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Monday, August 31, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 14 Recap

When I See You Again Episode 14 Recap
Showing up at You Qian's house, Yong Qing does her best to put on her "friendly" face towards Grandpa Xiao but fails quite miserably. Dismayed to come home to see Yong Qing ordering An Xi around like a housemaid, You Qian pulls Yong Qing aside and rejects her again even when Yong Qing offers him the house deed to Grandpa Xiao's old house. 

Catching An Xi in the middle of trying to brush up on her English skills, You Qian is not surprised when she admits to feeling inferior after meeting President Zhou and Yong Qing. Putting An Xi's hand to his chest, You Qian assures her that his heart has only ever beat for one person and that's her. 

Not mincing words, You Qian asks Yan Ze straight out why he is encouraging Yong Qing on her pointless one sided crush towards himself. Yan Ze tries to blame everything on his brotherly concern for Yong Qing but You Qian is not convinced and tells his assistant to start pay attention to what Yan Ze is up to. 
An Xi meets Yan Ze at a wine store to get him to teach her all about the art of wine tasting so she can become a refined lady for You Qian. Watching An Xi with a calculating glint in his eyes, Yan Ze causally tells An Xi that he wants to help her find her mom. 

While Yan Ze is pretending to be best buds with An Xi, You Qian is called to President Zhou's office. Offering a big project to You Qian, President Zhou promises him that he will get everything he ever wanted if he will just agree to marry Yong Qing. Without hesitation, You Qian turns down President Zhou's offer and tells her the way she is targeting An Xi is quite out of character.

You Qian's assistant fusses over the big opportunity You Qian just turned down, but You Qian tells his assistant that he suspects President Zhou is planning to use the questionable project to turn An Xi's village into a dumping ground from dangerous materials. 
Faced with a rather ticked off Yon Qian when he brings a completely drunk An Xi home, Yan Ze makes a quick exist after saying that An Xi was the one to called him out. 

Following An Xi around, You Qian tries to figure out why An Xi would go out drinking with Yan Ze. 
In her own little drunken world, An Xi loses all her inhibition and a rather flattered You Qian listens with glee as An Xi complains about all the missed moments where he could've kissed her. Determined to make up all the kisses she could've had, An Xi plants a big kiss on a surprised but a very willing You Qian. 

Satisfied after getting her kiss, An Xi switches to confessing her deep desire that her mom could be there when she visits her dad the next day on his death anniversary. 
Waking up a few hours later, a still groggy An Xi laughs with delight when You Qian appears in an outfit that is reminiscent of what he used to wear back in their school days. Putting a strip of seaweed on You Qian's eyebrows, An Xi bursts out in laughter after she take a picture of You Qian's "One Eyebrow". 

An Xi's laughter soon turns to embarrassment when You Qian proudly holds out his phone to replay the recording of a drunken An Xi complaining about not getting enough kisses from him. 
Her face burning with mortification, An Xi ends up stopping You Qian from recounting everything she said with a kiss. A very smart person, You Qian decides that kissing is more important than talking. 
Yeah! My favorite part! We rewind a bit to when Yan Ze leaves You Qian's house after delivering An Xi home. Deciding to take a walk after noticing Ya En spying on him from across the street, Yan Ze tricks Ya En into jumping out yelling "He already has a girlfriend!" when he pretends to be giving his phone number to a convenient store employee. 

Staring at a sheepish Ya En, Yan Ze warns "Didn't I tell you not to like me?!" Ignoring Ya En's weak protest of "I ... didn't..", Yan Ze walks her to a bus station to send her back to the village. 
Leaving Ya En at the bus stop alone, Yan Ze coolly bids her farewell and walks off. Before Yan Ze can walk too far away though, he had to comes running back to beat off a thug who is trying to forcefully drag Ya En away. Carrying what he thought to be an unconscious Ya En in his arms, Yan Ze glares at Ya En when he realizes she has woken up for a while without saying anything. 
A huffy Yan Ze puts Ya En down and tries to walk away again but is stopped when Ya En hugs him from behind. Wow, I didn't see the back hug coming.
Driving Ya En all the way back to the village, Yan Ze ignores Ya En's pitiful expression and leaves without a backward glance. However, it is obvious that Yan Ze is not as unaffected by Ya En as he tries to pretend. Stealing a glance at Ya En in his rear view mirror Yan Ze mutters to himself "Hu Yan Ze, she is nothing but trouble." 
Sitting on her father's surfing board by the sea, An Xi is surprised to see President Zhou walking towards her. Equally surprised to see An Xi, President Zhou touches the surfing board gently then jeers at An Xi that she can keep staying there to miss her father. Not offended by President Zhou's words, An Xi replies that her dad that has always said those that leaves is determined to leave while those that wants to stay will stay, so since her dad never came back then that meant she shouldn't miss him and disturb his determination to leave. 


I actually quite enjoyed this episode. As oppose to last week's episode where I got a little impatient during the "cute" moments, I found the two leads' interaction really sweet and entertaining this week. 

I am also REALLY glad that the writer didn't all the sudden make You Qian too dense to pick out all the clues that are around him when the show has put in a lot of time to convince us that You Qian is one sharp dude. It was pretty cool to see that You Qian is already suspicious of Yan Ze and President Zhou. 

One of my favorite scenes this week is of course the ones with Ya En and Yan Ze. I love the way Yan Ze is so determined to stick to his self prescribed script of being a selfish jerk but then he kinda loses his resolve just a tiny bit whenever Ya En is around.


  1. Having this makes it easier to digest some scenes that I don't want to see. I am not a fan of evil seconds so when they come on, I just want to skip it or drop the show completely. In this case, I dropped ep 12 with 10 or so minutes left and am gong to jump into the middle of ep 13. Thank you!!

    1. Oops meant ep 13 and ep 14. :)