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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Moon River Episode 11-12 Recap

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Moon River Episode 9-10 Recap: HERE
Moon River Episode 11 Recap
Completely unaware that Liu Bing has prepared a candle light dinner for her, Xiao Xi accepts Jian Che's invitation to eat together at a very refined restaurant. Looking at a stammering Xiao Xi who is flustered by his question of "Xiao Xi, are you a couple with Liu Bing?", Jian Che smiles and asks again "The answer is not necessarily no, right?" More confused than ever, Xiao Xi can only mutter "I don't know..." Giving Xiao Xi his usual patient smile, Jian Che mutters in his mind "It's okay Xiao Xi. You don't have to answer." Hmm... you don't have to answer because you are going to be mine either way? Or you don't have to answer because I wasn't interested anyway?! 

His anger bubbling up already to see the girl he has personally prepared dinner for coming home with his best friend, Liu Bing's eyes widen in shock when a drunken Xiao Xi throws her arm around Jian Che to thank him for the lovely evening.
Confused by Liu Bing's seething anger and the way he keeps picking a fight with her the next few days, Xiao Xi finally exploded when Liu Bing refuses to eat the dinner she brought home. Xiao Xi just got fired from her job so that's why she was extra impatient. 

Regretting right after she yelled at Liu Bing, Xiao Xi tires to apologize to him but the two ends up getting into another argument.

Unable to stop thinking of the scene of Xiao Xi in Jian Che's arms, Liu Bing gets even more angry when he figures out right away that Jian Che was the one behind Xiao Xi's new high paying job that she has somehow miraculously gotten.

After yet another argument with Liu Bing, Xiao Xi is stunned into silence when he finally confesses to her about the dinner he had prepared on the night that she went out with Jian Che and him witnessing the hug.

Of course Liu Bing couldn't bring himself to admit to Xiao Xi the real reason why he is so angry and a rather puzzled Xiao Xi is left with more questions than answers.
Xiao Xi's super easy part time job comes to an abrupt end when she runs into Sha Xing who informs her that the only way she got the job was because of Jian Che's influence. Astounded to see Sha Xing in tears after accusing her of breaking not only her relationship with the three boys but of driving a wedge between Liu Bing and Jian Che, Xiao Xi starts to wonder maybe she really needs to take some responsibility. 
Determined to "fix" everything, Xiao Xi tries to kick Liu Bing out of the house but Liu Bing just reminds her that in order to get out of their promise Xiao Xi will have to get a boyfriend. Grasping at straws, Xiao Xi names Jian Che as her new boyfriend but is immediately flustered when Liu Bing threatens to call Jian Che for confirmation. 
Determined to prove to Sha Xing and her dad that he is more capable than Liu Bing, Hao Nan (Liu Bing's friend and Sha Xing's boyfriend) plans an elaborate surprised birthday party even when Sha Xing had told him not to. Her boyfriend the farthest thing from her mind, Sha Xing asks Liu Bing to have dinner with her but he just coldly reminds her about Hao Nan's existence. 

Her mind still dazed by Liu Bing's refusal, an expressionless Sha Xing seems unmoved by the surprised party and becomes even colder as she looks at the painting that Hao Nan has personally painted as her birthday present. The painting is of a smiling Sha Xing and the three boys in their younger days. 

Episode 12
Pushed to the brink, Sha Xing tosses a glass of water on Jian Che's painting and runs to wait for Liu Bing in front of Xiao Xi's house. Embarrassed to see a crying Sha Xing throwing her arms around Liu Bing's, a very uncomfortable Xiao Xi averts her eyes and quickly ducks into the house. 

Liu Bing "Sha Sha, what do you keep torturing yourself. You know nothing will change."
Sha Xing "I know. That's why I will change. You will see a new me from tomorrow on. I won't shed another tear over losing you ever again." 

Still peeved at one another, Xiao Xi pretends to not care when Liu Bing refuses to go back to Xiao Xi's hometown with everyone (Jian Che, Hao Xue and Rui Xi) for the holidays. However, giving off a mysterious vibe, Jian Che tells Hao Xue "Liu Bing will come ... because I am there." 
After a few very charged moments between Xiao Xi and Jian Che, the rather dense Hao Xue FINALLY starts to get nervous about the way her precious Jian Che is looking at Xiao Xi and inserts herself in between the two. Hao Xue could be kinda of an odd duck at times but I really hope she won't turn evil. 
True to Jian Che's prediction, along with a hoard of people who has gathered to welcome Xiao Xi home, there is also Liu Bing who is there ... not as Xiao Xi's guest but as Rui Xi's. In a flash back we see that Liu Bing had pretty much commended Rui Xi to "invite" him back home for the holidays, but of course Liu Bing tells Xiao Xi that he only came because of Rui Xi's insistence. 
Knowing very well why Liu Bing had shown up, Jian Che tells Xiao Xi "Liu Bing is different from me. His personality doesn't allow him to say things as it is and that's why he had to do so many things just to come here... Don't you believe he came here for you?" Shaking her head, Xiao Xi assures Jian Che that Liu Bing probably had to follow them because he had no money, "plus, I don't have that much charm for him to follow me all this way." 

