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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 12 Recap

When I See You Again Episode 12 Recap
Frustrated with An Xi for still shutting You Qian out, An Xi's friend warns An Xi that she will lose You Qian eventually. No less frustrated with herself, An Xi finally confesses the guilt she has been carrying all these years.

Feeling bad after the cruel way she rejected You Qian, young An Xi shows up at You Qian's house to apologize to him but is stunned when she is informed that You Qian had to move after his grandfather was forced to sell the house to pay for his surgery fee. Even more shocked to realized that You Qian almost died just to get "Angel's Tears" to confess to her, from that moment on An Xi has always felt that she has no right to be in love when You Qian was hurt so badly by her.

Jiang Hai Kuo shows up at the B&B to tell An Xi about an interested buyer who has offered twice the market price to buy her precious "Ghost house". Dragging Jiang Hai Kuo to a familiar street vendor, An Xi reminds Jiang Hai Kuo of how she got hurt at that exact location in her effort to protect him years ago and how desperately she begged him to buy the ghost house for her.

Standing not too far away, You Qian listens as An Xi tells Jiang Hai Kuo of her desire to protect the ghost house so one day when that "person" comes back she might finally have the chance to apologize to him.
FINALLY putting all the clues together, You Qian decides to tell An Xi of his real identity over dinner. However, Yong Qing disrupts the whole thing by calling An Xi out so she can personally witness You Qian protecting Yong Qing from yet another spurned lover. Fed up with Yong Qing's childishness, You Qian informs her that this is the last time he will play along with her games. Furious to lose You Qian because of An Xi, Yong Qing chases An Xi down and tells her the truth about You Qian's identity.

Despite already having a suspicion after finding You Qian's old glasses and notebook that morning, An Xi is nonetheless shocked to hear You Qian admit his real identity. You Qian tries to assure An Xi that she is not just some cold that needs to be gotten over like Young Qing keeps saying she is but An Xi is in too much shock to listen. 
In a daze after You Qian yanked his hand away from hers to chase after An Xi, Yong Qing reminisces with Yan Ze why You Qian has always been so willing to do every unreasonable thing she asked of him.

In a flash back we see that Yong Qing has been taking a twisted satisfaction in ditching men in a rather humiliating way even back when You Qian first met her. However, You Qian realizes that underneath the femme fatale facade lies a very wounded girl who still can't let go of a traumatic past love when he finds Young Qing crying by herself during a party. Young Qing "He didn't follow my orders out of gratitude for introducing him to my godmother (President Zhou), but it was out of pity for me." 

Putting a comforting hand on Yong Qing, Yan Ze encourages Young Qing to stop holding onto her pride and go after You Qian. The writer sure keeps making Yan Ze look like he is about to turn evil... but deep down he is still good right?? 
Following An Xi all the way back to the village, You Qian finds himself completely locked out by An Xi's friends who swears to protect her from the likes of him... until You Qian finds a ladder and gets in anyway.
However, instead of finding an angry An Xi, You Qian is surprised when An Xi greets him dressed up in her old school uniform and holding a guitar. Explaining that she has been trying to fulfill one of his "Things to do when I get a girlfriend" list by learning to play a musical instrument for him, An Xi sings to You Qian a song she has been practicing.
Wanting to make sure, the "One Eyebrow" she knew years ago really was You Qian, An Xi gingerly puts You Qian's old glasses on him. Face to face with the person she has been waiting for all these years, An Xi is finally able to make her apology that has been weighing on her heart.
Her apology taken cared of, An Xi takes the glasses off You Qian and tells him "Now, I am talking to You Qian. I want to tell you something I have wanted to say for a long time... I really really really like you."

Not getting any answer from You Qian after she had mustered up her courage to make her confession, An Xi awkwardly says "Umm...well, I guess you might want to think about it," then tries to leave the room as gracefully as she can.
By the time An Xi makes it out of the door You Qian finally snaps out of his shock and chases her down to answer her confession properly with a kiss.

ABOUT TIME!!! I seriously thought the writer were planning to drag this Clark Kent thing out to the bitter end. The whole thing with Yong Qing being the one to spill the beans "just" before You Qian could tell the truth was kind of predicable but I am glad at least the writer didn't feel obligated to make An Xi's reaction typical. I actually thought the whole confession part by An Xi was really sweet and the kiss was of course the perfect ending to the episode.

What puzzles me is that now our two leads has gotten rid of all of their secrets, it looks like Yong Qing AND Yan Ze is gearing up to plant themselves as obstacles? Not sure what hopes those two would have in separating our two leads now You Qian's "secret" is already out AND plus Yan Ze of all people should realize he is dealing with the two people who has been stuck on each other (albeit one is more out of guilt) for YEARS even when have been apart. 
No matter which direction the writer decides to take, I just hope the show would give us plenty of time to see Yan Ze being whipped into shape by Ya En. 

By the way I came across this BTS on When I See You Again site and it's too funny not to share.


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