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Thursday, September 17, 2015

All About My Mom Episode 7-10 Summary

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All About My Mom Episode 7-10 Summary
Concerned to see a despondent Jin Ae (heroine) sobbing over being accused of selling company secrets, Hoon Jae volunteers himself to start helping Jin Ae to catch the real culprit. Thanks to a lucky break, Hoon Jae and Jin Ae was eventually able to figure out that her team leader was the one that framed her. Her anger dissipating once she finds out that her team leader betrayed the company in order to get money to pay for his wife's hospital bills, Jin Ae decides to give the man time to turn himself in. Fortunately, Jin Ae's act of sympathy didn't back fire on her and her team leader confesses his crime on his own. 

President Hwang (hero's mom) accidentally sees her precious son eating Ramen in the car with a mystery girl and starts suspecting that maybe Hoon Jae is dating without telling her. The car was foggy so President Hwang couldn't see Jin Ae's face. 

Glad to know that Jin Ae was innocent all along, President Hwang meets with Jin Ae to personally apologizes to her. While Hoon Jae is more than happy that Jin Ae's crisis is solved but now he is faced with the danger of his identity being exposed since Jin Ae has more contacts with his mom (President Hwang) now. 

Hoon Jae's little pretense to be a normal working guy gets even harder when Jin Ae ends up working for President Hwang as her personal secretary. 

Coming home from work, an unsuspecting Jin Ae gets in a teasing mood when she sees "her brother" sleeping. Taking a quick nap in his newly rented room, Hoon Jae is woken up rather rudely when some strange woman starts to tug at his blanket. Our two leads eventually realizes who the other person is and Jin Ae starts to scream when she sees Hoon Jae's glorious ... um... totally inappropriate nakedness. 
Daddy Lee comes home to explain to both of our leads that he and Hyeong Soon (heroine's little brother) had decided to rent out Hyeong Soon's room to Hoon Jae in order to pay for his school fees. Uncomfortable with the thought of staying in the same house, Jin Ae and Hoon Jae are not so sure about Daddy Lee's little plot. 
Feeling really guilty that in order to help her own dad keep the whole fiasco a secret from her mom Hoon Jae had to run out of the house without his shoes, Jin Ae buys a pair of slippers for Hoon Jae and as the two laugh together both of them agree that living in the same house might not be so uncomfortable after all. 

Despite all the sneaking around, Mama Lee finds out Hoon Jae's existence the next morning when he shows up at the breakfast table. (Daddy Lee had promise to tell Mama Lee the night before... but he didn't.) At first unwilling to accept Hoon Jae as a renter, Mama Lee (and the whole family) is stunned when her precious son Hyeong Gyu speaks up for Hoon Jae. Of course Hyeong Gyu is acting so out of character because he knows Hoon Jae is President Hwang's son. 

Unable to keep a grumpy attitude towards Hoon Jae when he not only fixes her kitchen floor but remodels a second bathroom for free, Mama Lee finally starts to accept Hoon Jae. 

Things are progressing rather quickly between our two leads as their path cross more and more. When Hoon Jae stops by Jin Ae's work to help her with hand writing 500 company invitations (a bad prank from a co-worker to pick on Jin Ae), Hoon Jae almost gets to kiss the girl... 
until President Hwang's voice interrupts the kiss and Hoon Jae drags Jin Ae to hide underneath the desk with him. 
Hyeong Soon's little side job of pretending to be his doctor friend is not turning out well at all. Hyeong Soon has all but fallen in love with Chae Ri but is unable to confess to his girlfriend that instead of being a surgeon from a rich family he is simply jobless guy from a humble background.  
Knowing full well that his lie can't go much longer, things gets even worse for Hyeong Soon when his doctor friend (the one he is pretending to be) meets Chae Ri by accident and decides that she is totally his type after all. 
Fed up with being treated like a lowly servant by his boss especially since the guy has nothing on him other than a rich family background, Hyeong Gyu finally gives in to his ex-girlfriend's (ex from the collage days ... and his boss's fiancee) request to marry her in exchange for the career support she could provide for him. 

After literally running into Hyeong Gyu repeatedly in several occasions, Sun Hye Joo can't help but wonders about Hyeong Gyu's character when she sees him in a hotel room with a lady whom she knows for a fact is already engaged to another man. Giving off a somewhat naive vibe despite having a son already, Hye Joo tries to advise a dumbfounded Hyeong Gyu against going out with an engaged woman. 
Unbeknownst to both Hyeong Gyu and Hye Joo, Hyeong Gyu has actually already met Hye Joo's son Jung Woo through a tug of war over a last remaining chocolate cake in a convenient store. Not put off by Hyeong Gyu's gruff attitude towards him at all, Jung Woo notices that Hyeong Gyu is hiring for his new firm (thanks to his ex) and excitedly tells him that he wants to refer someone to him. 
A bit leery to go for a job interview based on her young son's words that he has "recommended" her for the job, Hye Joo is stuns when she realizes that Hyeong Gyu is the interviewer. In a twist of fate Hyeong Gyu ends up assuming that Hye Joo is the friend his ex-girlfriend recommended to him so despite Hye Joo obvious lack of experience in the legal field Hyeong Gyu reluctantly hires her. 
Believing all along that her precious son is highly valued by his school friend/boss (really more like nemesis) Mama Lee shows up at Hyeong Gyu's law firm with a box of handmade rice cake to thank his boss. Of course things ends badly since Mama Lee showed up the very moment when Hyeong Gyu's boss is confronting him about cheating with his fiancee and using her to open up a new firm. 

Turning into a mama bear the moment she sees someone bad mouthing her son, Mama Lee had to be dragged out kicking and screaming by Hyeong Gyu. 
Unable to stop thinking about all the hardship her son must've suffered in silence while she has been living in the illusion of him being a respected lawyer, Mama Lee breaks down in tears as she walks in to kitchen to see Hyeong Gyu stuffing himself with the rice cakes that she had personally made to give to his boss earlier that day. I think this is the scene when my heart finally melted for Hyeong Gyu. Hyeong Gyu had always come off so uncaring and selfish but I think little by little we are seeing signs that he really does care about his family. 

I am pretty sold on All About My Mom thus far. At this point I am probably least interested in Hyeong Soon's romance but even then I don't mind when his story comes up so that's a pretty good sign. I will confess that I am a bit worried about the fast development between our two leads because Jin Ae and Hoon Jae's interaction is so fun right now I am afraid that once the they get married the melodrama will set in. Let's just hope that the writer will be able to balance out the melo with the fun throughout the show. 

I was really glad that the writer has been so successful at showing the human side of Hyeong Gyu. I was pretty afraid he was just going to be that one selfish character that you wish the writer would just leave out of the story, but after the last few episodes I am rather looking forward to Hyeong Gyu's story now. 


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