Doing his intense eye thing again, Jian Che replies "I think you do." I am so confused by this guy. It seems pretty obvious that he likes Xiao Xi so why is he speaking up for Liu Bing and what's stopping him to just confess to her?? 
A side note. I thought Sha Xing's little speech meant she had given up on Liu Bing but judging by the fact she cancelled her vacation with Hao Nan upon being informed where Liu Bing is and sends one of her minion to pose as Rui Xi's girlfriend to spy on him I guess she is not over Liu Bing yet. 

Overjoyed to have two good looking men to torture welcome, everyone from Xiao Xi's little neighborhood starts to pile on the drinks on Liu Bing and Jian Che. Perhaps not wanting to lose face in front of Xiao Xi, Liu Bing and Jian Che down the alcohol as soon as their cups were filled.  Xiao Xi and Hao Xue look on hopelessly as the two boys keep accepting every drink given to them until they pass out.  
Looking at the two completely unconscious boys on the bed, Xiao Xi starts to take stock of how she feels about them. 

Muttering to herself, Xiao Xi first looks at Jian Che "He is gentle and thoughtful. I wonder what kind of girl would be good enough for him. He always shows up when I need help. He is really my angel."

Her face turning into a frown when her eyes move on to Liu Bing "He is like the biggest trouble making machine! But the strange thing is that even though I fight with him constantly I can't seem to dislike him... and even... " Unable to bring herself to finish her sentence, Xiao Xi's cheeks turns bright pink as she looks down in embarrassment. 


Ah... Young love... so confusing. I really don't understand Jian Che at all but judging by the previews I think we are going to get a better gauge of of Jian Che's feelings once Liu Bing and Xiao Xi confirm their relationship. There were a lot of "moments" in this week's episodes between Xiao Xi and Jian Che. But Xiao Xi's question of "I wonder what kind of girl would be a match for him" makes me wonder as much as Xiao Xi is flustered to have someone like Jian Che pay attention to her, she has actually never imagined herself with him. In contrast, Xiao Xi has always been very comfortable with Liu Bing so I guess he would be much more real to her than Jian Che would be. 

By the way, it was kind of weird how angry Liu Bing was at Jian Che for "stealing" his girl because really, shouldn't it be the other way around?? But then, I am not too happy with Jian Che either since he has been sending out mixed signals since episode one. (For example, if he really likes Xiao Xi, then he should've been a lot more angry about Liu Bing sharing a room with her.) 

If there is one person in this show I feel rather badly for, then it has to be Hao Nan. The poor guy is smart enough to figure out that Sha Xing is still in love with Liu Bing but he just can't seems to cut off his unhealthy relationship with her. Sha Xing hurts him repeatedly but then he just happily runs back to her whenever she calls. Hao Nan's character probably would be a villainous one in most dramas, but at least at this point he just seems like a guy who struggles between his friendship with Liu Bing and his ill fated crush on Sha Xing. 


  1. Thank for this recap Miss Ninja. I can't wait to be able to watch episodes 9-12, when its available to stream and subbed!

    I think Jian Che really likes Xiao Xi, but thinks that because of his friendship with Lui Bing and the fact that Xiao Xi seems to be Ok with sharing a room and being around Lui Bing, so therefore Jian Che is stepping to one side in the name of love, he is being noble and wanting the girl he loves to be happy and if that means helping his best friend be with the girl he loves (crazy! but its true) then he will do all that he can to bring them together no matter how it hurts him.
    Xiao Xi sees JianChe as a perfect guy, were as she she Lui Bings faults. She knows that she is not perfect and she can see it in him too.

    1. Hmm... I haven't considered the situation from Jian Che's point of view. Now that I think about it, you are probably right that Jian Che would consider Xiao Xi letting Liu Bing staying in her room as a sign that Xiao Xi likes Liu Bing. Especially since Jian Che can't even use the argument that Xiao Xi doesn't have the ability to simply throw Liu Bing out of her room.

    2. Here is my opinion: Jian Che knows that Xiao Xi will not be accepted by his family and, unlike Liu Bing, he cannot stand up for Xiao Xi. Therefore, if he truly loves her, he cannot have a relationship with her.

  2. I am hooked on this show and have been reading your recaps (thank you!) but I am curious why the shows on Viki don't line up with yours (start and end points) and why you get them so much sooner? I am not complaining mind you - just curious.

    1. I haven't checked Viki's yet but I am assuming they are following Taiwanese version of Moon River while I am follow Mainland's schedule.

    2. Ah. That must be it. Thank you. Keep up the great work.