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Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #45

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All Is Well (K-Daily)
This one has kinda of a mixed vibe of angsty yet comical feel to it. Since it is a daily there are obviously several plot lines going at the same time, but it looks like our two leads' romance is going to be the Romeo-Juliet sort. I will be writing a first impression on this one soon.

I Have A Lover (K-Drama)
Sigh... as of episode four we are still stuck in pre-amnesia part of the story. I am really interested in this one but probably won't pick it up until once the story picks back up from where the heroine loses her memory.
All About My Mom (K-Drama)
The romance between the two leads are progressing pretty fast and the secondary characters are surprisingly well developed so I am fairly satisfied with this one.
I Am Sorry, I Love You (T-Drama, New)
Jasper Liu's new drama as a ghost who teams up with a nerd to help his grieving girlfriend to let go of him.

First Impression: HERE
Naught Princess (C-Drama)
For those of you who reads C-romance novels, the premise of this show should be a really familiar one. A modern girl is transported back to ancient China and ends up meeting a cold (but cool) prince. This one is pretty light and fluffy. The production is not the greatest and (in danger of sounding REALLY shallow) the male actors are not the best looking BUT if you are one of those who reads lots of time travel C-novels then this one might be a fun watch anyway.
Twenty Again (K-Drama)
I am pretty excited for this week's episode (3-4) to see if now that most of our characters has been set up if the story would start to get going in earnest.

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation
Dong Yi (K-Historical Drama, 2010)

The life story of a how a lowly palace maid becomes King Sok Jong's concubine and will eventually give birth to the future king of Joseon. 

Like almost all k-historical drama this one has plenty of court intrigue but our heroine, Dong Yi's (Han Hyo Joo) character is one that makes the viewer want to cheer her on and rejoice in her triumphs. This one is directed by the same director who did A Jewel in the Palace so it has a lot of similar feel to it. 
This show also has one of the cutest romance I have seen in a court drama, especially since Ji Jin Hee's version of King Sook Jong is so endearing. Dong Yi a 60 episode drama so the romance part doesn't progress very quickly but it also made the deep feelings between Dong Yi and the king very poignant. Anyhow, I highly recommend this one even for people who doesn't usually watch historical shows. By the way, this one also has one of the best endings I have seen in historical dramas. 


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