao Wen. Hearing Yi Ming's words, Mi Duo looks down with disappointment.

Episode 13
Seeing Mi Duo's upset face, Yi Ming tries to explain the whole misunderstanding about liking Gao Wen, but turns out Mi Duo was only upset because she was offended that Yi Ming wouldn't share such an important thing with her who is his BFF. In fact, once Mi Duo stop being offended she makes Yi Ming promise to take care of Gao Wen for her.
Worried that his half brother is out to hurt Mi Duo, Xiao Liang tells her to quit Tesiro. Unwilling to leave Xiao Liang, Mi Duo refuses to resign.
Knowing full well now that her ex has released her pictures for the world to see her career is probably over, Gao Wen voluntarily asks Xiao Liang to cancel their contract and to announce their break up. 

Convinced by Yi Ming that Xiao Liang might be using the whole "I want you to quit for your own good" as a way of breaking up with her, Mi Duo makes Yi Ming's day when she suggests that Yi Ming take her out on dates so she can learn from him the art of dating. 
Enjoying himself immensely to see Xiao Liang squirm whenever he gets close to Mi Duo, Zi Liang continues to taunt Xiao Liang in various ways. 

Worried about Mi Duo falling into another one of Zi Liang's trap, Xiao Liang follows Mi Duo to one of the Tesiro store. Putting a necklace around Mi Duo when she gets all excited over how pretty it is, Xiao Liang is all smiles until a flash back of his ex comes to mind. 
The betrayal of his ex still lingering on his mind, Xiao Liang can't forget his ex's accusation that without money he is no good to her. 

Watching Si Yuan's increasing disappointment with her boyfriend, Zi Liang uses the opportunity to suggest to Si Yuan that she could have a different life with him. 

Episode 14
Feeling abandoned by the world, Gao Wen shuts herself in the house until Yi Ming drags her out of the house. Unused to not being the top star anymore, Gao Wen is forced to face the harsh reality when Yi Ming tells her that she is not a star anymore and it's time to start getting use to the common life.
After parting with Yi Ming in anger three days before, Gao Wen shows up at Yi Ming's work with an economy car to show that she has really taken Yi Ming's words to heart.

While shopping in a grocery store with Yi Ming, Gao Wen throws herself into a group of housewives in order to get her hands on some cheap for sale beef. Recognized by the crowd of people in no time, Gao Wen breaks down in sobs after random strangers start yelling mean things at her. Surprised by Gao Wen's break down the crowd falls silent as they listen to Gao Wen's tearful accounts of how hard she had to worked to become a star. Touched by Gao Wen's words, the crowds dispersed but not before the housewives hands her all their beef packages. Stunned to realize Gao Wen was acting the whole time, Yi Ming gives her a thumbs up.
After her jewelry design was shredded to pieces by Xiao Liang's harsh criticism, Mi Duo stuns everyone when she wins the competition with a jewelry design she reworked again using Xiao Liang's "sparkly" eyes as her inspiration.

Furious to find out that Mi Duo has been pushed to the forefront of his war with his brother, Xiao Liang drags Mi Duo out of the office in front of everyone. Overjoyed that she has won the competition, Mi Duo vows that she will become a skilled jewelry designer so she can be worthy of Xiao Liang.

Episode 15
Frustrated with Mi Duo's obsession in being in the same company in the name of helping him, Xiao Liang declares "Choose now. Me or work?"

Stunned, Mi Duo can only mutter "I don't want to leave work."
Turning to leave, Xiao Liang tells Mi Duo "You have chosen to abandon me after all. From now on I will have nothing to do with you. Good luck."
Going home dazed, Mi Duo talk through her situation at work with Yi Ming. Impressed with Mi Duo's ability to actually figure out that Zi Liang is using her to fight against Xiao Liang and in turn Xiao Liang is only insisting that she resign out of his desire to protect her, Yi Ming assures Mi Duo that now they know what Zi Liang is up to they can respond appropriately. 

Despite his assertion that he is not going to have anything to do with Mi Duo anymore. Xiao Liang still shows up at a company party out of concern for Mi Duo. Finding the room empty except Zi Liang, Xiao Liang and his brother get into their usual argument. Overhearing the two men's conversation, Si Yuan quickly promises to keep her mouth zipped when she is caught by Zi Liang. 
Stopping by Mi Duo's house, Xiao Liang is dismayed when a man's voice answers Mi Duo's phone. Blissfully unaware, Mi Duo sleeps on while Yi Ming nervously wonder how he will handle Mi Duo's anger once she finds out he had answered her phone for her. 
Jobless, Gao Wen gets all excited when someone hires her to be a car model... until she sees the skimpy outfit they have prepared for her. 

Throwing her arms around Yi Ming, Gao Wen sobs out all her sorrow until Yi Ming starts making her laugh. Judging by Gao Wen's expression, it looks like she is starting to fall for Yi Ming. 

Episode 16
Calling Gao Wen out for a drink, Xiao Liang gets all flustered when after taking one look at his face Gao Wen starts squealing "You look like a guy who got dumped!" 

The next day at Tesiro, Gao Wen is surprised when she finds out from Si Yuan that Xiao Liang's mystery lady is none other than Mi Duo. After having her fun by pretending to be angry at Mi Duo for a while, Gao Wen confidently promises Mi Duo that she can help her get back together with Xiao Liang. 
Called to a KTV to help Gao Wen's friend to get back together with her boyfriend, Yi Ming goes from confidently promising to do everything to help to surly quiet when he sees that the "friend" is none other than Mi Duo. 

