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Thursday, August 13, 2015

I Remember You Episode 15-16 Favorite Moments & Overall thoughts

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Episode 15 
Favorite Moment #1
So odd, but I think Detective Son is actually my favorite character in this show. I really like this scene when team leader Kang is drinking his sorrow away and Detective Son comforts him ... for two whole hours. 

Seeing Lee Hyun and Ji An sitting together, Detective Kang asks "Um... you guys are not dating right?" Totally lying through their teeth, Ji An and Lee Hyun assure Detective Kang that they are not dating at all. 

Favorite Moment #2
How great is that Lee Hyun is the one to reach over and hold Ji An's hand. 
I don't think our two leads has ever officially had an "now we are a couple" talk but I guess after everything they have been through together maybe words are not necessary. 

Episode 16

Favorite Moment #1
Finally remembering the traumatic memory of shooting the man that killed his mother in order to protect his little brother, Lee Hyun sobs in Ji An's arm as she tells him that he is not to be blamed for how that tragic incident affected his brother Min. 

Standing right outside, Min (Lawyer Jung) mutters "Why did I sent him those clues?" He is regretting that his clues were the trigger that made Lee Hyun remember the past. 
I love this scene of Ji An hugging Min and slowly talking him through why even hurting bad people is wrong. For some reason, this scene makes me think that Ji An is taking the role of Min's mother and teaching him through love. 

Favorite Moment #2
I really like Lee Chun Hee's character in this show. Lee Chun Hee's role in this drama is a small one but the kind and sometimes bumbling Team Leader Kang is so endearing that as a viewer I can't help but feel for him when he confesses to Ji An but also ends his one sided crush at the same time. 

Favorite Moment #3
Awe... the one question Min keeps asking in this episode is "Is there really no happy ending for us?" 

Favorite Moment #4
The one thing I Remember You did really well is that the writer made the side characters so endearing.  I love this scene where it looks like the three guys has definitely developed some bromance with their bickering over what to eat for dinner. 

Favorite Moment #5 
These are so cute! Missing Lee Hyun who has disappeared for a year, Ji An imagines what might have been if she could have met Lee Hyun without Lee Joon Young killing both of their fathers. Hilariously, in this version little Ji An still looks at little Lee Hyun with stars in her eyes while Lee Hyun's reply is exactly the same... "Go away." 
Their childhood untouched by murdering psychopaths, Ji An fantasizes herself happily sitting with Lee Hyun and Min watching a movie. Of course, what remains unchanged is that the two brothers still watch the English movies without subtitles while Ji An has no clue what is going on. 
By the way, how awesome is that in Ji An's imagination Lee Hyun and Detective Son would hug each other like long lost friends. 

Favorite Moment 6
Ah... the show comes to a full circle and the team meets Lee Hyun again at a murder scene. It was sort of a "Oh, there he is" kind of a moment for the whole team but of course Lee Hyun had to spoil the moment by telling Detective Son "You've aged a lot." 

Favorite Moment! 
Happy ending with a kiss! 

Overall Thoughts

Anyone else feel like they have some how took a step closer to becoming a psychopath after watching the show? I did, especially when I started to be torn about my feelings towards the big villain Lee Joon Young. 
 I have actually never given too much thoughts to why Lee Joon Young killed people other than the fact maybe he gets some twisted satisfaction from showing off his brilliance. However, once the writer starts dropping clues using the woman that Lee Joon Young knew from his childhood that Lee Joon Young actually does a lot of his "evil deeds" believing the whole time he is being nice, things doesn't seems so black and white anymore.  
I personally liked the twist at the end that Lee Joon Young had been "rescuing" abused children (like he was) out of his belief that he is helping. The shock on Lee Joon Young's face was so poignant when one of his rescued children tried to kill him. Completely unable to understand why the kid would harbor resentment towards him for killing his abusive parents, Lee Joon Young walks away stunned by the realization that maybe his action wasn't received with grateful heart by all of the kids.  

However, while I thought the plot twist was great I am not so keen on the fact that Lee Joon Young was once again able to get away. It just feels... kinda of a let down. I cheered for 16 episode for the leads to catch the big villain only to see the big bad brazenly NOT even skipping off to the sunset but just continuing on his cat and mouse game at the end? Still, I do find Lee Joon Young's character fascinating so while part of me is disappointed that I didn't get a nice wrapped up ending, another part of me can see the literary intrigue of leaving the ending open. 

All in all, I Remember You was an awesome drama that had great plot and even more awesome acting. I was greatly impressed by all the moral dilemmas and basic human fallacies the writer were able to pack into one drama that made the show so intriguing to watch. 
Case in point, Lee Joon Young was the one that destroyed Lee Hyun's family but without Lee Joon Young killing Daddy Lee... would Lee Hyun have spent the rest of his childhood locked up by his father who is obviously abusing his own child in the name of love? Things gets even more complicated when as a viewer I try to answer if I could've done better than Daddy Lee and sadly the answer is I sure hope so but I really don't know. Even Lee Hyun, without his personal experience of being treated as a monster by his own father might not have been able to react to his brother differently. 

 By the way, how cool is that the two child stars playing young Lee Hyun and Min are real brothers in life as well! 
 I am always amazed how K-drama is so good at casting child characters to resemble their adult counterpart.  
 Cute behind BTS pictures! 

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  1. Nice write up. 100% agree about your analysis on Joon young as well as the ending which nust felt flat. There was no tension or satisfacrion of Joon young being caught. The whole cat and mouse game was just bleh. Like there would be a second season. Which WILL NOT happen. If season 2 was in place..the ending makes total sense. However, the ending did not take away how good the plot in an overall sense.

    Ohhhhh...i agree with the child-adult casting. Hehe....if i were the kids..i would be so glad that i would have a future of being hot and showing my charistmatic side. What a vision. Hehehe