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Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #40

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 Oh My Ghostess (K-Drama)

I am totally on a sinking ship! Help! I really like the ghost character and in my opinion while the writer has set up some links between the hero and the girl that is being possessed, I honestly think the hero is falling in love with the ghost. Of course things are getting quite complicated now that our ghost is starting to fall for the hero as well.

 Yong Pal (K-Drama, New)

Joon Won's new drama as a surgeon who will use his skill to save anyone for money... even if they are on the wrong side of the law. Kim Tae Hee is the heroine in this drama, but since she unconscious most of the time during the first two episodes we really don't see much of her yet.

Mrs. Cop (K-Drama, New)

I actually haven't quite figured out what this drama is about after watching the first two episodes. Not to say the show isn't good, it was actually really face paced and tense. Yes, the show is focused on the life of an adjumma detective squad chief's. Yes, lots of bad guys and even bad cops but the closest thing I can figure out is that our heroine is going to have a very difficult time as she tries to walk the line of being a super woman and a mom.
Save the Family (K-Daily)

I think this K-Daily has one of the slowest moving romance (between the two leads) I have seen. Havens, the show is in 60's something episodes and we are FINALLY getting some small indications that the hero might be developing some feelings for the heroine. STILL, despite the slow pacing on the romance I actually follow this K-daily pretty religiously. The show has its share of annoying characters (some of them do get a lot less annoying later on) but I do love the writer's ability to make the family warmth come through especially in the heroine's "family" she has gathered under her wings. 

Best Get Going (C-Drama)
I checked this one out a while ago and I am actually still following it somewhat. The story follows a group of new university graduates as they venturing out into the sometime cruel world. The plot kinda meanders a bit... okay a lot sometimes but I find the hero (played by Zheng Kai) hilarious to watch whenever he is on screen so I am extra patient with this show.
Koinaka (J-Drama)

I was ready to chuck this drama to another one of those romance stories where the heroine spends the whole show wavering between two equally good guys... um... no fear of that. The second male lead is psycho so I am pretty sure there won't be much wavering.

Diamond Lover (C-Drama)

Holy cow, it is no joke trying to recap a C-drama that airs TWO episode per day. We are almost to the end of this one and while the story has kept my interest so far I do have one tiny complaint: Both of the second leads are simply too awesome! As a viewer I find myself almost wanting to toss the leads to the side as long as the two second leads can skip off into the sunset together. That just doesn't seem like good writing to me when second leads end up outshining the main characters. Oh, well. I probably should just treat it like there are four leads. 

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 
Fugitive: Plan B (K-Drama, 2010)

After staring at the screen this whole week of the "cool but loving" Rain in Diamond Lover, Fugitive: Plan B came to mind when I was thinking about Rain's other project where he has a slight different persona. 
Granted, Rain's character in Fugitive: Plan B as a private eye on the run is still pretty suave but this particular hero also has a wacky funny vibe to him as well. 
Synopsis: Framed for the murder of his friend, our hero (Rain), the famous private eye who will solve any case for the right amount of money starts to unravel a big conspiracy when the heroine approaches him with a deal he can't refuse. Chased through Asia, the truth looks murky for our two leads as the line between friends and foe gets confusing.  

It has been a while since I watched this one but if memory served me right, Fugitive: Plan B was a light watch that provided plenty of action and comedy. Now, the show is not completely a light romance obviously since the show will concentrate on unraveling the mystery of who killed the heroine's parents and the hero's friend. Still, I remembered this show fondly for the wacky but suave hero Rain played, so totally worth checking out if not just to see a different side of Rain. 

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  1. Wow, Fugitive Plan B has Lee Na Young in it. Lee Na Young is super famous for being a natural beauty with no ps and known as a CF star. She barely works now since she's basically set for life. It would have been better if she has one representative work. At least Song Hye Kyo, Jun JiHyun and Kim TaeHee still have presence on movies and dramas. Even though i doubt i would be seeing Kim Taehee after YongPal anytime soon. Jun Ji Hyun is pregnant right now and her recent movie Assassination is also a box office hit so it's not surprising that she will be on hiatus for who knows how long.