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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Have A Lover (K-Drama) Episode 1-2 First Impression

Drama: I Have a Lover (애인있어요)
Episode: 50
Airs: Saturday & Sunday

Synopsis: Suffering from amnesia after an accident, our heroine Hae Gang has no memory of her past and ends up being mistaken as her long lost twin sister Yong Gi. Things becomes complicated when Hae Gang unknowingly falls in love with her ex-husband.

Episode 1 & 2 Summary
I was quite intrigue by this show's premise of a heroine who loses her memory and ends up falling in love with her estranged ex-husband. To add to the intrigue, Hae Gang (heroine, Kim Hyun Joo) ends up with her twin sister Yong Gi's identity after she suffers the accident that caused her amnesia. Just to be clear, the two girls don't seem to be aware of the other's existence. 

The first half of episode one was great as the story takes us through how Hae Gang's twin sister steals Hae Gang's car to avoid being followed. Already having a terrible day after getting a divorce, Hae Gang is too busy looking at the newly posted pictures of her ex-husband with his much younger girlfriend to notice that Yong Gi (her long lost twin sister) is sneaking into her car.

Jumping into Yong Gi's own car to chase after her, Hae Gang's bad luck keeps up when she is forced to stop whenYong Gi's car run out of gas. Sitting in Yong Gi's car, Hae Gang picks up the phone and Yong Gi's identification she left behind (after leaving a guilty promise that she will call soon to return the car) without realizing that Yong Gi looks just like her. As Hae Gang muses over how ridiculous Yong Gi's name is, a truck comes out of no where and runs right into the car.

Wondering on the freeway in the middle of the night without any memory of who she is or why she is there, Hae Gang is saved by Baek Seok (Lee Gyu Han) who mistaken her for his first crush Yong Gi.

So up to this point, the show's pacing was fast and great. It is especially intriguing how the super refine Hae Gang will act now that that she has no memory of her past and everyone around her will tell her that she should act like Yong Gi... who is obviously the extreme opposite of Hae Gang.

Then... the show took a time jump backward to three month ago. Sigh! One of my big pet peeve is when shows do this. I just can't help myself but wonder the whole time during the time jump "Yes, yes, that's nice to know. Let's just get back to the story okay?" 
A very rational and cold person, Hae Gang tries to convince her husband Jin Eon (Ji Jin Hee) that they need to try for a baby before she gets too old. However, unable to even bare to be close to Hae Gang, Jin Eon just avoids her in anyway possible.
A successful lawyer, Hae Gang has such a cold personality that she almost seems to be without heart especially when she calmly looks at the body of a woman who jumped to her death because of Hae Gang's harsh words in court.

Hae Gang's cold attitude even extends towards the pain of losing her own child. During a rare occasion when Jin Eon is finally willing to talk, he pleas with Hae Gang to show some grief for losing their daughter but Hae Gang just replies that she has already forgotten their child.
Despite Jin Eon's attitude towards her, Hae Gang still believes that she can save her marriage. However, when Hae Gang sees that Jin Eon apparently still has a warm side especially towards a female graduate student (Seol Ri, played by Park Han Byul) working in his research lab all warning bells goes off inside Hae Gang. 

Not deterred by the fact Jin Eon is already married, Seol Ri has no problem harboring a not so secret crush on him. Getting even more brave when she accidentally sees the divorcement paper Jin Eon has filled out, Seol Ri starts chasing Jin Eon in earnest. 

Proving that a wife's radar is still the best, Hae Gang visits Jin Eon at work only to see from the surveillance camera (in the security office) her own husband kissing his student in a trapped elevator. 

First Impression
Like I said, the pacing was great during the first half of episode 1, but the story slowed way down once we had the time jump. (Albeit, that could be my personal bias since I am the type to be very impatient with backward time jump.) 

I still find the premise of this story extremely intriguing and is even more curious to see the new Hae Gang now that she has no memory of her past and thus giving a chance for us to see her true personality and not the one that has learned to shut everything out. 

As for the hero Jin Eon, I am not too sure about him yet. There are certainly enough background given that one could feel sympathetic towards Jin Eon and certainly understand why he no longer loves his wife... but I am going to have a difficult time getting over the fact when all is said a done he is still a cheating jerk. 

More than the hero though, I dislike Seol Ri even more. Of course an affair is a two way street, but Seol Ri's character is sure an easy character to dislike. The writer was pretty brilliant in creating a character like Seol Ri who at first glance is your typical bumbling innocent young girl that everyone should fall in love with. However, when that same innocence is coupled with complete shamelessness in her attitude that she can like any man she wants even if he is married then she seems almost scary. Of course this will make it that much more satisfying when karma comes around and she loses Jin Eon to the very woman she took him from. 
By the way, I forgot to mention Jin Hee (hero) is super sexy in this show.
He also has great chemistry with BOTH of the female leads. 
Anyway, according to the previews it looks like we are still going to be still stuck in the time jump next week so I will probably wait to check back into this drama once the show picks back up where Hae Gang lost her memory. 


  1. Well... where did the original Yong Gi go then?

    1. Oh, she is still alive and well. I am curious if the writer will let the two sisters meet soon or leave it for later.. Yong Gi is also very pregnant so I am wondering if Hae Gang will end up raising the child or not.

  2. I skipped the first 10 episode and still manage to completely hate Seol ri. I agree with on the main guy lead, I understand his feelings towards his wife although I believe she has her own way of mourning but cheating on her is another story, I don't who I should be rooting for in this drama