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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Song Seung Heon Proposes to Liu Yi Fei?

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Apparently I have been living under a rock because I had no clue that Song Seung Heon is dating his C-movie (The Third Way of Love, 第三種愛情) costar Liu Yi Fei

Apparently the two stars hit it off when they met through filming The Third Way of Love and just kept seeing each other after they finished the movie. 
Both stars confirmed their dating rumor earlier this month with a statement saying "We are still in the early stage of a relationship and are still getting to know one another." 

However, things sure look like they are heating up between the couple, especially when Song Seung Heon makes statement like "This particular wedding (Bae Yong Joon's), feels different to me. Almost like I was attending my own wedding. For the first time, I have thoughts of get married." 

On August 12th, Song Seung Heon attended a Chinese variety show together with Liu Yi Fei and publicly declares "I am one that doesn't have a lot of greed. But I really want to have her (Liu Yi Fei)."  So not really a proposal in my book but the Chinese press sure is treating it like one.  
Anyhow, Song Seung Heon and Liu Yi Fei looks great together and according to Liu Yi Fei, Song Seung Heon's English is good enough that he actually makes her laugh by telling her corny jokes in English. Song Seung Heon had expressed that Chinese is too difficult for him so for now the couple will make English their dating language. 
I got to admit, this is one good looking couple. Is it wicked of me to imagine that the two stars just spend their time together admiring each other's beauty? 
By the way, the movie The Third Way of Love is about the messy romance between our heroine who never wanted to have anything to do with the hero (from a rich family of course) after watching her little sister attempting to commit suicide because of him. Of course fate has other ideas and things gets ... complicated to say the least. But seriously, how complicated can things get in two hours time right?


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