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Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #42

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Love Cuisine (T-Drama, New)
Lego Li's new drama as a brilliant culinary teacher who vows to whip all his pupils into shape in order to fulfill his promise to his mentor.

I wasn't too impressed with the first episode but I am hoping now that the story is set up the show will find its own flavor.

Oh My Ghost (K-Drama)

I have been too chicken to watch the last week's episodes. I really want to have the will power to wait until this one finish airing (next week) before I start watching it again... but I don't have a good track record when it comes to waiting patiently.
Yong Pal (K-Drama)

I haven't made up my mind about this one, but the show is certainly fast paced and pulls you in right away... I am just not sure I am ready for another drama with lots of baddies around.
Save The Family (K-Daily)
I thought this day was never going to come. but after 60+ episodes, we are finally getting some solid clues that the hero is starting to fall for our plucky heroine!

When I See You Again (T-Drama)

I always feel kinda bad when I start getting more interested in the second leads in a drama but dang, what girl can resist a bad boy? This scene is where the second male lead tells his love interest (a very VERY innocent girl) "What ever you do, you must not fall in love with me. You are the kind of girl that will be faithful to me... but I won't. So you are nothing but trouble to someone like me." 
Diamond Lover (C-Drama)

Why? Why? What made me decide to recap a C-drama??! Oh, it has Rain in it. Unfortunately this show is entering into the classic C-drama pitfall of beating a dead horse that is just so painful to watch. Still, I am hoping the show will redeem itself once the hero finds out the heroine's secret ... which is really not a secret to anyone else but him.
I Remember You (K-Drama, Just Finished)

I am really going to miss this one. Great plot and acting, so check it out if you haven seen it yet. Just be warned that there a LOT of psycho characters in this one.

Tonari no Seki Kun (J-Drama)
Boy, this is one wacky show. The drama is based on a manga of the same name so I think if you are a fan of the manga then this should interest you. However, for those of us who didn't read the manga than it seems more like a rather random show with scenes after scenes of two high school students pulling out the most impossible strange objects in school. 

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 
 My Princess (2011)

Synopsis: A normal collage girl whose life is focused on working and her crush on her professor, our heroine's life (Kim Tae Hee) is all the sudden turned up side down when she becomes a real life princess. 
 Song Seung Heon plays the chaebol hero who ends up giving up everything for his very own princess. As one who avoid tragic dramas like a plague, I am not one who usually watch Song Seung Heon's dramas but boy, who knew this guy could do romantic comedy so well! 

My Princess is a light romantic comedy so if you watch it with that in mind, I think most people will enjoy this one... if not, then at least you spent hours staring at all the pretties. 


  1. I watched My Princess a few years ago and I basically watched it for Song SeungHun and Kim TaeHee visuals. The writing is terrible, the production team can do better than that.

    YongPal is getting good reviews and ratings in korea, but I will just wait until all the eps are out.

    1. "Cough" I actually don't remember much about the writing on My Princess. I just remembered that Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee were so cute together that I watched the whole thing. Maybe I should've titled this recommendation Oldies but shallow goodies?

  2. Miss Ninja, becbrave and watch on my ghost was its not how you dred it, pot moves along quite nicely.
    I want to continue watching I remember you but got put off by the psycho element in EP 2 so have letter it, but I heard its good but psycho is not my thing.
    I really want to watch a good Chinese or Taiwanese drama but none are grabbing my attention.

    Yong pal is so good at the moment, EP 4 editing was poor but doesn't detract from great acting and characters that you like.

    1. Ha, that editing was on Yong Pal was pretty bad. I saw a news piece on it before I watched Ep.4 so wasn't surprised by it but I probably would have been so confused if I didn't know beforehand. The only thing that is making me worry is that if scheduling is THIS tight at episode four how much worse is it going to get?

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  4. Hola!!!!! I'll first wash tonari no sekin kun anime so that the live action being good does not ruin the anime experience for me(like jellyfish princess live action being so awesome!!) Please watch Oh My Ghostess, i am so sorry your Ship sunk but i believe it would have been so devastatingly unfair to Na Bong Sun otherwise who was faithfully his all this time and he is her sunshine i believe chef and her with their kind hearts are kindred souls. I have not watched the other k dramas you posted here but i seem to have deviated completely to China since i am devouring Love Cuisine, Diamond lover and today i started My Best Ex-Boyfriend. I am completely hooked....very promising!!! P.S. I watched My Princess while it was airing for the fashion and for the interation with my Hispanic friends from Gaja Fansubbing team and the comments which were incredibly hilarious regarding the anatomy of a certain male lead^^

    1. Sigh... I know you are totally right that it is best Bong Sun is with Chef since the other way could've never worked. I am still planning on finishing Oh My Ghostess, but now that my ship has sunk I do have a little more patience to wait until at least this weekend to watch it.