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Monday, August 10, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 11 Recap

When I See You Again Episode 11 Recap
Not wasting a single moment of finally being able to have An Xi all to himself, You Qian takes her to his alma mater and tells her about his list of "Things I want to do when I finally get a girlfriend" that he wrote back in his school days.

Stealing a innocent kiss on An Xi's cheek, You Qian informs her that kissing his girlfriend on the school ground in front of envious glares of passerby is one of his list item.

Taking An Xi to his work after getting a last minute phone call from his work, You Qian quickly jumps to An Xi's defense when President Zhou calls company security after accusing An Xi of being a spy.

Sneering, President Zhou tells You Qian after a haughty glance at An Xi "Looking at your first crush, I guess I over estimated you after all."

Afraid that An Xi would be hurt by President Zhou's words, You Qian tries to comfort An Xi but stops short when An Xi waves You Qian's concern away and focuses on President Zhou's assertion that she is You Qian's first crush. Totally missing the clue that she could be You Qian's high school crush, An Xi just teases You Qian for not dating until now... which I guess is true.

With You Qian gone, Yan Ze has no reason to stay at the B&B anymore and prepares to leave. True to his self proclaim love guru status, Yan Ze has no problem reading the reason for the sadness in Ya En's eyes. Looking into Ya En's eyes, Yan Ze tells her in a very serious tone "Do not fall in love with me. I don't like to take care of people, especially girls like you... because you will be faithful to me. But I won't be. To me, you would be a very big trouble."
Reporting to President Zhou that You Qian really did spend his vacation chasing after a girl, Yan Ze gets suspicious when he notices President Zhou's uncharacteristic loss of composure when she finds out An Xi's B&B is named Luna Maria and that An Xi's dad has already passed away.
Crying as she reads the story (on the B&B website) of how An Xi's father went back to the village to open a B&B simply because she had remarked how beautiful the place was and her desire to grow old there, President Zhou covers her face with regret.
Surprised to open the door to find Yan Ze there, An Xi's brain finally registers the fact she has been fooled when Yan Ze talks to Grandpa Xia with familiarity and is obviously a long time friend of You Qian's. In a huff, An Xi is about to stomp off but ends up begrudgingly turning back when You Qian hurts his leg in his hurry to chase after her.
Impressed that You Qian is even willing to yelp loudly over a minor wound just to get An Xi's pity, Yan Ze cryptically tells You Qian "You are one lucky guy." Seeing You Qian's puzzled look, Yan Ze tries to pass off his remark by explaining that You Qian is lucky because An Xi is such a great gal, but judging by his meaningful look at An Xi, Yan Ze is probably referring to her status as President Zhou's daughter. Yan Ze had confirmed his suspicion by causally asking An Xi what her mother's name was. 
Taking An Xi to a fish store in order to fulfill his wish list item of "Going to a zoo with my girlfriend", You Qian is surprised when he finds out that An Xi had named one of her fish back home as "Eye glasses".

Shaking her head at You Qian's question why she would name her fish eye glasses when she had told him before that she doesn't like people who ware glasses, An Xi explains "Is not that I don't like glasses... I just don't like to be reminded of that person."
Stunned to see their director who never picks up his phone during a meeting, not only took a call but even calls the person back, all of You Qian's employees look at him in shock.

Running out of his office once he realized he had totally missed the dinner date he had made with An Xi and his grandpa because of his long meetings, You Qian turns down Young Qing's request to eat dinner together without a second thought.

Yan Ze takes the chance to warn Young Qing that if she really has any feelings for You Qian at all then she needs to stop thinking that An Xi is just some passing person in You Qian's life. Stunned to hear from Yan Ze how much You Qian has changed because of An Xi, Young Qing nonetheless denies being in love with You Qian.
Moved to see An Xi and his grandpa getting along so great, You Qian decides to go against the expressed advise of his love guru (Yan Ze) and tells An Xi "I really really really really really like you."

After an awkward pause, An Xi simply tells a rather dismayed You Qian "Thank you."
The next morning, a sheepish An Xi presents You Qian with a big bottle of her specialty smoothie in order to apologize for her inability to say the proper reply back to him the night before. After sending You Qian off to work, An Xi takes out her fish stuff animal key chain again and stares at it with a mixed expression.

Despite his show of disappointment in front of An Xi, You Qian couldn't help but wears a dorky smile whenever he sees An Xi's smoothie bottle.

Surprised to find out from his assistant that Jiang Hai Kuo is actually the current owner of his old house, You Qian sends his assistant to the village to purchase the house incognito. Hoping a ride with his assistant back to the village, You Qian humbly seeks advise from An Xi's friends wanting to know if the distant mannerism An Xi is treating him really is normal. Laughing to cover up their uncertainty, An Xi's friends assures You Qian that An Xi is just a slow learner when it comes to love.


Dang, Yan Ze looked so cool when he was telling Ya En not to fall in love with him... although the words coming out of his mouth really wasn't that nice at all but hey... it would be fun to watch Ya En tame a guy like Yan Ze.

At this point, I am really not sure what is holding An Xi back from opening up her heart to You Qian. I think the key is obviously has something to do with her guilt towards the old You Qian but what I can't figure out is if she actually likes him as well or is simply holding onto her guilt for hurting him.


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