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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Double Life of Veronique Episode 1-8 Summary & First Impression

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Drama: The Double Life of Veronique or Twice Blooms the Flower/ 两生花
Episodes: 40
Synopsis: The love story between a single mother and a man who insists that she is his wife after he wakes up from a coma with no memories other than the heroine. 

The Double Life of Veronique Episode 1-8 Summary
As a single mother, our heroine Yan Song tries to keep up her cool when her "ex-best friend" show up with her fiancee, Lin Qiao.  Lin Qiao drove a wedge between the two girls' friendship when he accidentally slept with Yan Song when they were both drunk. Convinced that her fiancee is still harboring a crush on Yan Song five years after the "incident", the ex-best friend nervously keeps an eye on Yan Song.
Yan Song meets Qin Mou, our hero who just woke up from a six year coma and is stunned when Qin Mou insists that Yan Song is the woman he loves and so he must be the father to Yan Song's son as well.

Things gets complicated when Lin Qiao also convinces himself that Yan Song's son, Yan Long must be his and tries to take the little boy away.
Despite Yan Song's insistence that Lin Qiao is not Yan Long's father, Yan Song has no explanation when a DNA test shows other wise. Having no choice but to accept the fact that he really is not Yan Long's father, Qin Mou apologizes to Yan Song for chasing after her.
Unwilling to hand her son over to Lin Qiao, Yan Song tries to run away but ends up being caught right in the act by Lin Qiao.

However, Lin Qiao's daddy dream is destined to die a quick death when his crazy girlfriend confesses that she is the one that messed with the DNA test result. I can't quite figure out what the logic is behind making your boyfriend believe he fathered a son with a woman you are intensely jealous of would be... but she is crazy so maybe there is no logic. 
While Qin Mou has been busy following Yan Song around since she is the only thing he can remember of his past, the big baddie in Qin Mou's old life is busy trying to steal his family's company.

Feeling the urgency to get rid of Qin Mou's dad for good when Qin Mou meets his own father while on a search for Yan Long, the big baddie tells Daddy Qin the truth about all the evil things he has done and walks away satisfied when Daddy Qin dies after signing over all the rights to his company in order to protect his son.
Totally unaware that the stranger he met was his own father, Qin Mou hears news of the passing of Daddy Qin with only thoughts that Yan Long would be sadden by the news.

Grateful for Qin Mou's care while she was in the hospital, Yan Song's landlord talks Yan Song into letting Qin Mou rent the empty room in her house. Obviously happy with the arrangement, Qin Mou takes over the cooking much to Yan Long's happiness since his mother's cooking leaves a lot to be desired.

First Impression
If it wasn't for Qin Mou's flash backs with a woman who looks just like Yan Song, I probably would think he is crazy as well. So far I do find the mystery of why Qin Mou can only remember Yang Song intriguing and I am also starting to be pretty curious who Yan Long's biological father is.

Still, despite finding the mysteries intriguing I am not too drawn to the characters yet. I am kinda ashamed to admit that as much as it was refreshing to see Hawick Lau playing a warm hero for once ... I still like the cold (BUT passionate inside) hero he usually plays.

The Double Life of Veronique has actually finished airing already, so while my first impression of the first few episodes were fair I am more curious if anyone has finished watching it and could tell me if I should keep watching it.

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  1. Thanks for the review, this is like a Chinese Makjang, so many birth secrets, crash, chaebol, poor girl, family wealth take over, memory loss, and all. So basically it has all the elements in creating intensity. I am most curious about how Qin Mou will be able to remember his relative? trying to take over his company since his dad basically inherited to that guy. If Lin Qian is not Yang Long's dad, I am curious as if it would be Qin Mou. It doesn't make sense to be him, but who knows. LOL, everything is possible in dramaland. My mandarin is not that good so I don't usually watch without eng sub if i don't really like the casts or the story line. But the actress is pretty and it's fresh to see Hawick playing something different like you mentioned.