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Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #48

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She Was Pretty (K-Drama)
I think this show is one of those rare dramas where I actually would be okay if the heroine ends up with either of the male leads. I am only caught up to Ep.3 and so far the show is a bit predicable but still interesting enough to keep my attention. 

Mom (K-Family Drama, 50 Episodes)
I have mixed feelings about this one but I will be writing a first impression on this one soon. 
My Daughter Geum Sal Wol (K-Family Drama, 50)
I really wasn't too impressed with this one after watching the first two episodes, but considering the wacky fun vibe of the show's promo I decided to check episode six out. Unfortunately, by episode six My Daughter Geum Sal Wol is still stuck in the messy makjang territory. What's more, it looks like we will still have a few more episodes before the leads even become adults. Sigh... 

I Have a Lover(K-Drama)
Yeah!!!!! This one is FINALLY back to the  current time line where the heroine not only lost her memories of her past but in a twisted fate has taken on the identity of her long lost twin sister. Very VERY messy but such an addicting premise. 
God of Trade Innkeeper (K-Drama, New) 
Jang Hyuk's new historical drama that will follow one man's path from a lowly paddler to become a great and wealthy merchant. This one sounds like it should end well right?? 

Running after the Love (C-Drama, New)
I checked out the first three episodes of this one and so far the story is revolving around an unlikely hero's (jobless and rather prone to create trouble) shameless pursuit of a very reluctant heroine. This one is pretty fluffy and I don't find the story too interesting so I am not planning to continue with this one. 
Nirvana in Fire (C-Drama, New) 
Hu Ge's new drama. I am really tempted to watch this one but the story is based on a book and as most historical Chinese dramas go the best one could hope for is a bitter happy ending... 

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 
The Birth of the Rich (2010, aka Becoming a Billionaire) 

Synopsis: Convinced that he is the secret son of some chaebol father, Oh Tae Bong (Ji Hyun Wu) bids his time working as a hotel bellboy hoping to find his father so he could become one of the rich as well. In contrast to Oh Tae Bong, our heroine Lee Shin Mi (Lee Bo Young) is actually a real chaebol princess but instead of living a high life she insists on using free sample cosmetics and cheap coffee. 

Tae Bong's search for his biological father suddenly turns desperate when he is diagnosed with breast cancer and the famously money-pinching chaebol princess becomes his only hope of finding his father so he would have money for treatment. 

I thought of Birth of the Rich after doing an entertainment news on Lee Si Young. While the actress was only a second female lead here, I do remember Lee Si Young's character as rather cute and refreshing especially since she hasn't had such a feminine role for a long time. 


  1. I'm just wondering about the one of the title because you have two show listed with the same title: she was pretty

    1. Oops! I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know!