Gao Wen's plan works perfectly and in no time she has the pleasure of watching Xiao Liang taking Mi Duo out of the KTV. 
Taking Mi Duo out of the KTV, Xiao Liang takes Mi Duo by her shoulders and tells her that "You are my girlfriend and I am your boyfriend!". Thrilled by Xiao Liang's words, Mi Duo is back to bouncing off the wall with joy. 

Going home with Xiao Liang, Mi Duo gets all nervous when Xiao Liang starts to make his move on her... until it turns out that Xiao Liang is teasing her and had only planned to help Mi Duo work on her jewelry design. 
Pushed to the limit by watching Mi Duo with Xiao Liang at the KTV, Yi Ming blurts out the truth that he likes Mi Duo and doesn't want to be just her friend anymore. 

The next morning, while Yi Ming is sitting at work all worried about how to cover up his impulsive confession, Go Wen all the sudden shows up. Mistakenly believing that Yi Ming's jealous act at the KTV was all for her, Gao Wen gives a whole speech about how while she appreciate how much Yi Ming likes her but they can only be friends.

Episode 17

After passing a sweet evening with Xiao Liang, Mi Duo comes home to face an awkward moment with Yi Ming. To Mi Duo's great relief, Yi Ming lies through his teeth and assures her that his confession the night before was just a big joke.
While Xiao Liang is happily preparing Mi Duo to face her very first presentation as a jewelry designer, Zi Liang has convinced Si Yuan to conspire with him. Fully expecting to get on the stage to be introduced as the designer, Mi Duo is dumbfounded when Zi Liang announces Si Yuan's name instead.
Furious over the stunt his brother pulled, Xiao Liang's hands are nonetheless tied since he can't risk the scandal it would create for Tesiro if he was to reveal the truth for Mi Duo sake. Looking at Xiao Liang with hurt and disbelief, Mi Duo tells him "I am too slow and dumb to play the game of your world. If I am with you I would only be a hindrance to you."
With only Yi Ming coming to mind when she is upset, Mi Duo tries to call her BFF, but as fate would have it Yi Ming's phone died after he received an urgent phone call from Gao Wen.

Grabbing Yi Ming's arm in fear because of the power outage at her house, Gao Wen makes Yi Ming spend the night at her house.

Episode 18
Xiao Liang come knocking on Mi Duo's door bright and early in the morning but unfortunately Mi Duo refuses to change her mind about breaking up with him.

As the resident BFF, Yi Ming tries to cheer up Mi Duo but in the end all he could do was to just lend her his shoulder to cry on.
Drunk from a business dinner, Si Yuan cries to Zi Liang about all the things she has to put up with to just barely hang on. The next morning Si Yuan wakes up completely flustered to find that she has spent the night with Zi Liang.

To make Si Yuan feel even more guilty, she goes home to find her boyfriend had spent all his money on a ring she wanted in order to propose to her. Unable to bring herself to reject her boyfriend, Si Yuan accepts the ring.

Episode 19
Jobless... for now, Mi Duo gets dragged by Yi Ming to Gao Wen's house to sell her clothes to a bunch of women so Gao Wen can scrape enough money to pay the rent on her big luxurious house. 

Answering the women's question about what does a man want in love, Yi Ming gives a moving speech about how if a man loves a woman than it doesn't matter what that woman looks like. Unaware that Yi Ming was talking about Mi Duo, Gao Wen assumes that he was making the speech for her.

Thanks to Xiao Liang's secretary who personally met with Mi Duo to tell her how much pressure his boss is under, Mi Duo decides to go back to work.

Happy and relieved to see Mi Duo back at work, Xiao Liang chastises her for missing work in front of everyone then whispers "have lunch with me!"
I love the scene where Xiao Liang gets jealous when his secretary happily informs him that Mi Duo said good morning to him. Proclaiming his innocence when Xiao Liang piles a bunch of work on him, Xiao Liang's poor secretary complains "Mi Duo and I are like strangers!" 
Smiling with glee that Mi Duo is back in his clutch again, Zi Liang sneers at her "How do you think Xiao Liang will react when he finds out that his girlfriend lives with another guy?"

Rushing home, Mi Duo pleas with Yi Ming to move out of his own house. Pitifully, Yi Ming agrees to Mi Duo's request and leaves. Thanks to Yi Ming's timely departure, Zi Liang's plan to capture incriminating pictures of Mi Duo and Yi Ming is foiled. 

Episode 20
Drowning her sorrow in alcohol after she breaks it off with her boyfriend by telling him that she has chosen the rich Zi Liang over him, Si Yuan vents her anger at Zi Liang "I hate you! I hate the woman I am becoming. Why did you come between us?" I didn't think I would like Si Yuan at all... but I think I am starting to feel a little bad for her. Si Yuan is certainly not a good person by any means but she is not exactly totally bad either. 
Unused to the attention she is getting from her co-workers as Xiao Liang is becoming more obvious with his feelings toward her in front of everyone, Mi Duo asks Xiao Liang to keep some distance from her.

Showing his possessive side, Xiao Liang agrees to Mi Duo's request but on the condition that Mi Duo has to inform him if any guy approaches her.
With no where to go since he even got secretly kissed by a nurse when he tried to sleep in the hospital (his work), Yi Ming ends up agreeing to stay at Gao Wen's house.

Despite her speech that they can only be friends, Gao Wen is obviously in love with Yi Ming. Still convinced that Yi Ming is in love with her too, Gao Wen gets all flustered when Yi Ming shows off his acting chops by doing a impromptu confession of love.


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