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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

All is Well Episode 1-5 (K-Daily) First Impression

Drama: All is Well (다 잘 될거야)
Episodes: 100
Airs: Daily
Synopsis: A story about our heroine and the people around her as they learn to forgive and forget the past in order to find love. I know, really lame synopsis but that's about all I could gather for this show. 

First Impression: Contains Spoilers!
I am actually pretty confused by All is Well. Judging from the tone of the promotional material to the name of the show, this show really should be pretty bright and maybe even comical but so far (at least by episode 5) I don't think the show has decided if it wants to be a cheerful show or just an outright makjang melodrama. 

Now, the two leads are really the cheerful sort of people and if we just focus on them there are no doubt the show has a bright and optimistic tone to it... but then one can't ignore the super makjang secondary characters that pretty much overwhelm the show making the two leads almost like minor characters. 

Ready for some super messy plots? Pictured on the left is our female antagonist (Hee Jung) who through ploy slept with our rich second male lead (Hyeong Joon). Furious once he found on that he was just some prey for a conniving female, Hyong Joon immediately tries to cut off all contact with Hee Jung. Unfortunately, Hee Jung is determined to not to give up on Hyeong Joon especially when she realizes that Hyeong Joon has fallen for the heroine whom she has some mysterious resentment towards since childhood. 
To make things even more complicated, the heroine's precious little sister falls in love with the heroine's childhood friend. This couple should've been a happy comical part of the show but it is starting to look like maybe Hee Jung is pregnant with a baby that could either be this childhood friend's or Hyeong Joon. Yes, I did warn you it's messy. 
I was interested in this show at first because it really looked like it could be a light cheerful k-daily but now after five episodes of the story increasingly becoming more messy by day and the plot pretty much taken over by the distasteful female second lead I have lost all my interest in this one. Sigh... I was really looking forward to this one. 

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  1. Most of the long daily drama like this one seem promising at first but then it just become too makjang or the plot is lost mid-way. Daily dramas are nice to watch by fast forwarding only. I tend to skip a lot for all the annoying side characters.