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Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #44

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The Eccentric Daughter in Law/ The Virtual Bride  (K-Family Drama)
This is one has sort of a strange premise that an once popular female idol agrees to appear on a reality show where she pretends to be the daughter-in-law to a traditional Korean clan family. Things are obviously not going to go well especially when our heroine's idea of introducing herself is to do a little sexy dance number in front of the whole family. Anyhow, the first episode wasn't quite interesting enough for me to keep following this one, but judging from the many familiar faces in this show I think the show might have potential once the background story is set up. 

Diamond Lover (C-Drama, Finished)
Sigh! The ending sure is raising a lot of discussion online. To be honest, the ending I really wanted was for the two male leads to just kick the heroine to the curb and be best buddies forever. 

I Have A Lover (K-Drama, New)
So sexy... so messy... very intriguing. 

First Impression: HERE
All About My Mom (K-Family Drama, New)

This weeks' episodes were a tad bit slower than last weeks, but over all I am still fairly interested in this one. By the way, it is fun to see Jo Bo Ah (the one in the picture) again after watching her in Surplus Princess. 
To My Dearest Intruder (K-Drama, New)

This one is just plain angst galore, but the story (at least for episode one) seems quite well written so do check it out if you don't mind the angst. 

Yong Pal (K-drama)
This one is quite good.  The show is pretty skilled at balancing the intrigue and the budding romance between the two leads. 

My Beautiful Bride (K-Drama, Finished) 
Ugh... This one had so much potential. The first couple episodes was really intriguing but then the plot just got repetitive. I really feel bad for Lee Shi Young for taking the lead in this one because her character really ended up as an easily replaceable character. 

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation
Full House (2004)
Handsome hero (Rain)- Check. Beautiful heroine (Song Hye Kyo)- Check. Contract marriage- Check. What more do you want? 

 To be perfectly honest I really don't remember much about the quality of this show other than that I enjoyed it when I watched it way back then. Full House is really one of those K-drama classics that you should at least give it a try. 
I added this picture just to prove that I do pay attention to heroines... just not very often. 


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