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Thursday, September 3, 2015

All About My Mom Ep. 3-6 Second Impression

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All About My Mom Ep. 3-6 Summary
After much pleading from Jin Ae, Hoon Jae finally softens and decides to try his hand at fixing the plumbing crisis at Jin Ae's work. Doing the best he can to rig up an emergency patch on the plumbing system, Hoon Jae is surprised when he finishes his work to find Jin Ae asleep. His face softening as he looks at a sleeping Jin Ae, Hoon Jae jerks back in embarrassment when Jin Ae wakes up while he is putting his jacket on her.

Thanks to Hoon Jae's work Jin Ae was able to successfully carry out her company's presentation to a bunch of Chinese businessman... until the pipe burst again and Jin Ae is drenched with dirty pipe water. Fortunately, instead of blaming Jin Ae for the plumbing problem, President Hwang ended up taking a fancy to Jin Ae and transfers her to the central office so she can prepare for a proposal for an upcoming competition within the company.
Lee Hyeong Soon's (heroine's little brother) little revenge plan is not going well at all especially whenever Chae Ri smiles at him and makes him forget that he is suppose to dislike her. Hyeong Soon tries to distance himself from Chae Ri but his little lie keeps snowballing despite his increasing guilt in deceiving her. In the first two episodes Hyeong Soon had agreed to show up at a marriage meet pretending to be his chaebol friend. Smiling with glee once he realized he was meeting Chae Ri who had made him lose his job, Hyeong Soon vows to get a little revenge... which obviously is not going the way he thought it would be.
As fate would have it, Jin Ae keeps running into Hoon Jae and the two start to change their view of each other, especially when Hoon Jae ended up in the police station after getting into a fight with thugs to save Daddy Lee.
At first unwilling to extend a helping hand to Hoon Jae to get him out of jail even if he was there because of his own father, Hyeong Gyu (heroine's lawyer brother) quickly changes his mind when he realizes that Hoon Jae is President Hwang's son.

By the way, Jin Ae is still clueless that Hoon Jae is her boss's son. 
Back to Hyeong Gyu who gave up his plan to open his own law practice after Jin Ae reminded him of how much she has sacrificed for their family while he hasn't done much as the eldest son. Hyeong Gyu swallows his pride and continues to work for his jerky classmate who has always lose to him during their school days but now can have the satisfaction of ordering Hyeong Gyu around because of his chaebol background. Forcing himself to just smile no matter how much his boss enjoys torturing him, Hyeong Gyu remains calm even when his boss flaunts that Hyeong Gyu's ex-girlfriend is now his girl.   

Although it looks like while Hyeong Gyu's ex still harbors some resentment towards Hyeong Gyu for dumping her before but she is still in love with him and promises Hyeong Gyu some benefits (for his career) if he would come back to her. 
Sitting down to a quick lunch after being treated like an errand boy by his boss again, Hyeong Gyu can't help but give a long speech about how wrong it is for the powerful to step on the weak when he sees a bunch of kids picking on a "poor" boy. Unfortunately, Hyeong Gyu's little speech was a big waste since the "poor" boy just looks at him like he is crazy and informs a mortified Hyeong Gyu that they were just practicng for a skit. 

Hyeong Gyu's day gets worse when a waitress runs into him with a bunch of dirty dishes. Unbeknownst to  Hyeong Gyu, the waitress is actually the mom of the little "poor" boy he tried to rescue a short while ago. It looks like the mom is going to be Hyeong Gyu's love line. 
At first overjoyed to be transferred to the central office, Jin Ae's good fortune all the sudden comes to a screeching halt when she is accused of leaking out important company information to a rival business. Completely stunned that she could be accused of such a thing, Jin Ae tries to protest her innocence but her words seems to be useless when evidences keeps popping up to cement her guilt. Jin Ae's team leader is the real one that leaked the information out. 
On his way to take his mother out for dinner, Hoon Jae sees a depressed Jin Ae walking in the rain and rushes out of his car to check on her. Turning Jin Ae around, Hoon Jae is startled when he finds Jin Ae's face covered in tears. Unable to stop himself, Hoon Jae reaches out a hand to wipe the tears away from Jin Ae's face. 

Second Impression
Wow, quiet a bit of angst already, but so far I am rather pleasantly surprised by the depth in most of the characters. I was especially glad that the writer was able to show the endearing side of Hyeong Gyu since I thought for sure he was going to be just one insipid character. But after the scene of Hyeong Gyu had with the little kids I am starting to be intrigued by how falling in love will change him. 

I was also glad to see that as much as Mama Lee could be really mean to Jin Ae but deep down she still loves her and turns right into a mama bear when she found out that Jin Ae has been falsely accused by her company. 

Anyhow, so far I am still really enjoying All About My Mom and as long as it doesn't spiral into a sob feast I am planning to keep watching it. Of course it doesn't hurt that Lee Sang Woo just about melt my screen every time he smiles... 


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