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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Moon River Episode 13-14 Recap

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Moon River Episode 13 Recap
All of Xiao Xi's friends and family are wondering which of the two good looking boys she brought home is the one she likes. Even Daddy Ming is curious enough to ask Xiao Xi who exactly does she like. Unfortunately, Xiao Xi herself has no answer, especially since she can't ignore the fact that she already know Sha Xing and Hao Xue's feeling toward the two boys. 

Waking up in a rather disgruntled mood after their night of binge drinking, Liu Bing ignores Jian Che's persistent questioning of "What does Xiao Xi mean to you?"  

Faithful to her role as Sha Xing's spy, Lucy is diligently sending Sha Xing verbal reports accompanied by photos of Xiao Xi and Liu Bing. Happy to give Lucy something to report, Liu Bing purposefully acts extra affectionate with Xiao Xi. 
Xiao Xi takes the group on a hike and ends up having to set out on her own rescue mission when Liu Bing gets lost. 

By the time Xiao Xi finally runs into Liu Bing the sun has already set and the duo argues as they slowly make their way down the mountain. Caught up in the heat of her bickering with Liu Bing, Xiao Xi gets bitten by a snake. Without a second thought, Liu Bing starts to suck the snake venom out of Xiao Xi's leg. 
Despite Liu Bing's efforts, the snake venom starts to take its affect on Xiao Xi. Convinced that she might not make it out of the mountain alive, Xiao Xi asks Liu Bing "Do you like me? I want to know before I die." Replying in his typical manner, Liu Bing answers "Of course I like you. So DON'T die on me!" 
Waking up in the hospital room, Xiao Xi looks at her own hand clasped in Liu Bing's and remembers right away of Liu Bing's words the night before. Thinking back to the countless "fights" that pretty much filled her time with Liu Bing, Xiao Xi is amazed to realize how deep her feelings for Liu Bing has grown. Muttering to herself, Xiao Xi admits "I really would've thought I would like someone like Jian Che more, but it turns out the one I like is Liu Bing." 
Coming to the hospital to check on Xiao Xi, Jian Che shows up just in time to see Liu Bing and Xiao Xi smiling sweetly at each other after confirming their mutual feelings. Turning away, Jian Che tells Hao Xue that it would be better if they let Liu Bing spend some time alone with Xiao Xi. 
Carrying Xiao Xi into her house on his back, Liu Bing decides to simply move to Xiao Xi's house so he can take care of her personally. 

While things are going extremely well in Xiao Xi's love life, Hao Xue's one sided crush on Jian Che is not going so smoothly especially now that she has finally picked up the obvious clues that Xiao Xi is the one he likes. Grabbing Xiao Xi's hand, Hao Xue earnestly pleas with her "You and Liu Bing must be happily in love forever okay... so you won't take Jian Che away." Xiao Xi was a bit confused with the last bit about Jian Che but Hao Xue quickly glazed over her slipped up. 
Impatient with Xiao Xi's insistence that she doesn't need to go back to the hospital for a check up, Liu Bing decides to simply pick her up in his arm to stop her protest. While the couple continues on their unique method of showing their affection for each other, a furious yell stops them in their track as Xiao Xi's sunbae's fist come flying at Liu Bing. It seems a bit weird to use a Korean word to translate a C-Drama but I can't really find a English word to explain the relationship between Daddy Ming's most senior pupil to Xiao Xi than the word sunbae.  

 Moon River Episode 14
Kneeling in front of his master, Xiao Xi's sunbae surprises everyone when he declares that he has to challenge Liu Bing to a fight because as a child he had made a promise to Xiao Xi that any man wishes to be with her has to beat him in a fight first. 
To the shock of everyone, Liu Bing calmly accepts the challenge and doesn't even change his mind when Jian Che informs him that the guy is a national champion in close combat. Already frustrated that she couldn't talk Liu Bing into backing out of the fight, Xiao Xi gets even more worried when her father tells her sunbae to not hold back during the fight. Dang, I feel really bad for Xiao Xi's sunbae when he breaks down in tears as he confesses to his master that other than his fighting ability he has nothing to compete with Liu Bing. By the way, Daddy Ming wanted to use the fight as a way to test Liu Bing so that's why he told his pupil to not hold back. 
Knowing full well that he will probably get beaten to a pulp, Liu Bing hugs Xiao Xi one last time before he decided to use his beginner level karate skill to go against Xiao Xi's sunbae. 
As expected, no miracle happened and Xiao Xi cries as she watches Liu Bing stubbornly getting up after being smacked down repeatedly. 
After impressing both of Xiao Xi's parents thoroughly by his tenacity, Liu Bing finally passes out when Xiao Xi's sunbae declares the barely upright Liu Bing as the winner. (Liu bing obviously didn't win but I think by this point even Xiao Xi's sunbae admits Liu Bing is worthy enough to be with Xiao Xi.)  

Distraught by the way her sunbae has been ignoring her since the fight, Xiao Xi begs him to not stop being a brother figure to her. Unable to bring himself to face Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi's sunbae refuses to respond to her pleading even when she starts crying. 
Back in town, Sha Xing and Hao Nan are in shock as they watch the video of Liu Bing getting beaten to a pulp. Hao Nan is ready to take the first plan out to check on his best friend but Sha Xing stops him and informs him that Liu Bing is doing it all for Xiao Xi. 
At first sad that her sunbae is still too angry to come to the docket to say goodbye to her, Xiao Xi is pleasant surprised when her sunbae shows up at the last minute and tells her that he was only late because he was rushing to buy her favorite cookies. Yelling energetically, Xiao Xi's sunbae warns Liu Bing that he will answer to him if Liu Bing doesn't treat Xiao Xi right. 

Sad to leave her family and friends again, Xiao Xi's melancholy disappears after Liu Bing assures her that she still has him.  
Waltzing back into the house with Xiao Xi in his arms, Liu Bing is too busy fawning over her to notice their roommate's utter shock. For some reason I just find this scene hilarious.  
Dismayed by Liu Bing's sudden declaration that he is going to start sleeping in the living room, Xiao Xi keeps pestering Liu Bing for his reason, but he just smiles and thinks to himself "Ming Xiao Xi, you wouldn't understand but I am going to start a new beginning with you." 


  1. Thanks for the recaps. Now I can enjoy the videos that are still unsubbed as of this writing. Btw, your recaps are well written. Kudos!

  2. so cliche when he sucks out the poison for her. but i like it <3