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Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #47

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 When I See You Again (T-Drama)
Is it bad that I am more interested in the "villain's" romance than the hero's? The romance between the two leads are actually still pretty cute... but I guess seeing a bad boy falling under the spell of a good girl is just my thing. 

 Moon River (C-Drama)
This one is turning out to be such a pleasant surprise! Moon River somehow manages to use all the old drama tropes but still come off feeling fresh. Do check this one out if you haven't. 
 All About My Mom (K-Drama)
Just thought you guys might appreciate a picture of Lee Sang Woo to celebrate the fact it's Friday. Drooling over Lee Sang Woo aside, I am actually enjoying All About My Mom quite a bit and the romance between the two leads is a lot of fun. 
 She Was Pretty (K-Drama, New) 
I haven't finished checking this one out, but so far it is looking very promising. 

Synopsis: A fat kid in his school days, our hero returns to the country after 15 years to reconnect with the beautiful friendly girl he used to know. Stunned to see her first crush has grown up to be an attractive man, our heroine can't bring herself to reveal to hero that she has actually transformed from a swan to an ugly duckling. 
 The Journey of Flower 2015 (C-Drama)
Sigh! I didn't even know if I should laugh or cry when I read the news about this new C-Drama that will be The Journey of Flower's (with Wallace Huo) spin off where the story will continue in the modern world. The Journey of Flower 2015 will only have some guest appearance by Zhao Li Ying (mostly in the first episode to set up the back story) but the hero and heroine will not be played by Zhao Li Ying and Wallace Huo themselves. Quite a few secondary characters are coming back though so I guess that's something. 

Out of curiosity I check out the first three episodes (30 min/episode) and it really is nothing to write home about but if you are having withdraws from The Journey of Flower then this might be fun. 

 Koinaka (J-Drama/Finished)
I was curious enough to watch the last couple episode of this show and was glad to see that at least the ending was what I wanted. Is it me or is there a lot of shows about "best friend" kind of romances lately? 
I am Sorry, I Love You (T-Drama)

Man, Jasper Liu's character here is so heartbreaking I just want to give the guy a hug. My problem with ghost drama is of course that I always get on the wrong ship and want the ghost to get the hero/heroine. This show is pretty engaging so far although the plot seems a bit random at times but overall I am liking it... unless my ship sinks again. 

Not exactly a recommendation but just a trip on the wayback machine: 
Drama: Three Fathers, One Mother (2008)

With Eugene in All About My Mom and Jae Hee in Save the Family right now I thought it would be fun to feature a drama they were both in seven years ago. 

Synopsis: As a brand new mother, Na Young has no one to depend on but the three friends of her late husband. At first impatient with the sudden burden that has been placed on them, the three guys eventually comes to find Na Young and her baby a vital part of their life. 

I can't quite exactly recommend this show because I honestly don't remember much about it other than that I thought it was fairly light but fun show. So do drop a comment if you remember more about Three Fathers, One Mother than I do. 

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  1. i love your friday roundups. It helps me discover dramas that I would never try