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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 10 Recap

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When I See You Again Episode 10 Recap
Tensing up when An Xi remarks about a sense of familiarity upon seeing him with glasses, You Qian is surprised when An Xi just goes on to say "Forget it, I don't want to think about boys with glasses on." 

Thoughtful, You Qian takes An Xi's comment to mean that it's not time to reveal his identity to her yet. 

Going back to the B&B, An Xi is immediately surrounded by the well wishes of her friends... which totally gets in the way of You Qian's romantic plans he had carefully set out. Knowing full well the lists You Qian would make base on his personality, Yan Ze laughs at You Qian's frustration. 
Determined to do all the sweet romantic things he has listed, You Qian makes breakfast for An Xi the next morning... only to have An Xi wake the whole B&B up to join them for breakfast. As the day progresses, You Qian gets increasingly frustrated as An Xi goes through her busy day as usual without any thoughts of him. 

Sitting An Xi down, You Qian tries to make her understand that as a newly minted couple they should have the desire to spend A LOT of time with each other. Completely unable to understand why two people wouldn't get tire of just being glued together all day, An Xi is lost for words when You Qian vehemently assures her that he can look at her all day. 

Yan Ze walks in on the staring contest and An Xi quickly reverts back to her friendly way by inviting Yan Ze to look at the B&B pictures he took of them together. Frustrated that An Xi is again inviting another person into their time together, You Qian stomps off. 
Feeling bad for his friend... or perhaps just trying to irritate him more, Yan Ze finds You Qian and starts telling him about his connection to An Xi via the presents (the ones she kept sending to her mom years ago). Finally linking An Xi's shock of finding out her mom had abandoned her to the fateful day when An Xi broke his heart, You Qian is stunned when he realizes that An Xi didn't mean to hurt him but he simply picked the worst day to make his confession. 

Racing to where An Xi is, You Qian starts to make his confession of his real identity ... only to be interrupted by honking noises. Yeah! The strangely not annoying Jiang Hai Kuo is back!
Confident that he can win over An Xi's affection now that he is dressed ... kinda like You Qian and has even read some German novel in order to quote random passage from it... kinda like You Qian, Jiang Hai Kuo is appalled when An Xi's friends gleefully inform him that An Xi is already dating You Qian. 

Reverting back to his hoodlum ways, Jiang Hai Kuo tries to forcefully take An Xi with him. Bursting out in fury, You Qian rescues An Xi and does the famous "wall slam" on Hai Kuo to warn him off from getting close to An Xi again. 

Wall slam 壁咚= Taiwanese's reference to what a hero does to the heroine when he slams his hands on the wall and leans in on the girl. 
J-Drama Nodame Cantabile
You Qian goes back to his room just in time to overhear An Xi wondering out loud to her fishes "Why do I like him? He really is quite good looking, but of course I really disliked him at first..." 

Pulling An Xi in a hug, You Qian tells a confused An Xi "I don't want to get over my cold." He is referring to Young Qing's comparison that love is short like a cold. 
The next morning You Qian hangs his head in defeat once again when he finds out that An Xi has taken Ya En into the city (Taipei) for a check up at the hospital. Taking pity on his friend, Yan Ze advises You Qian that the only way to spend time with An Xi is to get her away from all her friends. 

Surprising An Xi by showing up at the hospital, Yan Ze agrees to escort Ya En home while You Qian drag a worried An Xi away. 

Freed from her brother and An Xi's protective attention, Ya En convinces Yan Ze to take her to the beach and the two ends up getting wet from a water fight. Insisting on taking Ya En to buy a new outfit, Yan Ze makes Ya En's day when he calls her his girlfriend to avoid giving two female store employees his phone number. 
Taking An Xi to his house, You Qian quiets down all her worries when he assures her that he has arranged with all her friends to take care of her many responsibilities for a few days. 
Despite You Qian's supreme effort to keep An Xi to himself for just a bit, An Xi's friendly personality comes out in full force again when she sees You Qian's assistant with a tear in his suit. Eyeing his assistant in a rather unfriendly manner while An Xi eagerly sews the assistant's suit and tells him to just call her by name, You Qian decides to personally escort his assistant to the door. Touched that his boss would walk him out, You Qian's assistant is speechless when You Qian smilingly pats him on the arm and says "Don't call her An Xi. And just because she is nice don't assume that's a licence to get too friendly." before pushing him out of the door. 

Watching from afar, a clueless An Xi remarks "You are such a warm person. You are even so affectionate with your assistant." Ha, if only she knew. 
Unused to sleeping in You Qian's house, An Xi wakes up to find a hungry Grandpa Xia munching on cookies. Insisting on dashing out to buy ingredients to make Grandpa Xia a bowl of noodles, An Xi sits and talks with grandpa as he eats. Unknowingly, grandpa lets the cat out of the bag as he talks about his past of living in the village. 

The next morning, You Qian wakes up to find an aloof An Xi stoically preparing breakfast. Unsure what he did to make her angry, You Qian approaches An Xi cautiously to figure out what's wrong. In a huff, An Xi replies "I know you don't talk much but how can you not tell me that you are from the village as well?" 

Without any excuse, You Qian stumbles for words, but An Xi saves the day when she answers her own question "I know it's because you moved away when you were young!"

Boy, I really hope the writer has An Xi figures things out on her own and not some lame way of seeing old pictures of You Qian because I am starting to doubt An Xi's intelligence at this point. 

 The two leads' romance aside I am actually really hoping the writer will give Yan Ze's romance with Ya En some serious screen time. Yan Ze seems so suave when it comes to getting girls that I am dying to see him fall for an innocent girl like Ya En. It would be even more hilarious if Yan Ze ends up having to go to You Qin for advise just as a payback for all the enjoyment he is getting at You Qin's expense right now. 


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