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Monday, August 24, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 13 Recap

When I See You Again Episode 13 Recap
Happy to see that An Xi finally caught her prince charming, Ya Ru (An Xi's friend) assures everyone that things must be going very well for the happy couple. Knowing full well that Ya Ru has been harboring a crush on An Xi for years, Zhi Lin (another one of An Xi's friend) runs away to cry in secret. Caught by Mei Wen (the mother figure to everyone at the B&B), Zhi Lin tries to protest rather feebly that she would only be interested in rich handsome guys. 
Extremely determined to impress An Xi with some grand romantic gesture, You Qian orders Da Yu (his assistant) to tell him all the ways to make his date with An Xi unforgettable. In a textbook case of the blind leading the blind, Da Yu gets You Qian to employ a bunch of classic movie cliche on An Xi. 
Completely confused... and maybe even a bit freaked out by You Qian's strange random "romantic" gestures, An Xi finally figures out that her boyfriend is trying to impress her. Taking out the couple ring she gave to You Qian before, An Xi kisses the ring and assures You Qian that she likes him ... including his not so cool side. 
And we end the perfect moment with a kiss. 
You Qian's continual effort to sneak kisses pays off the next morning when it is An Xi's turn to get all distracted when she sees You Qian's lips. Happy that An Xi is finally starting to initiate intimacy, You Qian tries to convince An Xi that he needs more training on being shameless by having more kissing in his life. 

Glad to see the sweet interaction between You Qian and An Xi, Grandpa Xiao laments that the older he gets the more he misses his life at the village. Having already warned An Xi not to tell his grandpa that she was the same girl that was the cause of his accident and thus indirectly the reason that Grandpa Xiao had to sell his home, You Qian casts a worried glance at her when his grandpa starts talking about all the memories he had in his old house. 
His head filled with wild imaginations of what You Qian must be doing with An Xi, Jiang Hai Kuo waits outside of You Qian's house and bumps right into Yong Qing who was also doing some spying of her own. 

Disliking each other on sight, Jiang Hi Duo gets into an argument with Yong Qing but falls to the ground in shock when he finds out from Yong Qing that You Qian is the guy that An Xi has been carrying in her heart all these years. 
I love Jiang Hai Kuo's little imagination scenes. Don't they remind you of Grease with John Travolta or maybe West Side Story? 
Curious about her daughter, President Zhou gets Yan Ze to invite An Xi out to dinner with the excuse that she wants to apologize for her rude behavior the first time they met. 

However, after talking briefly to An Xi and realizing that the easy going An Xi is nothing like herself, a huffy President Zhou demands to know if An Xi has ever asked herself what she wanted out of life. Completely puzzled by President Zhou's attack, An Xi looks at Yan Ze for clues. As one who knows President Zhou's secret, Yan Ze gives a slight sneer after watching President Zhou storming off without even finishing her dinner and replies "She is not someone that has the right to criticize you." 
Still bothered by President Zhou's harsh words over the fact she doesn't seem to have a hobby besides work, An Xi asks Yan Ze what his interest is. In a rather serious tone, Yan Ze replies "My hobby is to take things that belong to other people".

After talking to You Qian on the phone, the unsuspecting An Xi happily tells Yan Ze that Jiang Hai Kuo has agreed to sell Grandpa Xiao's old house to You Qian's secretary. A glint of calculation flashes in Yan Ze's eyes when he confirms with An Xi that Jiang Hai Kuo has no idea that You Qian is the real buyer. 
Thanks to Yan Ze's interference in "accidentally" letting it slip to Jiang Hai Kuo that the man he is selling the house to is really You Qian's secretary, You Qian had the very unpleasant task of telling his grandpa that he wasn't able to buy the old house back. 

Unable to wrap his mind around why President Zhou would take the time to invite An Xi out for dinner, You Qian frowns over the strangeness of the whole situation.   
Tipped off by Yan Ze that there is something she could buy that You Qian really wants, Yong Qing approaches Jiang Hai Kuo with an offer for You Qian's old house. Still not liking Yong Qing at all, Jiang Hai Kuo nonetheless decides to sell the house to Yong Qing with the added condition that Yong Qing would get You Qian to break up with An Xi. 

Boy, I was really losing my confidence that there would be a romantic plot between Yan Ze and Ya En for a while there but thankfully judging by the preview next week my wish just might come true. 

At this point I am pretty confused where the writer is going with Yan Ze's character. Is he good? Or is he bad? A bad boy who really wants to be good deep ... um... very deep down? It really is a lousy thing for Yan Ze to encourage Yong Qing to chase after You Qian when he of all people should know that even without An Xi, You Qian would still not fall in love with Yong Qing. While I am a long way from liking Yong Qing but I do have some sympathy for her and it seems rather low of Yan Ze to push her into something that will just add another trauma to her already bruised heart. 


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