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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Moon River Episode 15-16 Recap

Moon River Episode 15
Determined to "court" Xiao Xi properly, Liu Bing shocks everyone (Xiao Xi included) when he starts making breakfast for her personally and even sets up a romantic lunch right in the school dinning room for her.

Hao Nan complains to Jian Che that Liu Bing is only doing all these things to anger Sha Xing but Jian Che simply replies "Who is really Sha Xing's boyfriend here? Liu Bing is not doing this for Sha Xing, he is doing it all for Xiao Xi." Sometimes I wonder if Sha Xing would have a easier time transferring her affection to Hao Nan if he would start acting more like her boyfriend. But then what is the guy suppose to do when Sha Xing is OBVIOUSLY still in love with his best friend? 

Instead of being impressed by Liu Bing's recent grand gestures, Xiao Xi starts to wonder maybe everything Liu Bing is doing is just the sort of things he usually does to pursue girls. Stifling a laugh when Xiao Xi confesses to him about her worry, Jian Che assures her that Liu Bing has never pursued anyone since girls has always thrown themselves at him.
With no money and no car, Liu Bing shows up with a borrowed old clunky truck to take Xiao Xi on their first date. Taking Xiao Xi to the beach, Liu Bing shows her a time capsule that he and his friends had agreed to show their girlfriend whenever they have found true love. In a flash back we see that the three boys had also agreed that they will also never let their friendship be affected by girls. 

Stuttering when Liu Bing all the sudden asks her "Can I put your name on my space? (on the heart that has his name on it)" Xiao Xi breath a big sigh of relief when Liu Bing stops pressuring her for an answer and instead decides to take her to another place.

Taking Xiao Xi to his old elementary school, Liu Bing shows her his secret hiding spot he has been coming to ever since his mother died. Moved as Liu Bing slowly recounts his sadness over his mother's death and the loneliness he grew up with, Xiao Xi put her hands over Liu Bing's. Looking at Xiao Xi with gratitude in his eyes, Liu Bing tells her "Thank you for showing up in my life. Now that I have you, I don't have to come back to this place anymore."
Their feelings for each other confirmed ... again, Xiao Xi covers her face in embarrassment when Liu Bing leans over to kiss her at a stop light. Of course Sha Xing's car had to stop right beside Liu Bing's at that exact moment so she could witness the whole thing.

After crying her heart out in the rain, Sha Xing suddenly goes through a change of heart and shows up the next morning at Xiao Xi's house with the request to be her friend. With good reason to be suspicious of Sha Xing's sudden personality change especially since even Sha Xing's own people doesn't buy it, Liu Bing has no choice but to just wait and see what Sha Xing is planning. 

Agreeing with Liu Bing that Sha Xing is up to no good, Jian Che switches his attention to why exactly does Liu Bing dislikes the Tie family (Sha Xing's family) so much. Refusing to answer Jian Che's questions, Liu Bing simply assures his friend that the reason will be revealed soon. Hmm... I wonder if Liu Bing's mom's death has something to do with Sha Xing's dad. 
Convinced by some rumors she heard at school that if two people kiss at midnight then they must be a fated couple, Hao Xue decides to host a dance party so that she could "accidentally" kiss Jian Che. Enlisting poor Rui Xi's help (poor Rui Xi because he actually has a crush on Hao Xue), Hao Xue's plan seems to be going well until in a chaos of things Xiao Xi ends up being the one kissing Jian Che. 

Judging by the smile Sha Xing gave when a furious Liu Bing dragged Xiao Xi away, I guess Sha Xing really is cooking up some evil plan. 

Moon River Episode 16
After dragging Xiao Xi out of the dance party, Liu Bing sits on the sofa fuming until a very nervous Xiao Xi sends him a text. Xiao Xi's confession that she had secretly wrote her name on his "heart paper" successfully melts Liu Bing's anger over the accidental kiss and the next morning Liu Bing is back to being a very attentive boyfriend. 
Not doubting Sha Xing's offer of friendship at all, Xiao Xi happily accepts Sha Xing's invitation to a dinner party and even promises to convince Liu Bing to come along as well. At first reluctant to go to Sha Xing's house, Liu Bing quickly gives in when Xiao Xi puts on her puppy face. Putting on his own puppy face, Liu Bing tries to talk Xiao Xi into not wearing her toe socks for the night... but conceded when she protests that she couldn't possibly go without her "brand". 
Feeling guilty that her little kissing plan caused so much trouble for Xiao Xi, Hao Xue breaks down in tears after Xiao Xi assures her that Liu Bing is not angry anymore. A confused Xiao Xi listens as Hao Xue confesses how jealous she is of the fact that so many people are willing to do so much for her (Xiao Xi). Fumbling for words, Xiao Xi tries to comfort Hao Xue with a last minute analogy that waiting for love is like training for a combat... and surprisingly that seemed to be of some help to Hao Xue. 
Liu Bing comes home to see Xiao Xi holding a new necklace and was impressed with Hao Xue's taste when Xiao Xi tells him that it was a gift from her. Wincing in secret, Xiao Xi decides that it would be smarter not to tell Liu Bing that Jian Che was the one that chose the necklace for Hao Xue to buy as her gift. 

Despite Sha Xing's effort in appearing that she no longer harbors a crush on Liu Bing, Sha Xing still couldn't help but stare in dismay as she watches Liu Bing lovingly wipes Xiao Xi's mouth at the dinner party. 
Sha Xing's somewhat friendly dinner party comes to a screeching halt when President Tie (Sha Xing's dad) shows up and aims a few pointed comments toward Xiao Xi. Forcing a laugh to cover up the unpleasantness her father left behind, Sha Xing tries to keep up the pretense that everything is all peachy but it is obvious that the tension is still there. 
Curiously set on dragging Liu Bing into his empire, President Tie dryly asks him "Are you just planning to live off Ming Xiao Xi?" 

Despite his show of unconcern in front of President Tie, Liu Bing is very much bothered by the question and becomes even more so when he overhears Xiao Xi assuring their roommate that she will pay for his portion of household expenses. 
Making up his mind to support himself, Liu Bing starts to work as a private business analyst. Surprised to see Liu Bing working, Xiao Xi decides to support him fully after she fails to convince him to just let her pay for everything. 

 Hmm... I don't think Liu Bing's attempt at supporting himself is going to go too well since President Tie has already made sure that no one in town would be willing to hire him. However, I was pretty impressed with Liu Bing's ability though, since being a business analyst just doesn't seem like something a collage student should be able to do. It makes me wonder if President Tie really is so focused on Liu Bing because of his talent or is it something else... 

Judging by next week's preview we are in for some mutual jealousy between our two leads. But I guess that's fair that Xiao Xi gets a turn to get a taste of being jealous, especially since Liu Bing sure has plenty of practice already. 

I just hope the writer will still remember to give us plenty of cute scenes of our two leads. 


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    Its so sweet that he wants to place her name on his heart, that's just too fluffy, I squealed with joy when I read that part, can't wait to watch it on screen.

    Thank you for your hard work and time. Please keep recapping much appreciate it

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  3. Thank you so much, the recap makes me happy. they are so cute. I never get bored in each scene they are in. their love story is so fluffy I can put them in my breast pocket and work, while the opening theme song "kiss kiss kiss" rings in my head. thank you for fuelling my addiction until the subs for the episodes comes out. .

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    1. I didn't realize ep. 17 is not airing! I can't find anything about it yet though.

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