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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Love Cuisine (C-drama) Episode 1-2 First Impression

2:42 PM Posted by ninja , 2 comments
Drama: Love Cuisine (料理高校生)
Airs: Friday 
Synopsis: Lego Li's new drama as a brilliant culinary teacher who vows to whip all his pupils into shape in order to fulfill his promise to his mentor. As a teacher who believes in only teaching her students through a loving approach, our heroine clashes with Lego Li's character at every turn.

Love Cuisine Episode 1-2 First Impression

It took me a while to get used to Lego Li in a chef outfit but once I got used to it I think it really fits him. 

This show kinda went overboard during the first episode trying to make sure we got how cool Lego Li's character Han Ji is, but thankfully once the story got going the show was able to start focusing on the plot itself. 
To be honest, while Allison Lin (actress playing the heroine, Fang Xiao Rou) seems to be pretty popular in Taiwan, I still had a hard time buying Lego Li and her as a couple. However, by episode 2 I think maybe my mind could be changed if the two leads can keep up their chemistry. 
Sticking with what T-drama does best, Love Cuisine is not shy in showering viewers with plenty of skinship and heart pounding moments. 
So far I am fairly satisfied with Han Jie's (hero) character especially since the writer has given him some depth by having him harbor some traumatic past concerning his mentor (which interestingly is also the heroine's father.)

However, on the heroine's side I am not so happy with Xiao Rou's character. As a teacher who will do just about everything for her students, Xiao Rou's character seems too one dimensional. I am hoping that now the hero's character is pretty much set up, the writer will round out Xiao Rou's character a little... well, actually a lot more.  
During the first two episodes, we are also introduced to Xiao Rou's collage crush Wen Zhen Yu, another new teacher at the culinary school all of our characters are at. As a chef who can go head to head with our hero, it looks like Zhen Yu will probably be a rival to Han Jie for Xiao Rou's heart.
I had assumed the bickering and constant fighting relationship between our two leads will probably keep going for at least another five episodes but considering that our heroine is already starting to look at Han Jie with "those eyes" when he princess carried her to the nurse's office maybe the two leads' romance is going to progress a lot faster than I thought.  

Anyhow, I am not completely sold on Love Cuisine yet, but I do think this one has some potential and will check the next few episodes out. 


  1. Haha, "those eyes" xD Lego Li is looking real good here!

  2. Nice review. I rather liked the show. The characters and plot are nothing extraordinary, but it is a lighthearted entertainer with a decent romance track. And Lego Li is just the eyecandy a girl needs on a friday night after a hectic week of work/school.