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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Moon River Episode 7-8 Recap

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Moon River Episode 7
Tied down by her family creed, Xiao Xi has no choice but to share her room with Liu Bing... to the point of even "sharing" a bed with him. 

Following his secret agenda, Liu Bing calls Sha Xing's (the spoil princess) two minion to the house so they could use their talent of spreading rumors to make sure the whole school knows that he is living with Xiao Xi. 

While the whole school is buzzing with talks of what a lucky girl Xiao Xi is, being lucky is the last thing our heroine is feeling especially when Liu Bing throws her beloved toe socks away. 
Putting up a calm facade in front of Xiao Xi, Jian Che seems to be fine with the fact that his best friend has just moved in with her. However, in the privacy of his own home it is obvious that Jian Che is more upset than he lets on when he can't stop thinking of all the moments he had shared with Xiao Xi.  
Looking at a sleeping Xiao Xi, Liu Bing mutters "She really is kinda unlucky to meet me..." Feeling a little bad for Xiao Xi, Liu Bing is about to walk away but then changes his mind and decides to exact a little revenge when he remembers all the times Xiao Xi "man-handled" him.
Vowing that she will never lose to someone like Xiao Xi, Sha Xing decides to change tactic and all but forces Hao Nan (Liu bing's friend) to be her new boyfriend. Knowing full well that Sha Xing only ever had eyes for Liu Bing, Hao Nan realizes that Sha Xing is probably just using him but is unable to stop himself from being happy since he has harbored a long time crush on her. 

Already frustrated at Liu Bing's refusal to interfere with what surly is going to end badly for Hao Nan, Jian Che shows a rare flash of anger when he asks Liu Bing "Do you truly like Xiao Xi?" Caught off guard, Liu Bing walks away after leaving an infuriating "I am not going to tell you." 

Episode 8
Liu Bing comes home to to the unpleasant sight of his father trying to force Xiao Xi to accept a wad of money from him so she will leave the school and stay away from his son. 

Getting into an argument with his dad, Liu Bing finally reveals why he has been so resentful of his father. Etched into his memory of everything his mother told him right before she died, Liu Bing sneers at his dad "Mom told me everything you did. I was too little to understand it then but I have been holding on until I was old enough to figure it out." 
Not knowing how to comfort Liu Bing, Xiao Xi obediently goes along with Liu Bing when he asks her to go visit his mother's grave with him. 

Sitting with Liu Bing quietly, Xiao Xi jumps on the chance to suggests that maybe it is time for Liu Bing to move out of her room since his plan to anger Sha Xing doesn't seem to be working anyway. Taking on the air of a martyr, Liu Bing replies "Well, because of the Ming family creed what can I do?  In today's society there doesn't seem to be a lot of people who keeps their promise..." Confused how Liu Bing staying in her room all the sudden evolved into a matter of honor, Xiao Xi can only mutter "Um... I keep my promises." Poor girl, she tries so hard to outsmart him but just keeps failing. 

Remembering again of the sad life his mother lived and the tragic way she eventually took her own life, Liu Bing breaks down in tears and leans his head on Xiao Xi's shoulder for comfort. Despite being flustered, Xiao Xi thinks to herself "I guess he is very different than what he seems like on the outside." 

Scared off by all the super expensive fees of the various school clubs, Xiao Xi eventually found the perfect "Love Service" club to join.  There were only two members in the club... so now counting Xiao Xi there are three. 
Totally invested in her club's project to help a local orphanage, Xiao Xi tries to solicit Liu Bing's help but was turn down without hesitation. However, Liu Bing's quick refusal turns to thoughtfulness when he sees Xiao Xi shyly accepting Jian Che's personal invitation to his violin recital and his offer to give her a ride to the orphanage. 
Surprising Xiao Xi at the orphanage with boxes of brand new toys for the kids, Liu Bing smiles when he sees the kids asking Xiao Xi if he is her boyfriend. 
Xiao Xi pretties herself up for Jian Che's recital and again everyone seems to assume that she is dating Liu Bing especially when he insists on holding her hand. Each harboring their own thoughts, Liu Bing and his friends' small gathering becomes even more awkward when all three boys realize their credit card has been frozen. Realizing right away that his father is cutting off all his financial support to force him to bend to his will, Liu Bing calmly decide to cut up his credit cards.  
I love this scene where Xiao Xi's roommate is begging Liu Bing to not cut up the "glorious black credit card" and Xiao Xi stuns everyone by snatching the card away to use it like a dagger to kill an offending cockroach. Handing the credit card back to Liu Bing coolly, Xiao Xi remarks "it is rather useful as a dagger." 
Despite being completely broke Liu Bing insists on eating a fancy breakfast and drags Xiao Xi to an expensive restaurant. Scared by how expensive the food is, Xiao Xi refuses to eat a single morsel... until she finds out that the chef is actually not going to charge them for the food. Happily stuffing all the delicious food into her mouth, Xiao Xi thinks to herself "You never know what this guy is going to do... but it is kinda fun that way."

Wow, this show just keep surprising me with how good it is. Maybe because C-Drama usually does so badly when it comes to school idol shows, but this one has somehow managed to strike the perfect balance of using typical story plot (rich hero/poor heroine, crazy jealous second leads) but spin them in such a way it just feels fresh. 

I sure love Xiao Xi's character because she really is everything that I wanted the heroine to be in Hana Yori Dango. Xiao Xi not only has that perfect weed tenacity but she really is so eccentric that as a viewer I totally understand Liu Bing's fascination with her. Moreover, comparing to Hana Yori Dango again, Moon River does a much better job showing us how Liu Bing falls in love with the heroine. In Hana Yori Dango (and all the remakes), it always felt like the hero was picking on the heroine one day and then suddenly falls in love with her the next... making me wonder if the hero would've just fallen in love with any girl that had the guts to stand up to him.  
 By the way, one thing I didn't cover in the recap but am wondering if it is going to be pretty important later on is Hao Xue's confession to Xiao Xi of her long time crush on Jian Che. Judging by Xiao Xi's personality, it makes me wonder if knowing Hao Xue's feelings would stop her from getting together with Jian Che. 
Preview for next week 
One thing I am curious about is why Liu Bing doesn't seem to be feeling any guilt towards Jian Che. Someone as sharp as Liu Bing must have noticed the rather obvious sign that his friend likes Xiao Xi (and she him). It would make more sense if Liu Bing wasn't someone that cared about friendship but everything seems to hint that he considers Jian Che his best friend...
Anyhow, I am interested in seeing how next week will go with Xiao Xi and Jian Che since it looks like they might actually figure out that they both like each other. 


  1. so far have managed to watche with sub up the episode 6, so thank you for your recaps, it helps my craving for this show. It's a pity that not more people have realised what atruly great little show this is. Its nothing like BOF.

  2. Thanks for the recap. Just found out about this drama the other day. Hooked, watched 6 eps in 1 sitting. So I've been next eps videos or even recap and found your site! Sooo happy.

    Why is it the preview is for next week already? I thought this shows from Tuesday to Friday. Isn't that the case?

    Thank you again!!! :)

    1. The schedule depends on which version (Taiwan or Mainland) you watch. The Mainland schedule (the one I am following) airs two episodes every Tuesday and Thursday, so four episodes per week.