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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Moon River Episode 5-6 Recap

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Moon River Episode 5
Unable to just stand by while Liu Bing is about to get beaten to a pulp by bunch of thugs, Xiao Xi saves our hero with her awesome fighting skills. Settled with a completely drunk Liu Bing, Xiao Xi has no choice but to drag him back to her house. Ignoring Xiao Xi's vehement protests, Liu Bing climbs into her bed and makes himself comfortable there.

Chased out of her own bedroom by Liu Bing, Xiao Xi sleeps on the sofa and has a hilarious dream of herself stabbing Liu Bing with a sword. Staring at a completely unfazed Liu Bing who doesn't seem to mind the sword that is sticking out of his gut at all, Xiao Xi incredulously asks "Why aren't you in pain?!" After coolly tossing his hair back, Liu Bing replies "Because I am good looking." Ha! 
The next morning, Liu Bing seems to be totally unconcerned to find himself in Xiao Xi's bed and calmly greets Xiao Xi's roommates along with their friends. Xiao Xi tries to assure everyone that there is nothing fishy going on between her and Liu Bing but rumors start to swept the school like wild fire when Liu Bing post pictures of himself in Xiao Xi's bedroom. 
Shocked to be informed by Hao Xue (Xiao Xi's friend/the principal's daughter) of the pictures Liu Bing has posted, Xiao Xi storms off to confront him but ends up getting thoroughly confused by Liu Bing when he assures her in front of the whole school with words such as "I will take responsibility for last night" and "I will compensate you." Poor Xiao Xi... she can't seem to win over Liu Bing no matter how hard she tries. 
Furious to see Xiao Xi's name linked with Liu Bing again, Sha Xing (spoiled princess) decides to teach Xiao Xi a lesson about not coveting things that are not hers by having her people remove all of the furniture out of Xiao Xi's room. Xiao Xi had picked up those abandoned furniture that belong to other students previously. 

Jian Che finds Xiao Xi crying in the rain and offers his comfort by standing in the rain with her. 
Wanting nothing more than to never see Liu Bing again, Xiao Xi is dismayed to find him waiting for her in front of her door. Presenting Xiao Xi with an invitation to a fancy party, Liu Bing gives a long speech about how the popular girls are saying Xiao Xi wouldn't have the guts to show up at the party. Not falling for Liu Bing's tricks again, Xiao Xi refuses to be egged on by Liu Bing and flat out turns Liu Bing's invitation down.

Episode 6
Despite Xiao Xi's rare show of wisdom in seeing through Liu Bing's tricks, Liu Bing has a backup plan and Xiao Xi has no choice but to relent when her two roommates beg her to take them to the fancy party. Arriving at the party much to everyone's surprise thanks to Liu Bing's last minute make-over, Xiao Xi is put on the spot again when she is all but forced onto the stage to perform. Surprising the whole crowd of people who was ready to laugh at her, Xiao Xi wows everyone with a sword (but she is using a fan here) routine. 
Knowing full well that his father is depending on him to dance with Sha Xing in order to make her powerful father happy, Liu Bing publicly embarrasses Sha Xing by inviting Xiao Xi for the first dance instead. 

After watching a furious Sha Xing yelling at Liu Bing, Xiao Xi figures out belatedly that Liu Bing was using her all along to avoid Sha Xing. Convinced yet again that she really can't understand the games of the high society, Xiao Xi tells Jian Che that she is going to keep her distance from them. 
Of course avoiding a sly fox like Liu Bing is easier said than done especially when he moves right into her room the next day. Fully intending to block Liu Bing from moving in no matter what, Xiao Xi's resolve wanes immediately when Liu Bing reminds her of her "Ming Family Three Wishes" promise. He is reminding her of her promise to fulfill his three wishes for helping her back in episode 4. As it happens the "Ming Family Three Wishes" is a VERY important creed in Xiao Xi's family, so she has no choice now but to agree to Liu Bing's request to share a bedroom with her. 

P.S. I'll do thoughts tomorrow after recapping Ep. 7-8


  1. Thank you so much miss Ninja for the swift recap. I love this drama so much, and its so frustrating to not be able to watch the episodes as quickly as I'd wish. Your truly amazing. Keep up the good work. Thank you

    1. Your Welcome! It is always nice to know that there are people reading my ramblings.

  2. I just discovered your blog while searching for reviews of this drama online. Just like the comment above, I cannot seem to watch subbed episodes fast enough. While waiting for episodes to be uploaded, I am enjoying reading these 'early' recaps. So thank you, you have just gained a new reader:-)