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Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #43

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Love Cuisine (T-Drama)
Lego Li's new drama. Kinda of a light fluffy school romance but I am actually liking it.

First Impression: HERE

Oh My Ghostess (K-Drama, Finishing this week)

Sigh... I am still kinda depressed that my ship sunk so spectacularly but judging from most of netizens' comments most people are on Bong Sun's ship anyway. Anyhow, Oh My Ghostess is ending this weekend so I am planning to marathon it soon.
My Best Ex-Boyfriend (C-Drama)
Thanks to a few readers' recommendation I check this one out. I will have to admit that I had a difficult time seeing the attraction of this show at first until all the sudden it starts getting interesting at episode 6. It took me a little bit to get use to Jerry Yan's style here, but by episode six I got used to it.
To The Dearest Intruder (T-Drama, New)
Sigh...This one looks kinda intriguing but I am not really interested in a melo where the topic is all about cheating.

Synopsis: Happy to finally be meeting her best friend again after ten years, our heroine Jia An (Amber An)  has no clue that her BFF is actually the one that her husband loves all these years. In fact, the only reason that the BFF left was because she knew Jia An liked the husband... so in the end who is really the intruder? Sounds really messy doesn't it? 

All About My Mom (K-Drama)
Eugene and Lee Sang Woo's new family drama. Don't get scared off by the title. While the plot obviously deals a lot with the two leads' relationship with their mothers' but the romance part of it is a lot of fun. This drama has climbed from 14.1 (ep.1) rating to an impressive 22.7 (ep.2) in the same week, so that's saying a lot.
Diamond Lover (C-Drama)
Soooo draggy! Thankfully the "SECRET" is finally out so I am hoping that the plot will start moving now. On a brighter note, while the interaction between the main leads are really getting old but at least the romance of the second leads are great.

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 
Drama: Save The Last Dance for Me (마지막 춤은 나와 함께)
Year: 2004
Episodes: 20
Synopsis: Suddenly recovering his amnesia after a fight, our hero Hyun Woo (Ji Sung) completely forgets Eun Soo (Eugene), the girl he promised to love forever. Unable to forget Hyun Woo even when he disappeared without a trace, Eun Soo decides to search for him personally. However, when Eun Soo finds Hyun Woo again he no longer recognizes her...

Look how young Ji Sung was!
But isn't it amazing that both Ji Sung and Eugene look really almost the same as they did over ten years ago?

Save the Last Dance For Me does use a lot of cliche plot twists, but as long as you know what to expect this show should be very enjoyable. Plus it is always fun to see all these familiar actors and actresses back in the day.
Save The Last Dance is also where Ji Sung met his wife Lee Bo Young. Unfortunately, Lee Bo Young plays an annoying second lead in this show, so we only ever get to see Ji Sung trying to shake Lee Bo Young's character off the whole time. I tried really hard to see if I could tell Ji Sung is already falling in love with Lee Bo Young during the show... but not such luck. Lee Bo Young just looked like the usual pitiful second lead who refuses to give up on the hero while Ji Sung only ever had eyes for Eugene's character. 
With the characters in mind isn't ironic that Lee Bo Young ended up being the person who got the last dance?? 

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  1. Thanks for checking out My Best Ex-Boyfriend. :) Jerry's wardrobe is so hideous, wearing all those ridiculous fashion, though he looks great considering his age. With over 40 C-actors, Wallace Chung comes to mind in maintaining his perfect look despite being 40 years old. He looks so young for his age and his He Yi Chen character is so memorable. My Sunshine wouldn't have been this successful without Wallace Chung as He Yi Chen.