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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lee Si Yong Retires From Boxing

4:31 PM Posted by ninja 1 comment
I was sad to hear the news that Lee Si Young has officially retired from professional boxing due to a habitual shoulder dislocation condition.

Lee Si Yong had started her love affair with boxing since 2009, thanks to a TV drama she was preparing for. The TV drama didn't worked out, but Lee Si Young gained a new passion for boxing.

 I am a bit ashamed to admit that the first time I heard Lee Si Young's foray into the world of boxing I really thought she was interested in it like some celebrities chasing the latest exercising fad. Of course she proved me (and probably a lot of people) wrong when she started competing AND winning them.

Lee Si Yuong earned a spot on the national boxing team back in 2013 and was on her way of fulfilling every athlete's dream of going to the Olympics but due to an injury sustained that same year, Lee Si Yong had to officially retire from her boxing career.
With boxing out, I guess Lee Si Young will be turning all of her attention back to her acting. I considers myself a fan of Lee Si Young so I REALLY hope she pick a better project next time. Lee Si Young's last three dramas were either ones where her role as the heroine was kinda negligible (Golden Cross (2004) and My Beautiful Bride, 2005) or the subject matter was off putting to me (Valid Love, 2004. A drama that revolves around the heroine cheating on her husband).

By the way, Golden Cross was actually a pretty interesting revenge drama but I really wished the heroine's part was much bigger. As for My Beautiful Bride... let's just say the poster really should just be the hero himself because Lee Si Young was relegated to a side character to represent the hopeless police force and the bride pops up often enough to remind us why we are watching the hero fighting his way through 16 episodes.

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  1. I was sad to read this too. I liked that she had this whole other passion outside of acting. I am probably one of only a handle of people that loved Wild Romance. But she is the reason I did. She played that character without any care for making herself look good and I loved her for it.