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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Am Sorry, I Love You (T-Drama) First Impression

Drama: I Am Sorry, I Love You (我的鬼基友)
Airs: 25 min. episodes on Mon, Tue, Wed online (China/Taiwan), Airs Saturday in Taiwan for a full hour on TV. 
I Am Sorry, I Love You Episode 1 Summary 
After working through the night to fix a watch that his ONLY female friend challenged him into fixing, Wang Shu Hai, a self proclaim nerd is shocked when a ghost all the sudden appears in his room. Completely freaked out at first, Shu Hai is surprised when the ghost seems even more shocked to realize that he is dead already. Almost giddy once he figures out that the ghost can't actually touch him at all, Shu Hai loses all of his fears. 
Ignoring the ghost who calls himself Ling Hong Pei, Shu Hai sticks to his nerdy schedule of playing games and watching anime. Dismayed that Shu Hai seems to have no pity whatsoever for him, Hong Pei has little time to struggle over the fact that he has already been dead for six whole years and has to plea with Shu Hai to keep on wearing the watch so he could be out. Impatient with having Hong Pei hanging around him, Shu Hai tries to get some of his other nerdy friends to wear the watch so Hong Pei could follow someone else... unfortunately Hong Pei can only come out of the watch when Shu Hai wears it. 
Harboring a crush on a fellow worker Han Si Yi whom he sees as a goddess, Shu Hai tells Hong Pei that he will keep wearing the watch only if Hong Pei will help him to get his crush. 

Of course Shu Hai might be asking the impossible since Si Yi (the girl on the left) doesn't even know his name. 
Hong Pei takes Shu Hai back to his old house and tells him the sad story of how he met his girlfriend, how they fell in love and how he died in an accident while getting a watch for his girlfriend. 

In a flash back we see Hong Pei's mom giving his girlfriend (which is actually Shu Hai's goddess, Si Yi) the watch Hong Pei was carrying at the time of his death and angrily tells Si Yi to remember why her son died. Unable to let go of Hong Pei, Si Yi has lived in a zombie like existence for the last six years. 

Agreeing with Shu Hai's words that everyone he knows, including his girlfriend must have moved on after six years, Hong Pei nonetheless is lost in the sweet memories of being with Si Yi as he walks around his old house. In the mean time, Si Yi has actually come to visit the house and is standing right outside of the gate as Hong Pei's ghost stands on the other side. 

First Impression

What an interesting show. I went into this show thinking it was a story about a ghost trying to help his girlfriend to move on... which is technically still true but judging from episode one I think I Am Sorry, I Love You is actually more about the two male leads' and their friendship with each other. The Taiwanese title of the show is actually "My Ghost Best Friend" but in Mainland the show has a different title of "My Boyfriend in the Spirit World" so maybe the romance component is still a big part of the plot. 

More than the romance parts though, I find Shu Hai's nerdy character hilarious and much more intriguing. Here is a guy who is not only a nerd but seems to be quite proud of it. It begs the question that if Shu Hai really do like Si Yi since thus far I am not sure he even sees her as a real person or just as an idol he might see in an anime. Moreover, even if Hong Pei could make Shu Hai into someone Si Yi would like, but would Shu Hai really want to stop being a nerd? 

Anyhow, so far I Am Sorry, I Love You is a light and funny show that seems quite promising. My only fear is that the show would get kinda melodramatic AND predictable half way through but judging by how the show doesn't take it too seriously I think at least the comical elements would stay the same. 


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