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Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Remember You Episode 9-12 Favorite Scenes

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I Remember You Episode 9-10 Favorite Scenes
Favorite Moment #1
They look so cute! 

Moment #2
Being the only girl on the team, Ji An volunteers herself to get information out of a crazy stalker by pretending to be in love with the guy. Forcing herself to allow the stalker to hold her hand, Ji An successfully gets the information she needs but can't help but feel the urge to keep washing her hands. 

Knowing full well what Ji An is feeling, Lee Hyun puts his hands over hers and asks "Does this help?" Nodding, Ji An replies "Yes, that actually does help." 

Favorite Moment #3
Poor Team Leader Kang with his budding crush on Ji An vehemently promises her that he will do everything in his power to catch the guy who attacked her in her own home. 

Remembering right away she is only staying at Lee Hyun's house because her attacker is still not caught, Ji An replies "Um... well... there is no hurry." 

Ji An's fear of being booted out of Lee Hyun's house though is soon to put rest when Lee Hyun causally tells her "Stay... stay until we catch Lee Joon Young." 

Favorite Moment #4

I can't figure out how I feel about this scene. It seems so creepy but on the other hand I almost want to sigh "Whee... all the boys are together." Does that make me the creepy one? 

Favorite Moment #5

Trying to save a kidnapped victim from being killed, Ji An takes on a burly murderer all on her own... and loses very badly. Lee Hyun arrives in time to save Ji An from the murderer's clutch and cradles Ji An tenderly in his arm when she passes out. 

Favorite Moment #6

This is not exactly a moment but I sure love the on going "bromance" between Lee Hyun and Detective Son. 

Favorite Moment #7

Awe... someone give our team leader a hug. Poor kid is so head over the heal for Ji An... 
Except this is the guy she is really waiting for all along. I like this scene because Ji An seems so lost as she walked out of the hospital until she sees Lee Hyun waiting for her. 

Favorite Moment #8

Back in the familiar space of Lee Hyun's house, her near death experience comes rushing back at her and Ji An tells Lee Hyun "At that moment I was afraid I would never see ... you again." 

Stepping close to Ji An, Lee Hyun replies "You saw me again, right?" 

And the reply to Lee Hyun's words is a big kiss from Ji An. 

By the way, why didn't Lee Hyun respond?? It's certain that Ji An's feeling towards him is no secret to Lee Hyun and for someone like Lee Hyun to put up as much as he had with Ji An, he must like her to some extent so... what's up with the frozen lips?! 
Oh, well... I still really love Lee Hyun's character! 

Episode 11-12

Favorite Moment #1

Unable to explain his fear of who Lee Joon Ho (the doctor) and Jung Sun Ho (lawyer) are, Lee Hyun can only forbid Ji An from getting too close to them. 

Favorite Moment #2

I am sure glad this show included a case of a creepy stalker because in Lee Hyun's case, Ji An's stalking tendency when it comes to him sure comes in handy and even cute. I wonder if the writer felt obligated to include the creepy stalker in case all of the viewers feel the urge to start stalking their crush. 

In this scene, Lee Hyun is starting to link the murder cases to the specific dates of when he returned to Korea. Not remember the details of why he even came back to Korea in the past, Lee Hyun asks Ji An. Rolling her eyes, Ji An said "Why would I remember something like that... oh wait, I remember..." 
Looking at Ji An who had spewed out details that would make any self respecting stalker proud, Lee Hyun pats her on the head "You are useful occasionally." 

I find it so hilarious that Lee Hyun takes Ji An's fascination with him in such a matter of course attitude. One could argue that Ji An followed Lee Hyun around because of her suspicious of him, but I think Lee Hyun has always known Ji An trusts him even when she declares other wise or he wouldn't have shown up at her house when the police is out searching for him as a murder suspect.  

Knowing full well that Lee Hyun is dealing with some very difficult things, Ji An pats Lee Hyun's head back. 

Favorite Moment #3
After hesitating repeatedly, Lee Hyun finally opens the envelop that would reveal who his brother is. Holding Lawyer Jung's picture in his hand, Lee Hyun breaks down as he pounds on his chest to relieve the pain that has overwhelmed him. 

This show does ask a rather disturbing question of "Are monsters made? Or do people become monsters because of what happened to them?" Growing up under the influence of a psycho murder obviously didn't do Lee Min (hero's little brother) any favors but how does one explain what Lee Min did as a little kid when he was growing up in a loving home? 

Favorite Moment #4
Woken up from his nightmare by the mutterings of Ji An, Lee Hyun smiles when he sees an almost asleep Ji An holding his hands in an effort to comfort him. 

Favorite Moment #5
After listening to the message Lee Joon Young (the one that killed Lee Hyun's father) has left for Lee Hyun, Ji An surprises Lee Hyun by expressing concern for how he must have felt to be locked up by his own father and throws her arms around him. 
Seemingly amazed that someone would be worried about him, Lee Hyun kisses Ji An on the forehead. 

I love this scene because I think it hits home again to Lee Hyun that Ji An cares about him without any agenda. In a way, everyone in Lee Hyun's life has/had some sort of agenda towards him. Lee Hyun's father needed him to be the mature one to run the house, his little brother wants him to be the mother that loves unconditionally, Lee Joon Young wants Lee Hyun to be one person in this world to understand his monstrous deeds and even Detective Hyun took care of him out of guilt. At the end of the day, Ji An is the only one in Lee Hyun's life that would worry about his pain with no ulterior motive.  


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